Supra SCR-500: description, pros and cons of the DVR

DVRs have long been included in the life of everyonecar owner. They help to solve a lot of problems, for example, in disputes with car inspectors or conflict situations in an accident. Often they allow to avoid unpleasant consequences from action of swindlers. The choice of devices is so wide that it is difficult to immediately decide on the purchase. One of the interesting examples is the Supra SCR-500.

supra scr 500


The model does not differ from the method of attachment frombrothers. It is also located on the windshield. Power is supplied from the cigarette lighter, connected via a wire. But also the device is able to work autonomously from its own battery.

Records video at night and daytime. In addition to the picture, fixes the sound series. The size of the diagonal is 2 inches, and the dimensions of the DVR - 9.9 x 5.3 x 2.3 cm. Equipped with an HDMI-port and AV-out.

The DVR Supra SCR-500 has a built-in memory of 32 MB. Provides support for SDHS cards.

Recording can be done continuously. But it is possible to set a cyclic recording. You can set the cycle for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. When the card is full, the automatic overwrite will start.

Equipped with strong and reliable fastening with the ability to turn.

Quality of shooting

The most important selection criterion for mostmotorists is the quality of the video. DVR is not purchased for the purpose of shooting beautiful landscapes, but to record car numbers and record unpleasant situations that can happen on the road or in a parking lot. Recording can act as evidence in the analysis of accidents.

supra scr 500 video recorder

According to users, the Supra SCR-500 is excellentremoves in the daytime. Viewing a video on the computer makes sure that the picture is clear, the numbers of other machines are perfectly visible. Possible glare, if the recorder is located against the sun.

The situation with the night is more complex and more ambiguousshooting. Many complain about the very low quality of video made in the dark. In many cases, the numbers can not be recognized. But the picture is clearer when shooting on the illuminated sections of the road. Glare possible from the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Not all owners face this problemthis model. Those who avoided problems with bad video, shot at night, advised him to properly configure. It is necessary to independently understand the buttons and set the optimal mode of operation of the Supra SCR-500. The instruction does not fulfill the necessary information functions, as it is poorly compiled.


Complaints against badoperation of the device. According to customers, it can be turned on and off at any time at will. It can hang, time and date are often lost.

Many people say about the low-quality firmware Supra SCR-500, which leads to numerous failures.

supra scr 500 user guide

Some people observe problems with work in cold weather.

Other disadvantages

Despite the quality of the fastening, manydissatisfied with its functionality. This is due to the fact that it does not allow you to rotate the recorder well enough in the driver's side to record communications with the traffic police officer. The dialogue itself is heard quite well, but it's almost impossible to capture the face of an employee.

Quite often the motion sensor does not work, and the device writes without stopping.

Without an external power source, the operating time from the built-in battery is just over half an hour.

Another drawback that hasDVR Supra SCR-500, - the instruction. All buyers noted that it is poorly composed and after reading it there are many questions. It is much easier to understand the settings and principles of the device yourself. In extreme cases, you can turn to the help of the Internet and see detailed videos about this model and the rules for its customization.


Despite a large number of comments to workDVR, the demand for it is quite large. This is due to its low cost with a rather good quality of shooting. Most likely, it will not be possible to select an analogue in this price segment. At the same time, many people are satisfied with the quality of the picture and the recorded sound. Although some users note that the sound sometimes crackles.

video recorder supra scr 500 manual

A convenient function is the built-in screen, allowing you to directly view the footage on the device.

Another plus is a rather long cord that allows you to place the Supra SCR-500 under the rearview mirror and be sure that it can be connected to the cigarette lighter.

In addition, the DVR can be fixed to the windshield in an inverted form. But the quality of the shooting may get a little worse.

This DVR belongs to the mostbudget models and expect from him the same functionality and quality characteristic for more expensive options is not necessary. Almost all users confirm that the maximum period of its service is one year. Although some people work longer without any problems and problems.

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