Taxi out of town

Now our car is under repair, and our family needs to go to the country near Kiev. Tell me a proven taxi that can take us out of town, and possibly back.
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Answered on March 11, 00:46
Taxi services are now very much, but not everyone will agree to go out of town. Taxi driver, first of all, is not profitable - you will be taken a few kilometers from the city, and most likely he will go back alone.
Answered on March 11, 00:52
We once went to nature, came back late and buses no longer went. We called several taxi services, but they refused us everywhere. It is good that there are friends who will always help you.
Answered on March 11 00:56
For me, this is also a hot topic. Parents live near Kiev, I try to go to them more often. We used to drive a car, but now we have sold it, but have not bought a new one yet. I found a taxi out of town in this company. In a few days I am going to go to my parents, I want to order a taxi from them.

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