Stylish manicure on long nails

A manicure on long nails is a complex of manipulations and procedures that give the nails the desired appearance. It is always done the same way. The work ends with the application of a colored varnish and a fixative.

Implementation Scheme

In general, manicure on long nails, medium orshort is done according to one scheme. First of all, we remove the old varnish and the nail file, giving the plates a shape, focusing on their appearance. As a result, the tips of the nails should have been symmetrical, and their length is the same.

manicure on long nails

Now it's time for a warm bath, preferably withsea ​​salt. Remember how good your marigolds are after resting on the sea. Therefore, regularly arrange a holiday for them at home. For additional effect, add a drop of essential oil. And to moisturize and soften the cuticle, pour in a shower gel or liquid soap. If you do a manicure on long nails, then salt and essential oils are mandatory, for short and medium - depending on their strength.

manicure on long nailsAfter a 5-minute wait, check the woodenwith a stick, the cuticle moves away. Act neatly. Rinse the skin with manicure nippers. Try not to do it in one movement, so as not to capture more than necessary. If the skin does not coarsen, then you do not need to cut it off - just push and remove the cuticles from the nail. If necessary, use a remover (liquid for unedged manicure). Then wipe your fingers with a napkin and lightly sand with a special gentle nail file, which removes only the natural shine of the plate. We need a slightly matte surface. Preparatory work, we finished, we proceed to design.

Black manicure

First of all, the nails are protected with a base coat. It will not let the main lacquer harm them. Yes, and any colored cosmetic product will then lie down evenly. Next, apply a black lacquer. It is better if the nails are painted in two layers. The color will look more saturated, and the plate will become glossy and shiny.

black manicure on long nailsBlack lacquer is interesting for its versatility andexpressiveness. Especially effective, if you have a dark bracelet or a varnished belt. It is believed that a black manicure on long nails does not add an image of aggressiveness, if you give the plates a rounded shape.


To choose one, even the bright color of the nails, means to subordinate his wardrobe to him for the next week.

French manicure on long nailsWill get a colorful manicure. For example, one nail color is blue, the other - turquoise, and the companion to them will be white. It is necessary to alternate according to the scheme: 2 (head) + 2 (bir.) +1 (white). Or 2 + 1 + 2, 1 + 2 + 2 - for three colors of varnish and 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1, 2 + 1 + 1 + 1, 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 - for two. We combine similar or contrasting colors. If you take five colors, then you will have to select the palette, of course, more carefully.

French at home

Optimal French manicure on long nails inIts classic version: a pink nail and a white line of a smile. The main difficulty is to draw an even and maximally natural edge. You will need adhesive strips-stencils. We put the base, then the pink or beige varnish, and after complete drying we paste the strips, leaving the overgrown tip free. By stencil white lacquer applied easily and clearly, but you can do without them.

French manicure on long nailsVery popular in this season is the jacket, madeon the contrary. Act as follows: white lacquer is applied from the edge to the center of the nail, stopping roughly on the line of a smile. After drying, gently wipe off excess with a wide brush, dipping it into the liquid to remove the varnish. Then cover the nail with a fixative. This is enough, but you can paint the rest of the nail with a pink varnish, strictly from the border of the white edge. And only then apply a fixing layer. You can do a manicure on long nails in this technique, not only with a white and pink color. If the dress code of your company is not so strict, then combine the varnishes of your favorite shades, depending on the main scale of the wardrobe.

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