Symptoms of red flat lichen.

Symptoms of red lichen lichen can be divided into general and specific, while specific manifestations depend on the form of lichen.

Flat lichen looks like a set of smallpapules that can alternate with plaques (compacted formations). In general, the skin with red flat lichen looks like a glossy sheet of purplish-cyanotic color.

Symptoms of a red lichen are veryare noteworthy, and it is difficult to confuse them with other dermatological pathologies. For example, a symptom or a Wickham mesh is a blue-purple color of the rashes and a visible mesh. To be more precise, the Wickham grid manifests itself when a drop of vegetable oil is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin. As a result, you can see whitish bands and points - a pathological increase in the stratum corneum of the epidermis in certain places, which is visible through the epithelium.

The phenomenon of Kabner is called the appearance of elements depriving in places of the greatest traumatization: belt, collar, etc.

CPL is a rather dangerous disease,because it often has a chronic undulating course with the defeat of internal organs and the attachment of a secondary infection. The itching in this disease is sometimes unbearable, the patients begin to comb the entire body, eroded surfaces are formed, which can be inflated. Patients with flat lichen simply can not fall asleep from the itching and unpleasant sensations on the skin.

The KPL is predominantly located on the bendingsurfaces of the upper shoulder girdle and lower limbs. It is not excluded the appearance of papules and plaques in the abdomen, hips, groin and in other areas. It should be noted that the face and hair are almost never affected by red lichen planus, only sometimes you can find single plaques.

Specific symptoms of red lichen planusit is possible to detect with a hypertrophic warty form. As the name suggests, against the background of the classic clinical picture of lichen, multiple warty growths can be detected. It is impossible to ignore the fact that when this form is localized in the hair area on the head, there is an alopecia that can knock the doctor out of the correct diagnosis.

Pemphigoid (bladder) and lightning-fast formKPL are rare. They are dangerous because the clinical picture is not typical for ordinary flat lichen, which means that the diagnosis is not made immediately; the current is delayed. Symptoms of red lichen planus, which appear with a bubble form, are quite diverse. The clinical picture can begin with the appearance of small cavities filled with a clear liquid or blood. Bubbles can be opened to form crusts.

The remaining forms of lichen also occur very muchrarely in clinical practice and require differential diagnosis with psoriasis, eczema, syphilis and other pathologies. However, the localization of flat lichen in the mucous membrane is quite common. For example, red flat lichen of the oral cavity occurs in 50% of cases. The eruptions in the tongue are expressed indistinctly and look like a thick white coating (as in secondary syphilis), so they also require additional diagnosis.

The causes of red lichen planus, unfortunately,not exactly identified. Scientists have only noticed a certain pattern that lichen often occurs after severe stress, against the background of immunodeficiency states, diabetes mellitus. Also, the virus theory of CPL and the genetic predisposition are not ignored. There is a connection in the generations, where one of the relatives suffered from a flat leaf, and also viral particles were found in pathological foci. However, none of the theories have yet been proved.

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