Tablet Apple iPad Air 2: review, specifications, reviews

Over the six years of its existence, iPads have evolved from beautiful toys into serious gadgets that easily compete with laptops. And more and more often people give preference to these “thin” and mobile “apple” devices. Tablet computer Apple iPad Air 2 has become not only lighter and thinner than its predecessors, but still noticeably more powerful and productive. In general, Apple is able to surprise their fans, and the next line of iPads is no exception.

apple ipad air 2

So, the subject of this review is Apple iPad Air 2. Features, advantages and disadvantages, as well as expert opinions, along with reviews from ordinary users of the device, will be discussed in detail below.

The past generation of Air and the new are similar only in appearance - the main differences lie inside: better performance, better camera, better screen, better everything ...

Contents of delivery

Completion of the new device is similar to the previous lines. Strict white packaging from high-quality cardboard with a few inscriptions and other information.Everything is spartan, but with a bit of elegance, so to call the box a simple language does not turn, rather, everything is done in a peculiar style.

Inside the package you will see:

  • device itself;
  • USB cable for charging and synchronizing with a PC;
  • Charger;
  • manual and warranty card;
  • Case for Apple iPad Air 2 (optional).

The standard package is nothing superfluous, because the gadget already costs a lot of money, and any accessory in the box raises the price tag well. Separate branded stuff for iPads in stores is more than enough, so there is a matter of taste. Otherwise, everything is beautiful and in place. In addition, the company put in the box a few cute brand stickers on the brand's theme, so ardent fans will be pleased.


The brand changes its style less often. The company can be called one of the most conservative manufacturers in the segment of mobile gadgets. Having carefully worked out the appearance of the next hit, the brand leaves patterns for the next generation of devices, and even for two at once.

apple ipad air 2 wi fi

If we particularly closely examine the design evolution of iPads, we will see that almost all generations of gadgets had the same features and chips.In fact, the whole difference came down to changing the interfaces and the thickness of the case. The previous line was distinguished by a relatively thin bumper - only 7.5 mm, but in the case of the Apple iPad Air 2, the brand went on record again, and the device shrank to 6.1 mm. Moreover, it should be noted separately that in our hands there is not a smartphone, for which such dimensions are very good, but a full-fledged ten-inch tablet.

In addition to a noticeable weight loss, the gadget received a slightly different placement of the main elements. Some owners are not very happy with this innovation in the Apple iPad Air 2. User reviews are full of misunderstandings about the previously purchased Smart Case for previous generations. The new gadget fits perfectly in the original case, but the camera lens does not match the standard hole. Therefore, especially careful owners will have to fork out for a new accessory for the Apple iPad Air 2.

Models from the conveyor have the usual colors - silver or greyish. But the company made a gift to its fans, releasing a variation series in golden coloring. This was done right after the iPhone of the same color.


Another feature that differs from its older counterparts is the Home button, which completely copies the design of the iPhone and has a built-in fingerprint sensor.Exactly in the center on the front panel is located the eye of the camera class FaceTime. At the end of the top are the “mini-jack” and the screen lock key. In the lower part we will see the speaker grilles and the Lightning interface for synchronizing with a personal computer and recharging the device.

tablet apple ipad air 2

The volume rocker is located on the side, but the functional sound switch button is now missing from the new Apple iPad Air 2. User reviews on this issue are ambiguous, because many people liked the additional functionality, albeit a little, but extending the usability of the device, and some only confusing. In any case, the company abandoned this key and, most likely, in the near future we will not see it.

As for the general impressions of the location of the elements and the assembly of the device, there is nothing to complain about here - the Apple iPad Air 2 tablet is made on the conscience and in proper quality. No squeaks, no backlash, and no bulging. Moreover, the matte finish does not collect fingerprints and other dirt.


The Apple Company is firmly convinced and strongly promotes its idea that the tablet should be light and thin.Tablet Apple iPad Air 2 fully meets the selected criteria. If you look at similar devices in this segment, we will see that the gadget is not only the thinnest device of its class, but also the easiest. If we compare it with the previous generation Apple iPad, then it is clear that the new product has become 29 grams lighter and 18% thinner.

It is pleasant to hold the round bumper in hands, and it is equally convenient for the palms to clasp the device in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Despite the fact that the body seems frighteningly thin, in the hands of the gadget rotates surprisingly easy and with proper convenience. In general, to paint the ergonomics of Apple devices is a waste of time - suffice it to say that on this point the brand traditionally occupies a leading position in the IT industry.


If we trace the history of iPads from 2012, we will see that in 10-inch gadgets the spread has not changed and is firmly entrenched at 1536 by 2048 pixels with 264 dots per inch. Today, the company offers the same screen, but without any air spaces and with lamination technology, which could not but affect the picture quality of the Apple iPad Air 2.

apple ipad air 2 16gb

The review has become noticeably better, the picture looks more realistic, and direct sunlight is no longer a hindrance to work, because the screen flashes 56% less than its predecessors. In addition, intelligent automation almost perfectly adjusts the backlight and other display parameters based on environmental conditions.

In addition, all Apple iPad Air 2 models (gray / white / gold) are equipped with a very high-quality oleophobic coating that allows you to get rid of fingerprints and other contaminants in a matter of seconds.

As for color rendering and other visual parameters, there are no noticeable differences from the previous generation: excellent calibration, natural gamma and juicy picture.

Hardware platform

Apple iPad Air 2 tablet (64Gb / 128Gb) runs on iOS version 8.1. Of course, it’s far from the capabilities of the tenth version, but the ordinary user of all the available bells and whistles is enough with interest. In any case, if you wish, you can always upgrade to the latest platform.

All useful functionality is fully disclosed in conjunction with Yosemite. Take, for example, the same file transfer to a personal computer: it will take place quickly and without problems using AirDrop.And if you use Apple iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) as a modem, let's say with a laptop, then the last one will show the remaining charge of the battery of the mobile gadget. Many owners in their reviews thanked the company more than once for such a useful "trick".

In addition, useful widgets appeared in the notification center, and the function of replacing the built-in keyboard with any other one was added. For data storage, the same “Aiklaud” is used, where the owner has 5 GB of free space available, and in excess of the exceeded limit you will have to pay extra. Recognition of the Russian language and voice input works as it should, therefore there should be no problems with typing without a keyboard. The only thing that Apple iPad Air 2 owners sometimes complain about in their reviews is that it’s about Siri's assistant, who never bothered to learn Russian. Otherwise, everything is in place: it boils, it works and functions as it should.


Among other similar gadgets of Apple, Apple iPad Air 2 is also distinguished by the fact that he got on board 2 GB of RAM. Moreover, the tablet was equipped with an intelligent 64-bit process (A8X), working on three cores with a frequency of 1.5 GHz.For the graphic component is responsible no less powerful chip - PowerVR from the G6650 series.

In addition, engineers have equipped the device with an additional set of chipsets (co-processor), which is responsible for the operation of the compass, barometer and accelerometer. The company refused models with 32 GB of internal memory, so you can find more expensive gadgets with 64 and 128 GB in stores. If you are under pressure, you can always buy a basic version - Apple iPad Air 2 (16Gb). According to the already firmly established tradition, the brand does not equip its devices with memory cards, so we work with what is inside.

apple ipad air 2 reviews

It was difficult to blame earlier models of “Air” for lack of productivity. Yes, there were some shortcomings, but it is difficult to call them critical. For example, the problem with the constant reloading of sites in the browser during the opening of resource-intensive applications has been completely solved. The increase in RAM / RAM by a factor of two has played here by no means the last role.

In addition, viewing streaming video in Full HD-development now passes without any delays and other brakes, and you can scroll through the pages of sites with surprising speed, as well as scale to any pixelation, and all this happens smoothly and with proper beauty.

One of the main differences between Apple iPad Air 2 and its predecessors is sensibly done multitasking, that is, comfortable work with several applications. You can safely keep open “Safari” with a dozen sites and simultaneously work with other equally demanding utilities. This whole process is happening quite comfortably and without any lags, without requiring a reboot of applications, as was the case with past generations of gadgets.

As for the games, everything is just fine. And although the response speed of applications in the old and new "Air" differs slightly, but nevertheless the advance for 2-3 seconds is felt.

Touch ID

The presence of Touch ID has become one of the main features of the tablet Apple iPad Air 2 (16Gb / 64 Gb / 128Gb). Moreover, this functionality easily defines a new model. Touch ID is a kind of guarantee that ensures the safety of your personal data. The fingerprint sensor migrated to the device from the iPhone sixth series, which uses a more modern and sensible sensor than the same 5S. Fingerprint scanner did not become an innovation in the market, but it was in “Air 2” that his work was as comfortable as possible.

Up to 10 impressions can be designated in the menu, and the sensor works very clearly and accurately, and recognition takes place in a fraction of a second.Each user familiar with Apple products will deal with the settings: a competent settings wizard will guide you through all the necessary items and in a couple of minutes your data will be perfectly protected.


It is difficult to find fault with the sound characteristics - high-quality and clear sound. The only thing that tablet owners sometimes complain about is the insufficient maximum volume threshold, so for a better effect, it is better to get a sensible headset beforehand.

Nevertheless, the speakers at home are loud enough and can be adjusted (automatically or manually) for different situations. The grids are sometimes overlapped by the hand while watching a video or a game, but there were no critical sound drawdowns.


The front camera with a 1.2 MP matrix works on FaceTime HD technology and can write video in high (720p) resolution. In a normal environment, it is enough for normal selfie and video.

apple ipad air 2 review

The company paid great attention to the rear camera class iSight with 8-megapixel sensor matrix and f / 2.4 aperture. The brand does not seek to equalize smartphones and tablets in terms of shooting, so "Air 2", although it makes good photos and videos, is still inferior to the capabilities of iPhones of the sixth series.The device has a slightly smaller pixel size, slightly lower luminosity and there is no automatic focusing on the phase.

Nevertheless, among the entire tablet fraternity, our respondent has the best camera. In addition, when compared with previous generations of "Air", the new has made an obvious step forward. Users in their reviews note the sensibly made modes of HDR-shooting, the definition of persons, “sloumaou” -video, competent work with panorama and the presence of the useful function Timelaps.

Daytime photography from a tablet is comparable in quality to the similar capabilities of iPhones of the fifth series, but as soon as the lighting gets worse, the capabilities of the Air-2 cameras drop dramatically.

In general, 10-inch tablets are not the devices that need to be removed. Their purpose lies entirely in another area, so the capabilities of the cameras are not the argument that must be taken into account during the purchase, which means we are content with the already good capabilities of the matrices and weigh the other characteristics.

Autonomous work

An extremely important nuance is that in the pursuit of “losing weight” of gadgets, the company persistently monitored the autonomy of its devices.Even despite the more modest battery due to the reduced size of the tablet (32.4 Wh), the device is able to withstand more than nine hours of intense load. For example, in an hour and a little time spent in gaming applications, the device lost only 7% of the battery charge.

Field tests have shown that even if the Apple iPad Air 2 is fully loaded (Wi-Fi, frequent conversations, SMS correspondence, etc.), the battery is more than enough for the whole day. When watching a video in high resolution and at 100% brightness of the battery, it lasted a little more than ten hours. In general, the device can be discharged in one day, but then you have to “force” it every hour. If you use the tablet from time to time, for several hours in the evening, the battery will last for two or three days.


The new "Air-2" improved on all counts: high performance, good cameras, an updated screen, an up-to-date fingerprint sensor, as well as RAM up to 2 GB. With a battery life similar to its predecessors, the tablet has become thinner and lighter. The model will certainly interest all those who want to get an intelligent device from a venerable brand with an excellent set of characteristics.

tablet computer apple ipad air 2

The average model with 64 GB of internal memory costs about 40,000 rubles. Gadgets are simpler or more serious (16/128 GB) differ by about 10 000 rubles. Though the prices bite compared to the “HUA”, “Samsung”, “Asusi” and other manufacturers, but if you want excellent quality, then it will probably not work out differently.

The main advantages of the tablet Apple iPad "Air-2":

  • light and thin metal body;
  • nice and stylish look;
  • the smartest model in its segment;
  • excellent battery life;
  • the presence of a fingerprint sensor.


  • The base model is equipped with a very small amount of internal memory;
  • There is no possibility of working with external SD-carriers.

In general, and in general, the gadget was a success, and fans of the brand will surely appreciate all the advantages of the new device. And those who are not familiar with the products of the company, "Air-2" will provide an excellent opportunity to meet.

The verdict is unequivocal - recommended for purchase.

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