Thailand in September - is it worth it to go?

Some tourists choose to travel firstautumn month, when the majority is already returning from vacation home. However, not all visited Thailand in September and would like to know if it is worth to go to this country in the fall. It is in this month that unpredictable changes in the weather are noted here. However, you can come to this country at any time of the year, including the first autumn days.

Weather in Thailand (in September)

The beginning of autumn in this country is characterized by frequentrains. It is with them that the doubts of tourists planning a vacation here are connected. However, Thailand in September is particularly beautiful and can offer tourists a lot of interesting things. Complexities are waiting for you except with beach rest, but there is a huge amount of other entertainment.

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Most of all fears in September causehuge precipitation, sometimes causing floods. But the strong wind makes Thailand in September the best place for surfers. On sea cruises and calm swimming in this period of time is not even worth a dream. However, the air temperature in September here varies between 28-32 degrees, so lie on the beach and sunbathe tourists perfectly well.

Which cities to visit

If you are planning a trip to Thailand at the endSeptember, then do not choose the northern areas. The best resorts in this period will be: Samui, Pattaya, Bangkok, Krabi and Phuket. In other cities it is better to rest from November to March, when the season of torrential rains will end.

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September vacation in Thailand: benefits

Sunny beaches, festivals, surfing, excursions anda pore of positive emotions - this is exactly what Thailand will give you in September. Reviews of tourists say that if your vacation fell just this month, feel free to go to this exotic country for adventure. A sudden downpour, characteristic for this period, will help you to refresh on a hot day and get a charge of vivacity.

Thailand in September resembles a beautiful garden. Here everything is actively blooming and captivating holidaymakers with its kind. On the beach you can spend as much time as you like after moving games or mastering various sports. The active recreation is especially varied here. Tourists can master hydrocycles, water skiing, diving and so on. Be sure to visit the underwater depths, accompanied by an instructor.

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What to do in Thailand?

To know in advance about possible ways, howa good time here, you can explore the reviews of tourists. Thailand in September, they say, is one of the best places for a measured family vacation. If you do not like the crowd, then this period is quite suitable for you.

A great pleasure tourists in September receive from local landscapes. Absence of a crowd of tourists, pleasant cool weather give an opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and get out on excursions.

Beach holidays

If the main purpose of tourists is to takesunbathing and visiting the beach, then choose places for recreation should be very carefully, so that near the coast the probability of a storm was not high. Also worth paying attention to the total number of cloudy days in September. A good option would be visiting Phuket. However, the beach will not be as busy as in the season, it may even be empty. Often, raging waves and gusty winds interfere with calm swimming. Even the water in September here is unclear, unlike the turquoise and clean in the winter.

But professional servers attract the September beach. This kind of weather is necessary for their sport. However, it is better for beginners to postpone water skiing until the sea subsides.

It is not recommended to go for a beach holidayin the province of Krabi. The best places to relax on the beach in September are Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Phangan. Rains here are not very long, and the water in the sea is relatively calm, although cloudy days are not ruled out.

Thailand at the end of September

Entertainment and excursions

If you go to Thailand (September-October), thenbe sure to visit the local attractions. In this country there is something to see: national parks, whole complexes of architectural monuments, bewitching temples, reserves. However, considering the excursion, it is important to take into account the weather forecast for the coming days.

One of the popular options for a vacation inThailand in September is fishing. It is at this time that a good biting is noted, so the money spent for organizing the process will be fully justified. On rainy and rainy days tourists can take care of their health and visit SPA centers or massage parlors, of which there are a huge number. In addition, shopping centers, cafes and night clubs are available for guests.

Holidays and festivals

Many tourists in September will be able to get toseasonal holidays and festivals. For example, World Gourmet is a festival of delicious food, as well as songs and dances, at which hundreds, even thousands of participants gather. Tourists who have found themselves in Huang-Hin, it is worth to visit the Royal Cup on polo on elephants. This is a very unusual and exciting spectacle, which will give you a lot of positive emotions. A lot of good music and fun awaits the visitors of the Full Moon Party, which takes place on the island of Ko Phangan.

Some travelers like to visit in Septemberthe Nan River. In the vicinity, colorful boats are set up and fairs are organized. In cities popular for tourists, such as Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui, there will also be a lot of interesting events in September.

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September holidays in Thailand: discounts

Undoubtedly, during this period for tours andactivities in the country are subject to substantial discounts. At the same time, it can not be said that the prices for rest here are quite penny. Especially tourists will appreciate the low price for air travel. Tickets to Thailand will not be so difficult to buy cheaper. Some tourists do not even bother about housing and find it already upon arrival in the country. Be sure to ask for discounts, the local population will gladly provide them to you.

In early autumn, you can have a great time inThailand. However, it is important to choose the right not only the resort, but also the hotel where you will stay. There is a threat of floods or landslides, so some regions are extremely unsuitable for recreation. But travelers who are burdened by high humidity and do not like sudden showers, it is better to wait until November to come to Thailand.

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