Tariffs of MTS: "Super Zero". Reviews: "Super Zero" - MTS tariff

Today we are with you to learn the mostadvantageous tariffs of "MTS". "Super Zero" is one of them. We will try to understand, what it so attracts its customers, and also what are the ways of connection. In fact, this option is very beneficial for those whose environment is also used by this cellular operator. Let's start with you as soon as possible to study today's issue.rates mts super zero

What it is?

In general, there are different tariffs for "MTS". "Super Zero" - this is the one that suits fans of communication on the phone, as already said, within this cellular network. That is, if you and your environment prefer "MTS", then you can safely proceed to this tariff plan. Why? Now we'll figure it out.

The thing is that you get 100 freeminutes per month for conversations with other MTS subscribers. True, now the conditions, like the name of the tariff, have changed slightly. It is now called "Super MTS", and when you use it you get 30 minutes of free calls per day.

Honestly, in this tariff there is nosubscription fee. But there is one small condition that MTS does not have. "Super Zero" (unlimited tariff) requires replenishment of the account for more than 100 rubles. Only then all its pleasant surprises will work. And "meet" with the replenishment will have a week. Let's see what customers think about it.

About calls

Already a lot of different opinions gathered about themselves tariffs "MTS". "Super Zero", to be honest, receives relatively good reviews. But it is worth making more specific in this topic.

The first thing you should pay attention to ishow the tariff works. When replenishing the balance within a week for more than 100 rubles, you get 30 minutes of free calls per day for 30 days. This opportunity is distributed only to MTS subscribers. With other cellular operators, you will pay 1 ruble for the conversation. Not so much, as it may seem at first glance. After all, the same "Megaphone" requests 1.2 rubles. Trifle, but nevertheless, even it can someday come out to you sideways.

rates mts super zero reviews

In addition, the quality of communication pleases all customers. With the exception of one small feature - today's cellular operator very often undergo a variety of communication tests. And they can cause inconvenience for a while. Nevertheless, even this is nothing compared to what MTS tariffs can offer. "Super Zero" - this is something that only a modern customer can require.

For Russia and beyond

Another point that is worth mentioning iscalls around the world. If within your region everything is clear, then here - not really. And that's why now we have to figure out what customers think about calls to Russia and all over the world.

The whole point is that beyond the borders of our countrycalls will cost 50 rubles. At the same time in Russia, you will also call for free, but only for 30 minutes a day and only for "MTS". City numbers, as well as other cellular operators cost 10 rubles per minute. These are the most advantageous tariffs for MTS. "Super Zero" is something that will help keep in touch even the most outgoing client.

Regarding the quality of communication outside of Russiayou can also rejoice. The point is that here there are no breaks, as, for example, in "Beeline." Thus, this tariff plan is something that will suit a traveler. And in general, to any modern customer, as many buyers have noted. But this is not all. Let's try to understand with you another area. What else can be important for a modern person when choosing a tariff?rate mts super mts 3d zero

the Internet

Of course, modern customers can not do withoutwithout Internet. And it is the poet's tariff "MTS" "Super MTS" ("3d Zero" - its "popular" name) offers us an excellent opportunity to unlimited Internet connection. And all this, as a rule, with excellent speed. And without a monthly fee.

As many customers point out, the Internet is one thingof the most powerful places in our today's mobile operator. You can always watch a movie, surf internet surfing, chat with friends (even through Skype), and all this with good speed. 3 GB of traffic is loaded very quickly, and then the speed drops slightly. Nevertheless, this does not frighten the customers. Rather, many do not even notice this phenomenon.

However, in the evening in some regionsthere are minor interruptions in communications. They tend to pass very quickly. And you can again work comfortably with the Internet. Thus, here too everything is more than satisfactory. If you are not afraid of small and rare network failures, then you can hope that "Super Zero" is what you need.

What they think as a whole

But which collects reviews of "Super Zero" (MTS tariff) among customers in general? Let's try to understand this issue.reviews super zero rate mts

The thing is that there is no unequivocal opinion. Why? All due to the fact that some do not satisfy the Internet, as well as the conditions for providing free minutes. Earlier there were a little more of them. Plus, the tariff in question is often questioned about the operation of free minutes. After all, for a week you have to replenish your account for more than 100 rubles. And only after that you will receive an alert that you have accrued minutes of conversation. But sometimes in the text is written not "30 days", but "month". This is what puts clients at a dead end.

Nevertheless, in general, the reviews are quite positive. The tariff can be called anti-crisis and beneficial for communication. However, only for calls. SMS messages will cost you 1.5 rubles for a "letter". And this is the average cost of any operator. So, it's time to sum up today's dialogue.


Well, let's look at the current picture inwhole. In fact, the tariff offered to us today is one of the most successful offers that can only be found. The main thing is to understand all the conditions that you will have to observe.mts super zero unlimited tariff

Unfortunately, now you can activate this tariff alreadyit is impossible. More precisely, the tariff plan with this name ("Super Zero") is no longer there. Now it's called "Super MTS". As a rule, the easiest way is to buy a SIM card with this package. In addition, you can use the SMS request sent to number 1, or call the operator at 0890. That's all, problems are solved. As you can see, there are very profitable tariffs for MTS. "Super Zero" reviews get from many customers positive. True, from those who really know what he is dealing with.

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