Table contests: a great way to have fun

When in honor of any event at the table a large number of people gather, a great way to make the holiday original and memorable, will be organizing a couple of comic competitions. Cheerful competitions at the table will raise everyone's mood, bring a lot of positive and significantly revive any party.

Competition Organization

table contestsAs a rule, the leader offers to hold the game when all the topics are almost exhausted, and there is a lull at the table. Contests at the table do not require too complex preparations - usually they use a simple sheet of paper with a pen, handy objects, or the attributes are completely absent. The most important thing is to interest all the guests and explain all the rules. Contests at the table must be selected taking into account the age of the guests and at the same time dwell on those who in no way can spoil the holiday or put any of the participants in an unfavorable light.Therefore, before the start of the competition, it is imperative that after clarifying the rules, make sure that future participants agree to perform the tasks.

How to choose a game

Contests at the table are chosen depending on the number of guests, how well they know each other, their age, the reason for the celebration, the nature of the participants and the amount of alcohol consumed. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to strictly adhere to all the rules - on the contrary, combining and modifying the old, but at the same time very popular table contests at one’s discretion, one can add an element of novelty and give them a second table competitionsIf a lot of people have gathered for the holiday, you need to hold such competitions at the beginning, which allow guests to get to know each other better. For example, at a table in a circle, a roll of toilet paper is allowed in, and each guest tears off a piece of any length. This continues until the roll is over. After that, the moderator invites each participant to tell as many interesting facts from life as there are pieces in front of him. If the celebration is held in honor of the anniversary or birthday, that is, when the hero of the occasion is at the table, it would be appropriate to hold a congratulation contest.For example, a paper sheet is let out in a circle in which the guest writes a few lines of his wish to rhyme. The result is a real congratulatory ode, which will greatly please the birthday man. It is advisable to hold contests at the table in a sequence from more calm and harmless to the most fun and active. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the guests and at the first signs of fatigue and loss of interest, immediately stop them.New Year's table competitionsWith the help of games you can not only cheer your friends, but also cheer yourself and your loved one. For example, you can play the game "Light my mirror, say ...". In this doubles competition, you need to take a mirror and, looking at your own reflection, with the most serious look, make yourself compliments. The task of the enemy is to make the speaker laugh. Anyone who was able to hold out longer - he is considered the winner.

Winner's reward ceremony

In the final part of the celebration of each of the active volunteers should be rewarded for courage, resourcefulness and the positive, which he presented to those present. When New Year's contests are held at the table, this can be done by the head of the family, dressed by Santa Claus,in other cases, this task is assigned to the moderator, who prepares various prizes at his discretion in advance. It can be a soft toy, a chocolate bar, a box of chocolates, etc. We wish you happy holidays!

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