SUVs Tiksi 250: owner feedback, technical specifications

Modern manufacturers of snowmobiles constantlyoffer updated models that are characterized by improved technical specifications and a thoughtful design. Snowmobile "Tiksi 250" reviews of owners and experts have received good, and it is not surprising: before us is a quality vehicle created by the popular company "Russian mechanics".

tixi 250 owner reviews

Modernization and perfection

The new model draws the attention of the globalmodernization, and the easy utilitarian immediately liked the buyers. Even outwardly this vehicle inspires respect. The reviews say that the dimensions of the snowmobile are quite small, and at first you will not even think that before you a powerful and reliable Tiksi 250 snowmobile. The owners' comments point out that this is only the first impression. At first it is hard to believe that this model is able to overcome the loose and deep snow, but in fact everything turns out to be cool: a well thought-out caterpillar track and excellent engine make their work stable!

The main thing is economy!

Producers sought to create a budgetarySUV, and this is noticeable: the starter in the model is manual, there is no battery, the instrument panel consists of only an analog speedometer, and the gearbox is single-stage, without reverse gear, there is no heating system of the steering wheel. However, if we consider that the budget model is in front of us, the Tiksi 250 snowmobile is very powerful. The owners' comments just accentuate the fact that for only 180,000 rubles you can buy a quality SUV that will surely cope with any coating.

Main characteristics

"Tiksy 250" is a snowmobile that showsexcellent functionality, simplicity and economy at an affordable price. Yes, the model is simple in terms of design and equipment, but these characteristics are enough for everyday use of the vehicle. In addition, the model features a flashy design, a bright color solution, the use of modern materials, long-travel pendants, plastic skis and electronic reverse. All these characteristics make the Tiksi 250 snowmobile quite in demand. Responses of owners about it are often mentioned that with apparent simplicity - we have a rather perfect model.

vise 250 lux

Of the features of its technical equipment, you cannote the modernized rear suspension, which reduces the center of gravity. This makes the snowmobile more stable and manageable, providing a high level of energy intensity. Those who plan to use this SUV for the transportation of some things, will like the opportunity to join the snowmobile sleigh and transport up to 150 kg of cargo. It is no accident that Tiksi 250 is used for economic purposes.


  1. The model has a PM3 250 engine with one cylinder, capacity of 22 liters. with., electronic reverse, air cooling.
  2. The caterpillar width of 380 mm is supplemented with a progressive suspension.
  3. The model is complemented by front and rear suspension. Thanks to it, the shock absorbers and springs became somewhat different in design, the stroke increased. "Tiksi 250" with a new suspension (photo allows you to estimate the power of the snowmobile) is characterized by better controllability.
  4. The standard equipment includes an electric starter, in addition installed and manual.
  5. It is necessary to note convenience of repair thanks to swinging sidewalls.
  6. The model is additionally equipped with a mechanical disc brake.
  7. With the new steering shaft, a reduced effort is achieved when turning the handlebar, and special bearings reduce the vibration level and make handling more comfortable.
  8. "Tiksi 250" is equipped with a seat that is comfortable and thoughtful ergonomics.

The company says that even a child can cope with the management of such a simple snowmobile.

What do the tests show?

vise 250

The testing of snowmobiles is constantly, and the model of Russian production is no exception. How did he prove himself on the road? Conclusions can be made about the following:

  1. The tests were carried out in comparison withSUVs of other brands, and even the best on bumps and sharp bends was the Tiksi 250 snowmobile. The technical characteristics of the model allow it to be among the best even in spite of such a low cost.
  2. "Tiksi" showed the highest speed.
  3. The drivers note that the thoughtful steering wheel incombination with a comfortable landing - the most worthy combination in this vehicle. The steering wheel is high, the seat is ergonomic, so you can sit on the SUV straight and not feel any discomfort.
  4. Reviews about "Tiksi 250" mentioned and most importantlythe dignity of any utilitarian - luggage platform, supplemented by handrails and trailing device. This device allows you to conveniently haul cargo. The platform is included in the complete set of the model.
  5. On a long road Tiksy clearly lags behind: the maximum speed that the snowmobile showed, stopped at a mark of 60 km / h.
  6. During the tests, experts came to the conclusion: due to the combination of low weight with a lever suspension and a narrow caterpillar Tiksy pretends to move from the category of utilitarian to the category of sports.
  7. On the road from slush and water is not very reliable"Tiksi 250". Reviews and user tips are reduced to the fact that the power of this model to overcome such complex coatings is still not enough. But if you try to get him out of the rut with a strong gas, the transport copes with this task successfully.

Conclusions about the Tiksy 250 model

And the conclusion is this: Of course, the snowmobile does not have enough power, but for the whole testing time the model showed itself only from the best side: it was not stuck anywhere, did not have to stop to pull it out of the snow, and so on. That is, the "Tiksi 250" reviews are unanimous: this SUV has a bright future, if, of course, it will be further improved.

"Tiksy Suite"

reviews about Tiksi 250

Another available model from the Russianproducer, which is of undoubted interest - Tiksi Lux. This model attracts attention with more power, thanks to which it can cope even with great distances. An economical engine and a 28 liter tank are the main advantages of the model. The caterpillar has a width of almost 40 cm, which makes it impossible to choose the road as carefully as in the case of the previous model. In general, in "Tiksi 250 Lux" manufacturers have invested a lot of effort to ensure ride comfort and a high level of patency. For example, the multi-link suspension has been improved, which is supplemented by an air-liquid shock absorber. The model handles are now heated, the seat is wider - in general, attention is paid to the maximum comfort of users. In the basic version, the model is available with an electronic reverse and coupling device, which makes it possible to transport a trailer with 150 kg of cargo.

Tiksi 250 Lux: technical specifications

This model is one of the availablecost, while it has excellent operational and technical characteristics. The snowmobile is supplemented by a two-stroke single-cylinder engine rated at 22 liters. with., caterpillar - width 40 cm, weight of the model - 190 kg. The snowmobile is supplemented with a single-speed gearbox, it has, like the previous model, an electronic reverse and electric start, so it can reach speeds of up to 70 km / h. The device operates on the basis of gasoline AI-92, and the model attracts attention with a joint lubrication system based on motor oil and fuel.

Tiksi 250 with a new suspension photo

About "Tiksi 250 Lux" owner reviewspositive, they note the maneuverability, sufficient power to overcome various obstacles, ease and ease of operation. In the reviews also noted that before us a convenient vehicle, which is easy to manage. The minimum pressure on the ground provides excellent movement in any terrain, and the ability to attach additional cargo will allow you to transport the necessary things.

Consider everything!

Available about "Tiksi 250 Lux" reviews converge inThat, in comparison with a simple version, this one is more perfect, and therefore more convenient and functional. And the spare parts were designed in such a way that the operational conditions of Russia were taken into account:

  • The reliable ski suspension is based on a single lever system;
  • thanks to a powerful headlight from the front you can safely travel even at night;
  • modernized seat - a pledge that you can easily move in any road conditions without discomfort;
  • lightweight design of plastic skis serves as a guarantee of excellent handling and maneuverability;
  • The electronic reverse allows you to quickly switch back to the movement;
  • The rear suspension is equipped with an air-hydraulic shock absorber, which makes the movement along the uneven road comfortable.

Pros and cons

Reviews about "Tiksi 250 Lux" are often found,and in this model the company embodied all its modern developments. A special RF platform is created under the conditions of operation in our country to drive the vehicle reliably and simply. It is noted that the snowmobile will suit those users who prefer active outdoor recreation.

tixi 250 specifications

In general, models in design and in many technicalcharacteristics are similar. But in fact, there are differences, and they are quite significant for the technique of this purpose: a more perfect version (that is, the "Lux" model) has an electronic reverse, so you can move with maximum convenience using the reverse. The second important difference is in weight: the "Lux" model is lighter, even 10 kg, which affects the more convenient and comfortable operation, as well as the ease of handling.

Conclusions about all models

Vise 250 lusk Technical specifications

If you are a supporter of outdoor activities and lovetravel on snow-covered fields, then such a snowmobile you should buy. A fascinating journey on it will have to your liking, and you can even drive on it. The company offers only two models, but both of them are of high quality, reliability, functionality. In addition, the pricing policy of the company is pleasantly pleased: if you want to purchase a budget snowmobile, the models of the brand "Tiksi" are created especially for you. For everyday use they are best suited!

Snowmobiles "Tiksi" prove: the production of Russian production is really worthy of attention, because it is developed specifically for the peculiarities of Russian roads and climate.

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