Taken into custody

My friend was detained by the police, allegedly found some prohibited substances with him. Now he is in the department, you need to do something, how and with what to help him?
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Answered on September 30, 2016 13:17
Well, so far as a support, you can go to the office, consult with other friends. And so, if necessary, you can witness the defense.
Answered on September 30, 2016 13:29
We need a normal criminal lawyer. This is not a joke. How much and what did he have? Now it is strictly attracted, not the fact that it gets away with the administration. The lawyer and the witnesses will be gathered, and the evidence will be presented in court. I served at the time Golovin, I advise you to call.
Answered on September 30, 2016 13:36
Collect money for the time being, they are most likely needed, and yes, look for a lawyer, need to be safe.

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