The story "Antonov apples" (Bunin): a summary

It so happened that I. Bunin spent half his life away from his homeland. But he was always worried about the past and the future of Russia. The work of Bunin "Antonov apples" was written in 1900. But echoes can be found in later stories and novels of the writer.

In the autumn

The narrative is in the first person. The hero recalls a measured and calm life on the estate. A special feeling is caused to him by a forever remembered fragrance carried in the air. This smell Antonov apples. Bunin notes how many of them were in the Tarkhan gardens. The men, chewing apples with a crunch, poured them into carts, then to carry them to the fair.

Thinned autumn garden. Through it you can see the road to the hut, where the middle-class residents settled for the summer. Here, as Bunin notes, Antonov apples smell especially strongly. In the hut bed, a gun, a samovar. And next to all sorts of boxes and earthen oven, which cooked delicious kulesh.

Sometimes, at night, he would walk through the garden and be at the hut. Petty bourgeois Nikolai does not sleep - not allowed. A short conversation begins. And when there is silence, he will raise a single track and shoot into the air. And then a long time, until the earth begins to swim under their feet, looks at the starry sky. And only when it becomes cool and rosy, runs to the house. With such warm memories fills the story "Antonov apples" Bunin.

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She turns around on weekends at the hut. Well-dressed burghers and “masterly” people gather. The old-age man, resembling a Kholmogory cow, stands out. Braids, "horns" are laid on the sides of the head and covered with scarves. On the legs - half boots with horseshoes. She herself is dressed in a plush sleeveless top and decorated with gold to move. Few such ones are left, notes Ivan Bunin.

The story "Antonov apples" continues the description of the lively trade, which is conducted by a cheerful tradesman and his half-idiot brother, who is luring customers with jokes and playing harmonica.

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Another memoir of the writer is associated with the settlements, through which he passed, going on a hunt. It was a strong, rich village. During the autumn holidays, she was transformed.And if the year was fruitful, then its fields looked like a golden city.

Old residents Vyselok, white and tall, always aroused delight, says Bunin. Antonov apples are ominous or something else was the cause, but many of them numbered about a century. The author cites a conversation with Pankrat, who did not even remember how old he was, but it turned out that there were at least a hundred. The old man stood before the master, stretched out, and smiled apologetically, saying that he had healed in this world. Yes, and he died not from the ailment, but simply gorged himself onions. His old woman was just as strong, who often, thinking, sat on a bench and shook her head. Probably about his good, it is hard, but he was typed a lot in chests, the gossipers did. She even bought a shroud and a stone for her grave.

Muzhik court

Under the owners were in Vyselki and at home, writes further Bunin. “Antonov apples” (the brief content of this particular story you are reading now) shows how men lived here shortly before. Large brick house, built by his grandfather. Full of all good barns with an iron door. Beehives with bees. Filled with threshing floor. A special pride was the stallion-hairy. And everything was kept in a strict order.This picture more than once caused the desire to become a peasant from the author of the story “Antonov apples”. Bunin imagined how wonderful it is to work in the field on weekdays. And on holidays, waking up with the sun, wash, put on a fresh shirt and go with the beautiful wife to the parish. And after enjoying lamb, honey and Braga visiting the father-in-law.

Bunin Antonov apples summary

Old World well-being

Life was no less attractive in the estate, Bunin continues his story. "Antonov apples" (we continue the brief summary after the author) acquaint the reader with the estate of Anna Gerasimovna, the writer's aunt. Before her, from the Village was twelve miles. This path along the desert road caused a special joy. The sky is spacious. The rolled road glitters in the sun. Fresh ozimi, from which the hawk will suddenly fly up, are spread widely. Telegraph poles sitting on them Kobchikov run into the distance.

Finally, the manor itself appears. The abundance of small, but durable, oak logs and buildings is striking. Already old servants are peeking out of the people, who take off their hats and bow. At the head of the courtyard is a squat master's house, covered with a straw-blackened from time to time roof.His facade, notes Bunin in the story “Antonov apples”, always seemed to him alive and resembled a face. And on the pediment usually sat pigeons, who felt comfortable here. Next to the house was a neglected garden, famous for apples, doodles, and nightingales. The estate itself was surrounded by vines and birches, which also grew for no less than a hundred years.

In the master's house it was always cool and dark because of the garden and the colored glass. Everything is clean and in place. Having entered the rooms, the person first of all felt in the air all the same, recalls Ivan Bunin, Antonov apples. And only then he recognized the smell of mahogany and linden flowers, which had been drying on the windows all summer. Here comes to the guest Anna Gerasimovna in a Persian shawl, important and affable. Talk about antiquity begins, and treats appear on the table in large numbers.

Ivan Bunin Antonov apples

Autumn takes over

In late September, it usually began to rain. The wind broke the branches of the trees, and the sky was covered with low leaden clouds. Sometimes the rays of the sun pierced through them, which glittered on wet foliage. You stand in such weather by the window, the author writes, and you think: “Maybe it will be fine”.After such a bashing, the garden remained almost without foliage, but in clear weather it looked calm and stately.

From the beginning of October, the warm days began again. They kept to the first frost and marked the beginning of the hunt. The hero went to the estate of his brother-in-law, Arseny Semyonych. In his big house, full of light and tobacco smoke, a lot of people gathered.

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After a hearty lunch, everyone discusses the upcoming hunt. And here are the sounds of horns and barking dogs. Arseny Semenych comes out of the office and shoots towards his beloved greyhound, who eats the remains of hare from the table. The dog rushes away with a shriek, and the owner bursts with a ringing laugh, recalls an episode from the past life of Bunin.

"Antonov apples" (a brief summary of the episode of the hunt below) introduces the reader to the traditional way of life of the local nobles. And although some of the estates are still preserved, the author, unfortunately, no longer saw the former magnificence. Then all the noisy band headed into some ravine with a loud name. A heated horse snorts and moves easily through rustling leaves. One dog yelled, another one followed her ... Then a shot was heard ... And now it started away ... The cry of "Beware!" Picks up each one, and the horse is already racing at full speed.Gradually, the noise calms down, and it seems that you have fallen into reserved places, where silence reigns and smells of dampness, mushrooms, and wet bark.

Bunin Antonov apples

In the evening, when it gets cold, the hunters tumble toward some bachelor landowner. The lights are lit, and the house immediately comes to life. Sometimes in one estate, hunting lived for several days. In the morning everyone went to the field or to the forest, and in the evening, tired and dirty, they would return. We walked around the room with pleasure and shared our impressions or leaned over the mouth of a dead wolf lying here in the middle of the hall. And when they went to a soft bed, mottled dogs still flashed before their eyes, and the body did not leave the sensation of jumps and fatigue. Finally, a sweet, healthy sleep swept the man, and he forgot about everything in the world.

Peace and yearning for the departed

And it happened, he would sleep for the whole day and be left alone in an empty house. This time causes the author no less pleasant memories. At first he lies in bed for a long time and listens as the janitor melts the stove. Then he wanders through the already winter garden and suddenly he finds an apple. It seems unusually tasty and not like all the others. Finally, he climbs into the library and gladly re-reads books in thick leather-bound books.They suggest the thoughts of beautiful girls and women with aristocratic-beautiful heads, long eyelashes and sad-tender eyes. The portraits hanging on the walls remind of them.

Small local life

The time has changed. And now Anna Gerasimovna and Arseny Semyonitch were replaced by noblemen who were impoverished to poverty. But their lives are good in their own way, Bunin writes.

“Antonov apples” (the content of the last part of this story takes the reader to the world of the new manor) introduces the changes that have occurred in the village. Again, deep autumn. The hero, frozen and hungry, returns to the estate. He sits down by the stove and looks at the fire for a long time, then at dusk that is gathering outside the window. Then he listens to human songs of girls who chop cabbage. And sometimes he goes to visit some small landowner.

The latter rises early. He orders to put a samovar, and he goes to the barn and looks at the field for a long time. Glorious day will be for hunting! And in Riga, they have already begun to thresh. The barin is watching the workers, and he is still looking at the field - waiting for a sticking-out.

Antonov apples Bunin

And here is the first snow! But no greyhounds. A real hunt begins only with hounds, in the winter.And again, small landlords gather on the hunt. All day long disappear in the fields, and in the evening they drink for the last money.

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