Terms of sowing tomatoes

What should be the optimal time for sowinga tomato? This question is regularly asked of all truck farmers. Since February, the problem arose, as if not to err with the timing of sowing vegetable crops on seedlings.

Many tomato growers set the deadlines for themselvessowing tomatoes in February, but there is a misconception that the more grown seedlings on the window, the faster you can get the first crop in the garden. This is not true.

There are many recommendations of specialists in this field.areas in which the timing of sowing tomatoes and other vegetables for certain regions with different climatic conditions, depending on the tomato varieties and conditions in which seedlings will be grown, are considered. But in fact among gardeners there is always a spirit of rivalry - who will first plant tomatoes in the open ground.

Calculate the timing of sowing tomatoes is not difficult,for example, for hybrids and early ripening varieties, the vegetation period to the first ripe fruit is about 100 days. So, to get the first tomato for a salad by July 20, you need to sow the seeds of tomatoes for 100 days, by this time add 7-10 days to shoots and 3 to 5 days to adapt the planted seedlings to the ground. It turns out that the seeds will be sown by April 1.

Tomato varieties are divided into three groups: early varieties with vegetation in 85-90 days, mid-ripening - 90-110 days and late-ripening - 110-115 days. Buying seeds and sowing, it is necessary to take into account that if you want to get an uninterrupted conveyor of fresh vegetables, make the calculation that the early varieties will be about 40% - the first harvest for food and salads, the largest amount of 45% is calculated for the share of mid-salted salads blanks for the winter) and late varieties - about 15%, for storage of fresh vegetables.

Varieties of the last group are kept longer than all others, but early and medium-ripening varieties are distinguished by a higher yield and differ in the taste qualities necessary for food and preparations.

The determining factor is the time of plantinga tomato. If a seedling is planned to be planted in a greenhouse or a greenhouse, it should be prepared by mid-May, in the open ground - by June 10. Given that the age of seedlings for planting is 50-60 days (the tomato variety is important), then the seeds are sown not earlier than March 10 with the subsequent placement of seedlings in a greenhouse, for planting in unprotected soil - by April 5.

For those who have heated greenhouses, it is possible to sow seeds in late February - early March, subject to additional illumination of the greenhouse and growing seedlings in separate pots 10x10 cm.

In mid-April, sowing seeds is too late, except for deterministic early ripening varieties. In other cases, the risk of non-fetal growth is likely before the first autumn frosts.

Favorable for sowing seeds in February are 20, 21, 25 and 26, and the deadlines for the second half of March are 19, 20, 21, 24, 25.

When planting seedlings in a permanent place, you needremember that tomatoes are very thermophilic plants. At a temperature of 15 degrees, flowering and fruit development ceases, and at 10 degrees, growth stops completely. But tomatoes can not tolerate high temperatures, at temperatures above 35 degrees, flowers are not pollinated.

In case of overgrown sprouts, when the planting period did not fit, proceed as follows: the upper part is cut by 20 cm, the lower leaves are removed and placed in water until the roots are formed.

Both parts are planted in the ground, the parent stalk should have a stepson - the replacement of the main stem.

Tomatoes are relatively drought-resistant and do not tolerate excessive moisture, so watering should be taken very carefully.

If the dates for the sowing of tomatoes for anyreasons do not coincide with those recommended in the article, it is possible to establish for oneself an experimental way for oneself and to verify by the example of experiments which are better for sowing vegetable crops.

For example, it is possible to sow seeds of one variety indifferent terms with a break of 10 days and then in the process of growth to determine the optimal timing of sowing. It is necessary to observe the conditions of growth and the environment.

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