Technological chart of the dish: features and rules of compilation

In restaurants, the visitor's question about the ingredientsAn unfamiliar dish is puzzling or the answer is that this is a big mystery. The client wants to know exactly what he ate - this is quite a normal requirement. To give an answer, you can look at the technological map.

What is the technological map for?

Technological dish sheet

In the work of food enterprises, focused ona different level of the provision of such a service, a mandatory requirement is the availability of such a document as a technological dish card. Without it, the enterprise is not allowed to work. Why does the map exist? This is a question of casual people in the restaurant business, because technological cooking charts have all the information that begins with the purchase of products and ends with the work of a waiter who puts the customer's order on a properly served table. Competent compilation of this document allows cooks to find a way out of any situation in the kitchen without instructions from the chef. For the restaurant owners, the technological map of the dish serves as a control over the consumption of food, the cost of each dish, the cost of raw materials, the receipt of daily revenue and the calculation of the profitability of the enterprise and many other functions. This is a basic document that allows you to find out the profitability of the restaurant.

What is the cooking technology for this dish?

Technological cooking charts

The cooking technology includes everythingconcepts of products, ranging from their quality, ending with the chemical composition and consumer value, the methods of processing raw materials and semi-finished products, the correct methods of storing products, blanks and finished products. There are in it and requirements for equipment, inventory in the kitchen with step-by-step instructions of all the actions of the cook. In general, work at food enterprises - this is the technological map for dishes. Thanks to these unpretentious tables and descriptions it is possible to correctly, nicely, tasty, useful and in time to feed the customer ordered food to the extent that is stated in the menu. Then get a certain cost for such a service, which will provide a profit to a restaurant or a cafe, and content with the combination of food quality and its price, an occasional person becomes a regular customer.

What data is available in this document?

Information carried by technological mapspreparation of dishes, certainly includes the ways by which raw products are cleaned, washed, cut, subjected to any heat treatment. There are here the weight of net and gross products, their grade and quality, the rules for storing raw materials and ready meals. This information should correspond to special collections of recipes, which are referenced in the map. Each technological dish card explains how to prepare raw materials, what time and at what temperature mode the product is processed, what weight loss is during the correct heat treatment, from the preparatory stage to the stove. These data will allow the chef to use the required amount of food for cooking portioned dishes. In addition to step-by-step instructions, technological maps for dishes contain data on the possible replacement of products that are also regulated by special collections and allow you to make adjustments without loss of flavor and nutritional value. Up to the design and filing - everything is prescribed in this document.Technological maps for dishes

How correctly to make a map?

To ensure that the technological map of the dish has been properly designed and fulfilled its functional load, the following data must be included in it.

  1. On the nutritional value of the dish, the data are calculated according to special tables of the recipe collection, taking into account the caloric content and chemical constituents per 100 g of the finished product or portion.
  2. The terms and conditions for the delivery of the finished product can be found in the same source - these are instructions on the time frame for the preparation and the delivery of the order, taking into account the temperature of the food components.
  3. About the requirements for proper storage and saleproducts need to know that the raw material purchased in advance turns out to be suitable for use in cooking or for the production of semi-finished products, which must also be in a certain temperature environment and adjacent to other components.
  4. On the technology of full preparedness of the dish for filing. The preparation, processing, consistency and combination of each product included in the recipe is described. Here we also consider: the possible interchangeability of products, the time and temperature regimes, the actions when the dish is served, its design and the intended combinations with other products (meat with garnish).
  5. About the recipe data are entered strictly according to the collection, taking into account the weight of the raw product, the semi-finished product and the finished culinary product, minus the qualitative categories and natural losses.Technological maps for dishes

What can you learn from this document?

Technological maps for dishes do the workcooks of any level is simpler. It's no secret that many restaurant-type institutions are going to train chefs from scratch, referring to a specific menu and an experienced chef. The question of such training is whether the kitchen professional can tell the newcomer everything that is needed, and will he want to do it? It is much more useful for a novice cook to read a verified, collected in a single document information. Experienced workers are also useful to read such a card, because there are culinary products in the menu that are ordered once a year, and some subtleties of technology can be forgotten. However, the most important function of cards is the acquisition of a strictly necessary quantity of products and their correct consumption. And also - the most delicious dish, but forgotten by the waiter or cooked incorrectly, can permanently deprive any kitchen of reputation.

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