Tap for drinking water filter: choice and features

Drinking water in cities is not of excellent quality. It is cleaned only from hazardous contamination, and with the use of unsafe chlorine. The purity of the fluid is determined at the exit of the treatment plant, but after passing a long way it becomes polluted. That is why many install faucets for drinking water filter. Details about this device are presented in the article.


Filtered water is commonly used in the kitchen. The filter is installed under the sink, and then, thanks to an additional fitting, it is attached to the cold water pipe. Then you need to install a separate tap for supplying filtered water.

drinking water filter tap

And often there are difficulties:

  1. Getting the job done isn't easy.
  2. Because of the small space under the sink can not install an additional tap.

Therefore, you can choose a combination tap for drinking water filter.Then do not need to install additional devices.

Principles of adaptation

The tap for the drinking water filter has one difference from the usual fixture - the presence of an additional channel for clean liquid. Its flow is regulated by a separate valve located on the body. The device is very convenient, because from one tap you can get a liquid of any quality.

kitchen faucet


When choosing, you need to pay attention to the design and cost. These characteristics depend on brand popularity and quality assurance. Tap for drinking water filter should choose one that is made of reliable material:

  1. Stainless steel or steel alloys.
  2. Brass, Bronze or Nickel.
  3. Ceramics or plastics.

Plastic devices and components for them are resistant to negative factors. They do not deteriorate from corrosion and alkali, but in comparison with metal and ceramic taps have a shorter service life.

A tap for drinking water from bronze is considered the best. Moreover, its inner part may be ceramic. Modern technologies allow to acquire devices for gold, platinum, copper, bronze,marble. Demanded matte coating on which there is no trace.

Types of cranes

Kitchen taps can be:

  1. Classic, which have round shapes.
  2. With right angles that characterizes the high-tech style.

mixer with tap for drinking water filter

What is best to choose depends on the design of the room. The taps for the kitchen on the mechanism of the handle are divided into valve and lever. The choice of adaptation depends not only on beauty, but also on convenience.

Types of filters

A combined faucet with filter for drinking water will be the best purchase for your home. Installation of the device is performed in almost the same way as a standard device.

installation of tap for drinking water filter

Filters are of the following types:

  1. Household flow. Devices clean the liquid to the point when it becomes suitable for use. Filters have an outlet up to a combined or separate tap. Thanks to them, the tank with the crane for an accumulation of drinking water is not required. It will arrive unlimited and without delay. These filters usually come with a 2-4 cartridge. They purify water from impurities such as chlorine, salts, iron, pesticides, chemicals and microorganisms.
  2. Reverse osmosis.Such filters are considered more expensive, but also effective. Purification of liquid from harmful impurities is performed without chemical reagents. For this purpose, a special thin-film membrane is used, which does not allow small particles of 1/10000 micron in size. Only water molecules can pass through it, and slags and dirty water can go down the drain. As a result, the properties of the liquid are like melt water. Included are cartridges and connecting hoses that are required for installation.

Installation Features

Installing a tap for drinking water filter is almost the same as the standard version. But still there are some nuances. The only difference is that, in addition to hot and cold water hoses, a third hose must be connected, which will serve to supply filtered fluid.

The filter is installed under the sink. Installation of the tap for drinking water occurs in the hole in the sink, and all compacted with rubber pads. The mixer is secured with a lock nut. To it connect 2 hose for ordinary water and a hose coming from the filter and providing a filtered liquid.

faucet for drinking water filter bronze

When working, you should be careful with hoses - do not twist them, you need to bend them with your hands. When attaching the nut from the hoses, it is better not to use tools to prevent damage. According to the same principle, a drinking trough for a drinking fountain is installed. Such devices will allow to organize the entry of clean drinking water into the house. This will be beneficial to health, because it affects human well-being.

It is desirable to buy drinking faucets not in the market, but in specialized stores. There the product will be provided with a guarantee, check, documents. In this case, the risk of acquiring low-quality products is minimal.

It should be noted that the most durable are semi-running bronze taps, coated on the outside with a chrome-plated decorative and protective coating. When choosing an installation site, you need to think over everything so that it was convenient to draw water using different containers - pots, kettle, cans.

Thus, you can purchase a separate filter or a combined mixer with an already built-in cleaning system. Both options are comfortable. You just need to install them correctly.

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