"Sugar giant" - tomato of new breeding

The name of this tomato that speaks for itself is veryis justified. "Sugar giant" - tomato, the testimonies of which testify: a new variety, already loved by many gardeners, is quite promising and in demand. He conquered this fleshy fruit of both experienced and novice truck farmers. They all noted the excellent yield of the variety and the excellent taste of the fruit. They say about him: "That's really so: both sugar and giant." We'll get to know him better.

sugar giant tomato

The tomato variety is the "sugar giant"

Indeterminate middle aged varietytomato - the "sugar giant" - is equally successfully grown both in the open ground and under hothouse protection. Characteristic features of the variety are large-fruited, versatile, unpretentious in care and high resistance to traditional diseases of Solanaceae. Of course, the main advantage of the plant is the ability to produce large fruits with an average mass of up to 500 grams, which have excellent taste properties. But it is the considerable weight of the fruit that can play a bad joke: not always shoots can withstand the weight of ripening tomatoes, they can break down. Therefore, the plant needs special attention during the period of fruit filling.

Achieving a height of 1.2-1.5 m, the cultureforms a strong bush with a powerful stalk and an average number of leaves. "Sugar giant" is a tomato with an enviable yield. With 1 square. m experienced truck farmers remove 15-18 kg of fruit.


Tomatoes of this variety are round, sometimes slightly elongated. The color of ripened tomatoes is rosy red. The taste of fruits is remarkable - sweet, without sourness, which is due to the high content of sugars and lycopene.

"Sugar giant" - tomato salad, excellentfor consumption in fresh form, various salads and snacks, but suitable for processing. High sugar content and a low percentage of dry matter in fruit are the basis for obtaining high-quality juices and sauces.

sugar giant tomato отзывы

Cultivation: basic rules

"Sugar giant" is a tomato that does not have any special requirements, but, cultivating it in greenhouse conditions, it is necessary to remember some rules of agricultural technology:

  • At elevated temperatures (more than 32-35 ° C)pollen is sterilized and fruit formation is suspended. Therefore it is necessary to control the air temperature in the greenhouses, to arrange regular airing.
  • Plants are planted with a density of planting no more than 3 bushes per 1 sq. Km. m.
  • The bush is formed in one or two lashes.
  • Obligatory condition - the presence of supports and garters.
  • Watering tomato solely under the root, the plant completely does not accept sprinkling. The increase in humidity in the greenhouse above 70% can trigger the emergence of diseases that are very dangerous for tomato.
  • A qualitative fruit formation and a good harvest will require periodic feeding.

Let us examine in more detail each aspect of the listed conditions of agricultural technology.

How to plant?

Sow seeds in seedlings in the middle or in the endMarch, focusing on the climatic features of the region. With the advent of 2-3 real leaves in sprouts, they are dived in separate containers. A week later, the seedlings are fed with complex fertilizers with an increased content of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, while decreasing the dosage of the solution against the recommended dose by 2 times. Sprinkle the seedlings moderately. To prevent the extension of stems, control the light regime. 55-60 days - the maximum period of the seedling period.

sugar giant tomato photo

On a permanent place, the "sugar giant" is plantedat the end of May. Placing on 1 square. no more than 3 plants, the gardener creates optimal conditions for development: young tomatoes will not be constrained, free access to air stimulates the tying of fruits and reduces the possibility of diseases.

How to care?

Competent care for tomatoes is not burdensome andis to maintain the optimal temperature regime, proper watering, regular feeding and timely pasynkovanii plants. The most comfortable for tomatoes are daytime temperatures in the range 25-29 ° C, night - 18-20 ° C. "Sugar giant" is a tomato that is not afraid of drafts, therefore regular airing to it only serves good.

Water for irrigation should not be below 20-22 ° C, andwater plants should be in the morning or after sunset. It should be remembered that the intensity of watering increases during the filling of fruits.

The good development of tomato is influenced by regularapplication of fertilizers. The first fertilizing after planting the plant is introduced after 10-15 days: in a bucket of water, 30 grams of nitrofoss and 0.5 liters of the present Mullein are dissolved. After 10 days, tomatoes are fertilized again: a bucket of warm water - 30 grams of potassium sulfate and fertilizer "Fertility". This procedure should be repeated every two weeks.

Garter and pasynkovanie

"Sugar giant" - tomato, photo of whichplaced in the publication, is a powerful bush with impressively large fruits. Therefore, the presence of support for culture is necessary: ​​it helps to withstand the severity of ripening fruits. Tie the plant for the first time on the 5th-7th day after planting in a permanent place, and as it grows, the garter is repeated. Various devices can be used as supports. These are trellises, cords, and linear structures. It is important only that the supports and garters help the plant develop, rather than prevent or injure.Tomato Sugar Giant

Another important procedure in growing tomato -pasynkovanie, ie, the removal of shoots formed in the axils of the leaves. Initially determining one or two stems that will form a bush, you should carefully monitor the formation of stepchildren and clean them with a periodicity of 1-2 days, as they draw on a significant force of culture, and their uncontrolled formation thickens the planting and reduce yield. Remove stepsons, gently carving or breaking. Carry out such work better in the morning.

The councils are prepared taking into account the feedback of consumers who cultivate the variety for several years. Having planted this tomato once, it is already impossible to refuse it.

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