Tenda router: description of settings

Many domestic buyers are tuningThe Tenda router may seem rather complicated. The technique of this manufacturer began to appear on the sales market not so long ago. In the article, let's talk a little about the routers of the company, and also discuss options for the settings. Pleasant reading!router tenda

Wireless Tenda router

Routers have their own distinctive features: all support work with a wireless access point, the maximum data transfer speed is 300 Mbps. The signal is stable, and the price of the router is low.

The company began operations in 1998 on aterritory of China. Even then, the products were diverse. You could buy not only routers, but also modems, switches and so on. The quality, functionality and price category were very popular for the Chinese people, therefore by 2008 the company had become quite famous and produced more than 1 million units of equipment.

Ten years ago T began to cooperate with other countries. To date, it supplies machinery to European countries. Previously, it was impossible to call the company really well-known. However, a small price for products and quality of assembly did their job - it became famous all over the world. That's why the question of how to set up a router is quite relevant. tenda router setup

External setting

How to configure a Tenda router and its network? You need to open the control panel, where the "calibration" occurs. You must enter the following combination in the browser string "192. 168.0.1 ". A dialog box appears in which you will be asked to enter your login and password.

If the router was purchased in a specializedstore, they are identical - the word admin. In the event that the router is bought from an ordinary person or provider, these data need to be further clarified - most likely they were changed for security reasons.

You should open the "Additional installation" in thesection of the WAN menu. After the PPPoE connection protocol is activated, you should pay attention to the other fields: "name" and "password". They should be spelled out in the contract with the provider. When choosing an authentication algorithm, you should give preference to automatic. Next, check the box next to "Self-connection".

If there are any difficulties with the configurationdevice, you can contact the service center of the provider. Also these data should be spelled out in the contract. To save all entries, click "Apply"., wifi router tenda

Connection type L2TP

If it is a L2TP type connection, thenit is necessary to do some other manipulations. In mode, put the appropriate one. The server address of WiFi router Tenda is registered in the contract, or you can call the service center - there will prompt. "Name" and "Code combination" have not changed. In the MTU column, the value should not exceed 1450. The address mode must be dynamic. Then click on the save button and proceed to the next steps.how to configure router tenda

Additional protection

Some routers of this manufacturer can beuse both at home and in offices. That's why you need to take care of network security. At a minimum, you should change the user's password and login, which allows you to enter the control panel.

Then you need to go to the section "Additionalinstallation ". Then the user will find the "System Tools". In it - an option that will allow you to change the password. You must enter the data: the old combination and the new one. Then you will need to repeat the new one.

There is a limit of no more than 63 symbols. Cyrillic is not supported. This limitation is pursued by many routers, so this is not a novelty. Next, you must reboot the device, after saving the changes. how to connect router tenda

Set up Wi-Fi

As a rule, users purchase routers forIn order to work with a wireless access point. Often such devices allow to have a stable network and a high connection. Of course, the question arises as to how to connect WiFi router Tenda. First you need to go to the "Basic settings" section. You should activate the wireless network function, after that you need to check the box next to "Enable access point". You must remember to set the network name - the SSID graph. If you disable the feature called "SSID Access", you can additionally secure yourself from scammers.

If you plan to connect a large number of devices, you must activate the AP Isolation setting. It will allow users to separate the wireless network from the local network.

Also you can additionally configure the point protectionaccess. You need to specify the authentication mode - WPA2-PSK. In addition, you must set a password. Its limitations are the same as described above: no more than 63 characters (but not less than 8).


As already understood, make settings for the routerTenda is pretty straightforward. The process resembles manipulation for any other devices of other manufacturers. There is nothing complicated. Of course, there are moments that can still confuse users who previously had no experience with the configuration of the router.

Reviews of many models of this manufacturerexcellent. Owners say stable work, good functionality and trouble-free tuning. The appearance of various devices attracts immediately, minimalism and high-quality assembly do their job. There are no complaints about the router. Each owner recommends the model for purchase. The main thing is to properly configure the Tenda router and connect the device to the computer. Then the device can delight the user for more than one year. In the kit comes a book on the operation, which will allow you to understand in more detail.

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