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The stroller cane makes life much easier for parents, mainly due to its low weight. It is very convenient to take a light vehicle, which compactly folds up with just one hand, with you on a journey both by car and by plane. Today, manufacturers of products for children offer a wide range of canes. But before you go to the store, you must decide on the list of criteria that must be met by the children's vehicle.

First of all, pay attention to the weight of the model you like. On average, strollers weigh 6-8 kg. But you can find models of 5 kg. Look at the adjustment of the backrest. If parents plan to put the child to sleep in a stroller, a horizontal tilt must be provided. No less important selection criteria are maneuverability, the number and diameter of the wheels, the presence of seat belts.All this must be taken into account in order to choose a stroller-stick that is comfortable for both the child and the parents.

Rating the best vehicles present below. It was compiled taking into account the optimal ratio of price and quality and includes both models of well-known European manufacturers, as well as budget options of Chinese origin.

The leader of a rating - a carriage cane Cosatto Supa Pixelate

This model deservedly takes the first place in the premium segment. Thanks to the unique color solutions of the manufacturer, parents definitely won't go unnoticed while walking. But not only the stunning design will surely please mom. The main stroller-cane in the rating, according to experts and parents, is also well equipped. You can understand this by examining all the features of the model.

stroller walking stick rated

The stroller has the following characteristics:

  • weight - 8 kg;
  • 8 wheels (dual front and rear), which provides the necessary stability of the vehicle;
  • swiveling front wheels - for stroller maneuverability;
  • 4 levels of backrest adjustment;
  • large hood, completely covering the child;
  • cover on the feet with fleece insulation inside;
  • horizontal position for a comfortable sleep of the child while walking;
  • five-point straps with soft pads for safety;
  • adjustment of the handle and footboards for the child on height is provided;
  • there is a handle for carrying.

The wheels of the presented model are made of a special material that makes it easy to move it over any road surface. The stroller cane with a large hood is recommended for transportation of children from 6 months, but it will be comfortable for the newborn.

An important feature of the model is a small speaker, built into the pocket on the hood. You can put your player, phone or tablet in it to enjoy your favorite music for a walk or soothe your baby in this way, including relaxing songs.

Among the shortcomings, buyers noted the hood opening with a bang and the absence of a bumper. The price of the presented model is 19 thousand rubles.

Worthy 2nd place - Maclaren Techno XT

This stroller-stick also applies to the premium segment and, by the way, is very popular among celebrities. The price of the model is about 30 thousand rubles. And that is why the presented stroller-cane in the ranking takes only second place.

stroller walking stick for newborns

Note the characteristics of the model Maclaren Techno XT:

  • weighs 6.8 kg;
  • maximum load - 29 kg;
  • Infant-system for newborns - allows you to use the stroller directly from birth;
  • 4 pairs of twin wheels of high-quality rubber (only 8 pieces), which guarantees the softness of the course;
  • wheel diameter - 17 cm;
  • change of height of the handle and footboard.

The vehicle is equipped with a shopping basket and a raincoat with ventilated inserts. The back literally hand-movement takes one of four positions. Safety of the child in a carriage is provided by five-point belts. The manufacturer provides good shock absorption and maneuverability while driving. If the rating were made on the principle of which stroller-cane for newborns would fit perfectly, the presented model would invariably take the first position. Comfortable and restful sleep of the child will be guaranteed.

However, according to experts and customers, this model is not without flaws. First of all, there is no bumper. On the one hand, the stroller is designed for children weighing up to 29 kg, but it does not take into account that it will be difficult to keep such a child with the help of seat belts.The second drawback is high handles, which, despite the adjustment, will be inconvenient for parents with height below 163 cm.

Stylish and reliable Silver Cross Reflex - 3 place

Universal stroller-cane British production has a stylish design and high build quality. It is designed for children from six months to three years. However, due to the possibility of installing a special nest for newborns, it is possible to transport babies from birth, and the position of the handle can also be adjusted. In addition, the manufacturer provides the ability to install car seats on the chassis using special adapters that are included in the package. The maximum weight of a child who can be carried in a stroller is 25 kg.

stroller walking stick


  • weighs 8.5 kg;
  • chassis width - 61 cm;
  • 8 wheels (twin) of high-quality puncture-proof rubber;
  • belts - five-point;
  • adjustment of the handle and height of a step;
  • Visor made of waterproof fabric with UV protection;
  • case and rain cover in the configuration;
  • shopping basket.

Thanks to a full berth, the Silver Cross Reflex can be used as a walking stroller for newborns.Another nice feature is the presence of LED-lights, located on the sides and working in three modes: static, flashing and circular. The bumper, despite the fact that it folds together with the stroller, is not deformed. When unfolding it occupies the same position.

Seat 4 - Jetem Paris Stroller

One of the main advantages of the presented model is a small weight of only 6.5 kg. Lightweight stroller-cane "Zhetem" of this modification is perfect for walking with your baby from six months. The back is easily transformed into a horizontal position, which means that the child will be able to sleep in the fresh air. Despite the small wheels with a diameter of 20 cm, the presented vehicle has a relatively good maneuverability. For carrying the stroller when folded, a special handle is provided. The front wheels are equipped with a swivel mechanism that makes it easy to drive vehicles on any road.

Stroller-cane "Zhetem" is equipped with seat belts and a reliable bumper holding the child in the stroller. The hood is deep enough and drops directly to the bumper, even when the backrest is in a horizontal position.

The following models of the stroller Jetem Paris can be noted:

  • good maneuverability, which is provided by swivel wheels;
  • easy adjustment of the back with a strap;
  • comfortable bumper with a divider for the legs;
  • deep hood;
  • small weight;
  • height-adjustable handles;
  • big basket.

Among the drawbacks of the model, buyers have noted insufficiently good stability. To prevent the wheelchair from turning over, it is not recommended to leave the child in it alone for a long time and hang the bags on the handles. In general, it is a good and affordable model at the best price (9 thousand rubles).

BabyHit Rainbow - 5th place

Despite the fact that in appearance the presented model resembles a full-fledged pleasure vehicle, in fact it is a compact and lightweight stroller-cane. For traveling by car or flights, it fits perfectly. Its weight is only 7 kg. Lightweight frame made of durable aluminum alloy. A feature of the model is the different width of the chassis back and front. This ensures good maneuverability and throughput.

Characteristics of the stroller cane BabyHit Rainbow:

  • wheel diameter - 18 cm;
  • front wheels - single, swivel with lock;
  • dual rear wheels;
  • 3 backrest tilt;
  • three-point safety belts and a soft bumper with foot rest;
  • a raincoat, an anti-mosquito net and a spacious basket are included in the package.

Despite numerous advantages, customers found a number of serious drawbacks to this model. First, the handles of the stroller are low enough and not adjustable in height. Parents with growth above 170 cm will be very uncomfortable to manage such transport. Secondly, to fold the stroller with one hand does not work. Mom will first have to hand someone over to the child, and after that collect the transport. Thirdly, the foot cover, which is included in the package, is rather uncomfortable and small. It can be used except for children under the age of 1 year.

Seat 6 - Chicco Multiway Stroller

Practical and functional model for a long time occupied a leading position in the European market. Many still call the Chicco Multiway the lightest stroller, despite the fact that its weight is 7.7 kg, which is more than that of other vehicles presented above.

universal stroller walking stick

Features of the model:

  • eight twin wheels made of high-strength rubber with a tread, providing good grip on any road surface
  • roomy seat width of 33 cm and 5 positions of the backrest;
  • hood with sun visor, equipped with a viewing window on the back side and providing reliable protection from the sun;
  • wheels with shock absorption, which ensures a smooth and quiet running while driving;
  • hood removable;
  • adjustable footboard in two positions;
  • five-point belts.

The model is not without flaws. One of them are unregulated handles. To say that the stroller is suitable for high parents, just can not. It is designed for people of medium height. Before buying such a stroller, you need to measure whether it fits you in height. The main advantage of the model is the budget and affordable price. It should be a stroller from a well-known European manufacturer of about 11 thousand rubles, while the functional and other characteristics, it is not inferior to the more expensive options. Chicco Multiway is designed for those who choose quality, comfort and modern design.

Happy Baby Cindy - 7th place

Production of all children's products of this brand is organized in China. Despite this, the quality and functional characteristics of the stroller-cane Happy Baby Cindy is not inferior to the modern models of European brands. According to most parents, this is the ideal vehicle for a child from six months to three years, light and agile, which you can take with you on a journey and, moreover, to control it with one hand.

stroller walking stick happy baby

The stroller cane Happy Baby Cindy has the following important characteristics:

  • eight double plastic wheels, swiveling front wheels with locking;
  • chassis width is 48 cm;
  • wheels with a diameter of 15 cm;
  • folding mechanism - cane;
  • the manufacturer has provided a carrying handle;
  • seat width is 31 cm;
  • 3 backrest positions, including horizontal;
  • safety belts - five-point;
  • deep sun visor;
  • cup holder and rain cover included;
  • weighs 7.3 kg.

If you take into account customer reviews, the stroller of the presented model can be called almost an ideal vehicle in terms of price and quality. It is worth Happy Baby Cindy about 6 thousand rubles, which is quite a bit when you consider that it has almost all the necessary functionality.

Among the drawbacks can be noted only the handle unregulated in height and the insufficient length of the berth. A child above 80 cm will be uncomfortable to sleep, as his legs will hang down. The maximum weight for which the stroller is designed is 15 kg.

Baby Care GT4 - 8th place

A high-quality and inexpensive stroller is distinguished by a spacious and comfortable sleeping place, a large shopping basket and a deep hood, which with one hand movement turns into an awning from the sun. The cover on legs and a raincoat is included in the package for this model.

stroller walking stick baby care

The stroller cane Baby Care GT4 has the following characteristics:

  • weight - 10 kg;
  • maximum load - 18 kg;
  • the width of the front chassis is 46 cm, and the rear is 56 cm;
  • step and back adjustable, have 3 positions;
  • telescopic handles are adjustable in height, which allows the use of the stroller for parents of any height;
  • soft bumper;
  • viewing window on the hood;
  • 4 rubber wheels with shock absorbers, providing a soft and quiet ride;
  • front wheels with a diameter of 16 cm are swivel with the possibility of fixation in one position;
  • rear wheels with a diameter of 18 cm.

For the safety of the baby, the presented model is equipped with five-point seat belts. Bumper, if necessary, can be removed.However, since it is soft, the Baby Care GT4 cane stroller folds easily with it. In general, for a model worth only 10 thousand rubles, the characteristics are very good.

Many buyers consider the weight of the stroller to be a disadvantage. Although the same time other parents consider it worthy, because thanks to this the vehicle is more stable and does not fall aside with the slightest breath of wind.

Stroller cane Peg-Perego Si - 9th place

Despite its elegant and stylish appearance, this model is quite stable. In the rating, the stroller-cane could easily have taken a higher position, if not for the rather high price (17 thousand rubles) with characteristics similar to other vehicles. Many parents consider this cost to be clearly too high.

Features of the stroller Peg-Perego Si:

  • weighs 7 kg;
  • 4 plastic wheels (front with a diameter of 16 cm, rear - 18 cm);
  • removable bumper;
  • seat belts;
  • mesh viewing window on the hood;
  • spring type damping for all wheels.

The carriage cane with lying situation is ideally suited for walks with the baby age over 6 months.Due to cushioning, it travels smoothly along any road, and the front swivel wheels provide the necessary maneuverability. One of the advantages of the stroller is a spacious shopping basket.

The presented model is decomposed very quickly and easily. Handles are anatomical, comfortable and height adjustable. The manufacturer has a large selection of colors (13 colors).

In the package for the stroller, despite the impressive cost, nothing is included, but it is possible to install a car seat, purchase a cup holder and a raincoat. You can also buy a universal mosquito net and organizer bag. In general, it is a comfortable vehicle for the child and parents, suitable for walking and traveling, but at an inflated price.

Place 10 - stroller-cane ZVA Light New

The presented model is specially created for those parents who appreciate the ease and maneuverability. To drive such a vehicle can be literally with one hand. This is achieved thanks to the front swivel wheels and the light weight of the model (4.1 kg). The lightweight stroller travel cane folds easily and does not take up much space in a car or plane. It is the most convenient to carry at any distance.

stroller cane zva

Characteristics of the model:

  • 8 double plastic wheels with a diameter of 12 cm;
  • chassis width - 45 cm;
  • maximum load - 16 kg;
  • hood, adjustable in two positions;
  • removable bumper;
  • the presence of a handle for carrying;
  • five-point seat belts with soft pads.

The easiest stroller cane costs only 1,800 rubles. But it took the last place in the rating by chance, since it has a number of significant drawbacks:

  • the back is unregulated, fixed in one position;
  • visor-awning weakly closes the child from the sun;
  • the fabric is not removed, which does not allow to erase the vehicle when such a need arises;
  • lack of shopping basket;
  • unregulated step.

The manufacturer proposes to use the presented model for children from 6 months to three years, and in fact it is intended for kids over 1 year of age who sit well and confidently. Despite all the shortcomings, buyers consider the ZVA Light New to be one of the best for traveling and traveling in public transport.

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