Tambov Technical State University: overview, specialties and reviews

The choice of future profession is a serious step. From the decision depends on the future, the path to a successful career. Annually applicants make a choice. However, it is not easy for them, because they are considering a huge number of universities, they are looking for an educational organization where you can get a high-quality higher education. Tambov Technical State University (TSTU) is one of those educational institutions that deserve attention.

Creating an educational institution and its development

The present Tambov Technical University appeared in 1958 due to the lack of engineers with higher education. The university began its activity as a branch of the Moscow Institute, which prepares specialists for chemical engineering.It became an independent educational organization a little later, in 1965. The university was named the Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering.

In the 90s of the last century, many universities changed status. This process affected the school we are considering. The functioning institute received the status of a technical university. Under this name, the educational organization is functioning now.

Tambov Technical State University

Facts about a higher education institution

Tambov Technical State University is considered the leading university of this profile in the Tambov region and the Central Black Soil Region. And he began his educational activities in the form of a small institute. In the first year of its existence, 125 people entered the evening form of education and 61 people - by correspondence. Today, there are over 8 thousand students. Among them are several hundred foreigners who came to Tambov for the sake of receiving high-quality Russian education.

It's no secret that the university worked and continues to work under the motto - “The future begins today!”. It is these words that define his activity. TSTU:

  • creates a world-class educational environment;
  • develops material, technical, educational and informational base;
  • expanding global cooperation;
  • creates a social structure of the school.

All of the above allows Tambov State Technical University to prepare highly qualified specialists for the sectors of the economy of our country, as well as to develop the personality of students, faculty and staff of the university.

tgtu tambov state technical university

Educational activities

Tambov Technical University implements various educational programs:

  • 1 secondary general education program;
  • 12 medium level training programs;
  • 39 areas of undergraduate training, 6 specialties, 40 master's programs;
  • 22 areas of postgraduate education;
  • programs of additional education and vocational training.

At the middle level training programs can be entered after the end of 9 classes. But for higher education only those people who have at least general secondary education are admitted to the university.Having limited health opportunities is not an obstacle to learning. For such persons, the university has provided special conditions. The entrances to the educational building are equipped, there are congresses, ramps. A lifting device is installed - a staircase for people with disabilities. On the ground floor for people with disabilities are equipped training rooms. Standards correspond to the width of the doorways, the height of the threshold, the distance between the tables.

Tambov Tambov State Technical University

Specialties of secondary vocational education

People who want to get a secondary vocational education are offered 8 specialties at Tambov State Technical University. Associated with the profile of the university are the following:

  • "Multichannel telecommunication systems";
  • "Radio equipment";
  • "Information Systems";
  • "Programming in computer systems";
  • "Operation and construction of buildings and structures."

In addition to technical, in high school there are economic specialties of secondary vocational education. These are “Banking”, “Commerce”, and “Economics and Accounting”.

fgbou vpo tambov state technical university

Areas of training and specialty higher education

For entrants entering higher education, Tambov Technical State University provides the opportunity to choose educational programs from a wide variety of fields of activity:

  • technical;
  • informational;
  • humanitarian;
  • economic.

Upon admission to the university, each applicant chooses either a bachelor degree or a specialty. Undergraduate - is the first stage of higher education. There are quite a few areas in Tambov Technical University - “Ecology and Nature Management”, “Architecture”, “Chemical Technology”, “Foodstuffs from Plant Raw Materials”, “Agroengineering”, “Nanoengineering”, “Trade Business”, “Economics” and etc. Undergraduate study for 4 years. Students during training receive basic knowledge in the chosen direction.

If you want to get a deeper knowledge, it is recommended to enter a specialty. 5 years study there. In TSTU, when entering this stage of higher education, a choice is provided from the list of the following specialties: “Legal support of national security”, “Economic security”, “Information security of automated systems”, “Construction,restoration, operation and technical cover of highways, tunnels, bridges ". There is also a magistracy. This is another stage of higher education. On it you can get the necessary knowledge for working abroad, because a part of the educational programs are offered in Tambov State Technical University in English.

Additional vocational education

The Tambov Technical University is actively developing the system of additional professional education. Every year over 450 specialists from various enterprises of the city and the Tambov region, more than 100 teachers apply to the university. Someone chooses advanced training, and someone - professional retraining.

The provision of relevant services at Tambov State Technical University is carried out by a special structural unit - the institute of additional professional education. Advanced training programs are designed for at least 16 hours. Their goal is to improve existing competencies or gain new skills to perform a particular professional activity. Professional retraining programs are designed for 250 hours or more.They are aimed at acquiring skills to perform a new type of professional activity.

Tambov State Technical University specialty

Feedback from students and alumni

Students and graduates of the Tambov Technical University leave positive feedback. In their comments about the university, people write that there are many faculties in it. Every applicant who chooses this university finds a suitable profession for himself here. Friendly experts work in the selection committee. To each applicant they find an individual approach.

During the beginning of their studies, each person who arrives is aware that Tambov State Technical University employs highly qualified teachers. Classes are conducted by associate professors, doctors of sciences. They impart profound knowledge to students and instill in them the necessary practical skills that are required in future work in their specialty. That is why so many students learn to part with the university after graduation.

Employer feedback

The heads of enterprises of Tambov and Tambov region, representatives of commercial structures left a lot of positive feedback about the higher education institution. People write that the university carries out high quality educational activities.According to the leaders and employees of various organizations, graduates of this educational institution are distinguished by a high level of practical and theoretical training. Good knowledge of the subjects studied at the university allows them to successfully participate in solving complex engineering problems and designing special programs.

Tambov State Technical University in English

In conclusion, it is worth noting that Tambov Technical State University in Tambov is a good place to receive education and personal development. This is a powerful educational and scientific center. He feels confident on the world stage. The university prepares highly qualified personnel who can work in our country and abroad, creates breakthrough technologies in priority areas of science, introduces the results obtained in the real sector of the city economy, the Tambov region and Russia.

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