Terry Gilliam: biography, filmography

Terry Gilliam is a famous British film director born in the USA. Also known as a screenwriter, artist and multiplier. Member of the famous comedy group "Monty Python".

Biography of the director

Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam was born in Minneapolis in 1940. His father was a successful seller, after - a carpenter. Terry was educated in Los Angeles. At Occidental College, he graduated from the Faculty of Political Science.

While still a student, I became interested in humor. Published an amateur comedy magazine. After graduating from college, he worked at an advertising agency until he was offered to cooperate with Help!

"Monty Python"

Terry Gilliam Movies

Terry Gilliam achieved his first serious success by participating in the British comic group Monty Python. Its participants are famous for their innovative and absurd humor and are still among the most influential comedians in the world.

Initially, Gilliam was invited as an animator. He was engaged in conceptual design and the creation of animated episodes in television sketches, which regularly appeared on British television.

Most of the works, issued under the brand name "Monty Python", were the fruit of collective creativity. Scenic moves and stage scenes, as a rule, were born as a result of co-creation. Terry Gilliam took an active part in this.

The comedy and paradoxical nature of the comic group creations had a great influence on all the subsequent creative work of the director.

As a member of the comic group, director Terry Gilliam made his debut in 1971 in the film almanac "And now for something completely different." Then he co-authored the painting "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". He was directly involved in other famous works of the British - the feature films "The Meaning of Life by Monty Python" and "The Life of Brian by Monty Python".


Brazil Terry Gilliam

One of the first successful films of Gilliam was the dramatic anti-utopia "Brazil", which was released in 1985.

The events of the film unfold in a dystopian UK, in which society is led by total bureaucracy. The main character Sam Lauri, played by Jonathan Price, is quite pleased with his existence. He works as a petty clerk and reconciles himself with an unfinished life. So begins the film "Brazil".Terry Gilliam tells the audience a story that changes dramatically when the main character meets a girl,which previously appeared only in his dreams.

Her name is Jill Leighton, played by Kim Greist. Only in order to see her again, he changes his job. Jill constantly sends complaints to the informational fix department. They are associated with the erroneous arrest of her neighbor, who was confused with the saboteur during the execution of the relevant decision. But due to the fact that the staff of the department are confident in their infallibility, they are trying in every way to hide their mistake. As a result, they decide on its physical elimination. Sam decides to save her.

"12 monkeys"

Terry Gilliam Filmography

He released many famous films Gilliam. Let's stop only on some of them. In 1995, the fantastic thriller "12 Monkeys" appeared on the screen with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in the lead roles.

In this picture, Terry Gilliam fully revealed his mastery. The filmography of any director would be decorated with this work.

Events occur in 2035. At that time, an unknown virus was raging on Earth, which had already managed to kill five billion people.The remaining people are forced to live underground, daring only to rare raids to the surface.

Bruce Willis plays a felon convicted of 25 years in prison for disobeying authorities. He is sent to the surface to collect vital specimens of biological life in an extinct city. In return, he is offered to shorten the period or even to release if his mission is successful.

Soon he was offered an even more dangerous adventure in return for release. Go back in 1996 to find out why a terrible epidemic started and whether it can be prevented in any way.

"Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus"

director Terry Gilliam

In 2010, the screens out fantasy in the genre of magical realism "Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus."

Doctors Parnassus travels around the world with his attraction. Anyone can pass through the magic mirror and find himself in the world of his most intimate fantasies. In the world of dreams immerses his viewer Terry Gilliam. Films of this director are always original. And this is no exception.

Dr. Parnas has a unique gift - to liberate people and to multiply the power of their imagination.Due to this, their fantasies for a short time become a reality. Many years ago, Dr. Parnas made a bet with a certain guardian of the highest rank, winning immortality. After hundreds of years, he meets true love and makes a new deal — changes his immortality to youth. True, with one dangerous condition. All his children, as soon as they turn 16, should become the property of a guard named Nick.

The daughters of Parnas Valentina, 16, will be celebrated very soon. He is trying in every way to protect her from a terrible fate. However, at the appointed hour, Nick is behind Valentina. At the last moment, Parnassus manages to persuade him to a new bet. The winner of the dispute will be the one who first manages to seduce and capture the five human souls.

There are a lot of surrealistic scenes in the film, in which the associates of Parnassus take part - Percy the dwarf, the handsome young man Anton and the unknown stranger Tony.

"Theorem Zero"

In 2013, the fantastic drama "Theorem Zero" was released. This is the latest to date film, shot by Gilliam.

The main character is the genius of programming Lat, who has been waiting for a divine call for many years. He believes that the voice on the phone will reveal to him what is the meaning of his life and what is the special purpose that he has to fulfill.

Fearing to miss this important call, he arranges everything so that he can work from home. At the same time he has to live in an old dilapidated temple. The management of the company, in which Lat works, entrusts him with an impossible task. Solve the "Zero theorem". Solving it, more than one scientist lost his mind.

Gilliam is currently working on the adventure film "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote." The picture should come out on screens in 2018.

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