Synthesizer stand: features of choice

Those who learn to play the synthesizer orknows how to fully play on this instrument, it is very difficult to do without a special rack. And this is not surprising. After all, the tool itself is quite heavy and has considerable dimensions. It is for this reason that a stand for the synthesizer is required. However, the choice of such products is quite wide. If you are a beginner, then it will be difficult for you to decide the type of rack. What are they and how to choose correctly?synthesizer stand

Metal synthesizer stand

Today in specialized stores you canpurchase XX, X and Z-shaped racks. They fit almost all kinds of keyboard instruments. The synthesizer stand made of metal has several advantages. First of all, this design differs from other varieties in strength and ease. When playing a musical instrument, there is no feeling of discomfort.

Another advantage of such models is the possibilityadjust the height. Such a synthesizer stand will be an ideal option for children. After all, they are growing rapidly. The height of the stand is easily adjustable. It can be gradually increased, and if necessary - reduced. Such an opportunity will allow an adult person to play on the instrument while sitting. And this is important for long and frequent lessons.

Which is better?

Lately there has been a debate about whichStand for the synthesizer is better: X or XX-shaped. According to many, the design of the latter type is much more stable. However, its cost is much higher than the cost of the X-shaped. It should be noted that the racks made of metal are more convenient and budgetary. This explains their popularity. In addition, if necessary, they can be folded and hidden in a place inaccessible to outsiders. Such stands take up little space.synthesizer stand

Wooden construction

The stand for keyboard instruments can bemade of wood. Such structures, as a rule, are made of chipboard. This is the most budget option. However, some manufacturers produce musical instrument stands from solid wood. Of course, the cost of the product from the array is much higher and not everyone can afford.

The main disadvantage of such a rack isThat it is simply impossible to lay it down and take it to a secluded corner. In addition, you can not adjust the height of the structure. And this suggests that such supports are not suitable for children. Of course, the design of wood has advantages. Among them is the strength of parts and stability. In addition, a wooden stand for the synthesizer will allow a little revitalization of almost any interior.

Stand for keyboard Axelvox KST-11

If you often rehearse performances, oftenyou will need a reliable and high-quality stand for the musical instrument. It is these qualities that the Axelvox KST-11 design possesses. In addition, it is possible to adjust the height of the stand. At the same time, the musical instrument will always be securely fixed.

Cross-folding Axelvox KST-11is made of a fairly strong metal. The design is reliable and can last for many years. The design is equipped with a spring lock. This allows you to fix the musical instrument at a certain height. As a rule, the design is sold together with the cover. This allows, if necessary, to transport the rack without the risk of damage to it.

stand for keyboard instruments

Stand Axelvox KST-21

Stand for keyboard musical instrumentsAxelvox KST-21 is a reliable and high-quality construction. The products of this model are made of high-power metal. The design is perfect for many modern electronic musical instruments. Axelvox KST-21 has a cross-shaped shape and is equipped with a double frame. This provides additional reliability and stability of the product. If necessary, the structure can be transported. After all, it easily folds.

Rack for synthesizer Yamaha L85

The Yamaha L85 stand is ideal forinstallation of the digital piano P95 and P85. The design is beautifully designed. The musical instrument is attached securely, which ensures its safety during the game. Mount the stand to the bottom of the synthesizer. It should be noted that the Yamaha L85 stand is ideal not only for home, but also for studio and stage.

Among the advantages of the product is to distinguish itlight weight and excellent stability. The stand is in black. It easily installs and fastens to the keyboard. Suitable Yamaha L85 stand for musicians of any level. In addition, it is easy to operate.synthesizer stand yamaha

Stand CASIO CS-44

The stand for the synthesizer CASIO CS-44 isan updated model from the company CASIO. The product is reliable and stable. A similar equipment is provided for installing a digital synthesizer or a piano. Equipped with a rack of special elements that securely fix and hold the musical instrument. Install on the design can synthesizers models such as CDP-200, CDP-220, CDP-100, CDP-120.

A multilayer plywoodplastic. The rack provides an additional rib of rigidity, as well as a non-slip wide surface for a musical instrument and wide leg-stands. Such a product will perfectly fit into almost any interior. Thanks to a relaxed design, your musical instrument will look more elegant.syntio synthesizer stand

In conclusion

The synthesizer stand makes it easier to playon a musical instrument. However, her choice should be approached with all responsibility. First of all, you should determine who will use it, what qualities it should possess and whether it will stand in one place. If you need a mobile design, then you should pay attention not to those that are made of metal. If you want to create an original design of the room and make the conditions for playing the synthesizer more comfortable, then it is better to purchase a stand of wood. When choosing a stand, you should also consider the model of the musical instrument. After all, there are designs designed exclusively for certain synthesizers.

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