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With the advent of the child in the family, the life of his parents is changing radically. In adults, there is more concern and responsibility that cannot be measured. Among other preparations for receiving a newborn, parents have to decide on the choice of a baby carriage. Today, finding a suitable model will not be particularly difficult. It is only important to understand what is necessary for you and what means the family has.

Parents have the right to decide what is appropriate for them, based on the calculation of financial opportunities. Buying a stroller is an integral part of preparing for the appearance of the baby in the house. It is necessary not only to understand the current models on the market, but also to study their distinctive features. Independent choice implies full acceptance of responsibility.

capella s 803

Stroller Capella S 803 has several unique features that can not but delight customers.It will appeal to those who love luxury things and comfort. In most cases, it is chosen by their well-to-do babies for whom money is not a problem. The Capella S 803 WF stroller is lightweight, which makes it comfortable for daily and unforgettable walks. With it, you can easily go on a journey through the city, intending to get a vivid impression. Young mommy will not get tired, and the child will feel the same comfort and security. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of the Capella S 803 Siberia stroller. What are its distinctive features?


It is difficult to even imagine a more comfortable stroller to use. Capella S 803 is so attracted attention that it remains only to wonder how you can get past this truly wonderful invention. The child is very comfortable in the cradle and can not fall anywhere thanks to good fasteners. Sometimes you can watch from the side, as in such a stroller the baby safely sleeps during the whole walk. Nothing disturbs him, does not interfere with the serene sleep of the baby. A happy mommy can only rejoice at such a successful acquisition.

Original wheels

If you compare the product design with other analogues, the Capella S 803, of course, wins among them. The stroller is equipped with original rotating wheels, which in operation easily accept the direction of travel that is convenient for an adult. From the side of this feature looks very impressive. Inflatable wheels provide careful driving.

stroller capella s 803

Thus, the stroller goes on the asphalt gently, never gets stuck, does not create various inconveniences for the child, does not cause him a sense of psychological discomfort. The pump must include a pump for wheel inflation. This device is extremely necessary to use in order to use all the capabilities of the product.


The Capella S 803 stroller has other advantages that the consumer might like. I would like to particularly note the beautiful armrests that adorn this vehicle on the sides. It will be very convenient for the child to observe the world around, leaning with little hands on these devices.

capella s 803 siberia

The armrests are designed specifically to expand the view of the baby. So, a child of six months and older already gets the opportunity with what happens next to him. This advantage does not provide all baby strollers. A baby is extremely useful for the full development of contemplating the surrounding space. It is difficult to argue with what joy and pleasure it brings the crumbs.


Although most modern wheelchairs have this property, the presence of this device is never superfluous. In the pallet, you can store purchases from stores, if you have a habit of walking with your child, go to shopping centers and supermarkets. Also there you can put baby food, a bottle for drinking. In any weather, the child may need a juice, fruit puree or any other necessary things for a walk. Many mummies put everything that does not fit in their hands in a pallet. Do not forget that during the walk a spare diaper and a pack of wet wipes will probably come in handy.

Fabric upholstery

The stroller "Capella S 803 Siberia" is made in an amazing way. It has a fabric upholstery, which, if necessary, is easily removed. There is an opportunity to wash the material in a typewriter, and it will not lose its presentable appearance. Fabric upholstery has various colors.The consumer can choose the thing that best suits his taste. Many young mommies stop at models that emphasize their reverent attitude to the child - delicate pink, blue, turquoise.

capella s 803 reviews

When there is plenty to choose from, it certainly pleases. The more opportunities a wheelchair provides, the higher the likelihood that other consumers will pay attention to it. In order to decide on a purchase, it is necessary to carefully analyze the proposed advantages, weigh your financial possibilities.


The stroller of this company has a kind of hood, which is able to protect the baby from the weather. The creators of this thing very carefully thought out all the possibilities. They deliberately made the decision to ensure the absolute safety of the child. The frame that covers the top of the stroller is made in such a way that the headwind can not hurt the baby. If parents choose this model, then they will not have to treat their child especially often during periods of seasonal exacerbations of colds.

capella s 803 stroller

Simply known brand Capella S 803 has already taken care of this. Everything in the stroller is made for the true comfort of the child.In the conditions of modern reality, such an approach on the conscience is not often met. Making a purchase, you should not regret the money spent, because you get a guaranteed high-quality thing.

Cost of

The price for a stroller, which has a number of unique advantages, can not be minimal. This must be remembered, intending to make a purchase. The cost of Capella S 803 starts from ten thousand rubles and rises above. It is unlikely that in some stores it will turn out to buy goods cheaper. The average price usually reaches thirteen to fifteen thousand. I would like to note that taking into account its originality, such a cost is more than adequate.

Many people because of their financial capabilities and individual habits are trying to save literally everything. For them, the wheelchair will seem incomparably expensive. However, it is intended only for those who choose for themselves all the best. With a stroller Capella S 803 you will begin to teach your child to high-quality and beautiful things from infancy.

stroller capella s 803 wf

This is how the subtle taste and originality of thinking develops. The ability to create, to reason outside the box, creatively flows from a child's perception of reality.Stopping your choice on this model, parents will in every way contribute to the formation of a happy sense of self in their own children.


People who have already purchased the stroller of this famous brand, in most cases, are satisfied with the purchase. It seems to them a rational investment in convenience and quality. Design uniqueness is noted as an additional advantage. Among the most significant characteristics usually distinguish an incredibly high-quality assembly. The use of good, original materials contributes to the fact that such a thing can serve for years. If the child is not the only child in the family, then feel free to purchase Capella S 803. The reviews about this brand are very positive. For the second baby, you no longer need to buy another stroller. You can easily reuse the existing model.

stroller capella s 803 siberia

Rest assured, such a thing without prejudice to the appearance and functionality can stand for several years somewhere in the closet in anticipation of the appearance of a new family member. Safety of a carriage is guaranteed by manufacturers. It develops and does not take up much space. Of course, provided that it will be treated with care.

Instead of conclusion

Thus, acquiring a Capella S 803 stroller for your baby, you are investing in the future. To date, the most responsible parents are thinking about the question that they can give to their child. And this is the right approach! In an effort to provide the child with not just the necessary things, but with the best, the father and mother pass on to him the skills of achieving meaningful goals, they teach him to respect himself. In the future, a child who grew up on expensive accessories will not miss the emerging opportunities that life is actually so rich with.

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