"Summer, goodbye": quotes, filled with warmth and childhood

Ray Bradbury is one of the greatmodern science fiction writers, whose works have become classics in life. However, not all of them were about the cosmos, about thinking about the future. Particularly noteworthy is a work entitled "Summer, goodbye." Quotations from this book are given below.

A little about the book

Before considering the quotes from "Summer, Goodbye,"It is necessary to get acquainted with the history of the creation of this work. This is the continuation of one of the most "mundane", "ordinary" creations - "Dandelion Wines". This book describes the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Douglas, who happened to him during the summer holidays.

In the continuation of the story R. Bradbury shares with his readers his childhood memories, which are filled with warmth and desire to fill life with vivid impressions. Quotations from "Summer, Farewell" differ surprising ease, in which simple words reveal the wisdom of life.summer farewell quotes

About life

You can quote a lot of quotes from "Summer, Goodbye," inwho talk about how to treat life. These books need to be re-read by adults so that they do not forget that life is amazing. "Life is given to us only for a time, use it while you can, and then let go of the tears."

The meaning of this quote is that one should appreciate everymoment, and when the time comes, do not regret anything. After all, somewhere new life is born. And do not worry about that all will ever end. Because because of these experiences, people can not enjoy life. But it is necessary to absorb all the colors of life, so that these memories warm you.goodbye summer Bradbury quotes

"Goodbye summer". Quotation about time

One of the key moments in this novel arethe relationship between children and the elderly. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the work contains arguments about time. "Hours! They poison and ruin life, shake a man out of a warm bed, drive him to school, and then to the grave!". Why is it that the watch is to blame for all of the above?

Because after all people, without being aware of it,live on a schedule, by the hour. And everything begins with kindergarten, school, and then - work. People forget about how it is: doing something when it's convenient for you, and not when the clock dictates. A person wants to keep up with the hour hands, so all the time somewhere in a hurry. And because of this, a person does not have time to stop and think about something important or just admire the wonderful moments. Therefore, sometimes you need to forget about the clock and just enjoy life.Ray Bradbury summer farewell quotes

About childhood

In this dilogy, Bradbury places a lot of spacereasoning about the age of childhood, so you can quote a lot from the book "Summer, goodbye." "Everyone knows the only truth that adults are children, just forget about it." In these books, the writer pays much attention to the inner world not only of children, but also of adults.

With this phrase, the writer calls on everyone not to forget aboutthe fact that within each one a child continues to live. He is interested in everything, I want to try a new one, I want to dream, and sometimes just run, without thinking about anything. But most adults do not want to admit this. But, in fact, to become an adult is not difficult, but to continue to be surprised, rejoice, remain sincere and direct - will have to try. This is difficult to do, always hurrying somewhere and thinking only about the problems. Adults need to remember more often that they always remain children.summer farewell quotes from the book

About fantasy

Of course, you need to quote from "Summer, Farewell"Bradbury about fantasy and books. After all, the writer remained a dreamer all his life, who saw something magical even in ordinary things. The grandfather of the protagonist had a library in which he liked to spend free time. For a boy, books are an opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely different world, hide from problems and find answers to many questions.

"It was enough to remove someand the dusk was no longer a dusk. "Often people are so obsessed with problems that they can no longer concentrate on anything and everything seems dull and gray to them, but the book allows you to move to another world, gives room for imagination. And in each there is something unique and amazing.And after you go to the world of dreams, in your life again there will be a place for light.quotes from the book of summer goodbye Ray Bradbury

About summer

Why was this time of the year chosen? Because it is on such a long vacation Douglas makes new discoveries. And there are many quotes from Ray Bradbury's "Summer, Farewell" about this time of year. "You know what kind of air?" Augustus came in. Good-bye, summer. " In August, it always gets a little sad: the school begins, the time of rains and cloudy weather is approaching, nature is preparing for winter. And it seems that at the end of the summer everyone is a little older.

Douglas was no exception: he became older not in that he ceased to be interested in life. He began to think more about the future. But even though the summer passes, in the autumn and winter it will be warmed by memories of the discoveries that the boy made on his vacation.

All quotes from Ray Bradbury's book "Summer, Goodbye"they have a special atmosphere, some kind of lightness, some kind of warmth. And in this there is nothing strange: after all, in these works the writer shared the most intimate - his childhood memories. Therefore, this dilemma fell in love with readers around the world, despite the fact that there is no hint of fantasy. And they talk about ordinary things that everyone knows. Perhaps, that is why this novel became known no less than other works of Bradbury.

This book allows a person to remember thatthere is a child inside of him. That sometimes you need to stop and allow yourself to enjoy life. So that later memories warmed people for many years.

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Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood Summer, goodbye: quotes, filled with warmth and childhood