Telemarketologist is a seller of the 21st century

With each passing day,more difficult. In the face of tough competition, manufacturers face the same question: where should one put their products? A good telemarketer can easily cope with this task. This is a specialist who is able to find a buyer for any product.

New in sales

A few decades ago, it was enoughjust lay out a new product on the shelves of stores, and he immediately began to arouse great interest. Now the situation looks somewhat different. The manufacturing company must present its products in such a way that the enterprises of trade take up its implementation. But this does not guarantee the desired result. The thing can stay on the counter for a long time and not attract any attention. This situation forced the sales departments to become more active.

telemarketer is

In the late nineties, manycompanies there was a post called "telemarketing". It is a kind of seller who uses the telephone connection to achieve the ultimate goal. In America, such specialists were already in the middle of the last century. And in our country this kind of marketing became possible only when a large part of the country's population purchased mobile phones, which telemarketers could always call. This facilitated the target selection and made it possible to obtain the necessary information promptly.

Process Features

Depending on the way you workmarketing by phone can be incoming and outgoing. In the first case, customers call themselves with questions, and in the second, specially trained employees, at the opposite end of the wire, offer goods to potential buyers whose numbers are taken from a pre-compiled database. It is not difficult to prepare such a list. Depending on the initial criteria, the bases of marketers can be cold or hot. The difference is in the selection of candidates. If you use the usual telephone directory, it will be the most simple and unproductive cold base. The hot list includes contacts of those who have ever shown interest in a certain category of goods. It turns out that the telemarketer is the same employee of the sales department. True, now he acts differently. He can only connect with the subscriber and, if possible, interest him with his offer.

What should a telemarketer do?

Sales over the phone in recent years have become particularly relevant. Such hard work is sometimes undertaken by specialized companies.

telemarketer responsibilities

They have experienced staff in their staff who are ready to sell any product. What kind of work does the telemarketer do? The duties of such a specialist are that he must:

1) Plan the work with clients for the coming day, which consists not only of telephone conversation, but also the conclusion of specific contracts on behalf of the manufacturer.

2) Check the information about the buyer, confirming its reliability.

3) Advise clients on the range of products offered for the specification.

4) Monitor compliance with contractual obligations and carry out claims work if necessary.

5) Maintain an existing database and search for new customers. For this, it is necessary to carry out cold calls and study the interests of possible future customers.

6) Participate in developing a system of discounts for greater interest of customers.

But this is only part of what it doestelemarketer. The duties of each employee consist also of constantly compiling detailed reports for management on the work done for the day, month, year, and so on.

Obligatory qualities

The work of a telemarketer is complex and very responsible. Not every sex can cope with such a task.


A really good specialist must possess many important qualities, such as:

  1. Sociability. Communication with the client should be open and friendly. A modest and closed-minded interlocutor will never be able to convey the necessary information. But he must not be arrogant either.
  2. Ability to persuade and conduct a conversation. Everyone knows that the most important thing in any conversation is the ability to listen. It is necessary to direct the conversation in such a way that both sides hear each other. Who will enjoy listening to the flow of information from the handset? We need to give the client to understand that the conversation with him is very important for the company, and the offered goods for him are a real find and an urgent need.
  3. Initiative. In the work we constantly have to look for new ways of solving the tasks.
  4. Assemblage and attention to small details. You can not forget about potential customers for a long time. Otherwise they will be taken by other, more enterprising employees.
  5. Experience. A telemarketing specialist should have at least a general idea of ​​the sphere of activity where the goods sold by him are used. Otherwise, the dialog does not work.

With all the above skills, the employee can expect to become a high-level specialist.

Helpful Tips

Now no one is surprised by the specialty withan unusual name "telemarketer". The feedback of the workers themselves about this profession says that at one time they were very lucky. Having made the right choice, they were in a friendly team, where everyone is ready to help.

telemarketer reviews

Such work gives a lot of experience and a stock of knowledge, andcommunication skills allow you to freely feel in any situation. "Phone marketing specialists" with experience advise newcomers to pay attention to several important points:

1) Talking to the client, you should not just answer the questions, but ask them yourself. This will allow you to learn more about what really interests him.

2) When speaking, always call the person by name, and if possible, appoint a personal meeting.

3) Conduct a conversation better in complete silence, without background noises.

4) Polite treatment is a guarantee of a constructive dialogue, and a well-thought-out speech will most likely lead to a concluded deal.

These rules must be observedmaximally arrange for the interlocutor and turn the conversation in the right direction. Of course, there are among customers and those who are negative about this type of sales. But the probability of negativity in such a matter is always great, and one must be prepared for it in advance.

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