Stopproblem (disguising pencil): reviews

We all want to look perfect. To do this, we acquire good cosmetic means, we follow the food, we are in the open air. What can upset more than the herpes suddenly appeared on the skin of the face? It not only spoils all aesthetics, but also greatly worsens the appearance.

Stopproblem - masking pencil. He effectively copes with herpes and improves skin condition.

Feeling of discomfort

Many of us are concerned about the fact that to disguiseHerpes is impossible. Therefore, all the surrounding people seem to concentrate their attention on this place. Although in reality the situation can be quite different, because each person has his own problems.

Particularly upsetting the various treating ointments, after application of which in the problem area appears shine. Thus, this place seems to increase visually.

Everyone who suffers from herpes knows,how unpleasant is the sensation of tingling in the affected area. Therefore, at the first signs of the onset of herpes, one should immediately take advantage of a good remedy. Do not wait until the problem area increases in size. It is necessary to have at hand a useful tool and with the first unpleasant sensations to apply it to the skin. Thus, it is possible to prevent the development of infection.

masking pencil

Salicylic pencil

One of the optimal solutions in this caseis a salicylic pencil. This remedy is used for treating problem areas of the skin, has masking and antibacterial properties. Salicylic acid promotes cleavage of the sebaceous secretion of the skin. At the same time, there is drying out, elimination of dead cells, and the appearance of additional problems is simply excluded.

When the first symptoms of herpes should be used masking pencil. The reviews confirm that the active ingredients included in the composition prevent the development of the disease in the future.

Pencil from Stopproblem

There is a wonderful tool in whichthe action of salicylic acid is supplemented by other important components. Thanks to the masking pencil Stopproblem, it becomes possible to hide the problem areas. In this case, inflammation is suspended, due to the presence of active components that are present in the composition of the drug.

Masking pencil created by cosmeticlaboratory of SM-Michel. It is sold in pharmacies at a price of 170 rubles. That is, the pencil does not burden the budget of a person suffering from herpes. Although at the occurrence of such a problem, there rarely arise thoughts about the price of the drug. I want to solve the problem as soon as possible.

masking pencil reviews

Other components

Included in the composition of the oil is an AustralianSandalwood is a powerful antiseptic. It is used in the treatment of skin infections, while eliminating inflammation and relieving pain. Usually, these are problems caused by streptococci and staphylococci. Particularly effective component is combating viruses Herpes Simplex Viruses I and II. It is 50 times more effective than tea tree oil.

Extracts of sage and celandine have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. These components relieve skin irritation.

Aloe vera gel contains vitamins, bioactive substances, polysaccharides. In doing so, it has healing, tonic and antibacterial effects.

Bisabolol is a bioactive ingredient. For him, there is a calming and antiseptic effect. Also, the component effectively fights against inflammatory processes, removing them.

Customer Reviews

A masking pencil is very useful for problems with the skin. In the reviews advise with its help to dry and hide the inflamed places.

It is not always possible to eliminate the internal problem withusing external influences, but you can disguise redness. The product has a fatty texture, does not wither, it is well spread. Due to these qualities, there are no clear boundaries from its application.

In the reviews it is recommended to use a masking pencil in this way:

  1. Apply as much as possible.
  2. Wait a few minutes.
  3. To feather.

salicylic masking pencil

Positive opinions

A masking pencil for the face can be used not only for its intended purpose. In addition to combating herpes, the remedy is struggling with skin problems. Pencil has these characteristics:

  1. Good lays down.
  2. Makes the skin velvety.
  3. Ideal for light skin.
  4. Does not attract attention after application.
  5. Helps to cope with herpes.

Focusing on the cost of the means, many girls do not expect a significant result. This is completely in vain, because the quality of cosmetics does not always match its price.

Masking pencil is convenient to use at night. A greasy texture when first used also suggests that there should not be a significant effect from it. But everything happens completely the other way round, because the pencil perfectly desiccates the inflammation.

The product is convenient for use at night or undermakeup. This is told in the reviews of the girl who liked the pencil. If the product is combined with the color of the skin, it is easy to forget about where it was applied.

stopproblem masking pencil

Negative opinions

After buying a pencil, the customers may be unhappy for the following reasons:

  1. Unpleasant color.
  2. Lack of strength at the rod.
  3. Appearance on the skin of reddish divorces.

In addition, only 2 shades are available for sale. The first is positioned as light. But in fact it is grayish pink. And he, at first glance, is perceived by many girls as rather unpleasant.

masking face pencil

Application features

Using absolutely any tool canmake it more pleasant and effective. For this it is quite enough to get acquainted with the opinions of those who have already acquired it. Often the girls leave useful comments, give good advice:

  1. Apply the product more preferably on moistened skin. After all, the available peeling during use is very noticeable.
  2. The undoubted advantage of a pencil is its ability to make the skin dull. It is best to first use a moisturizer.
  3. Very convenient tube size. It's easy to put in any bag. Its shape resembles a lipstick. The consistency of the remedy is the same.
  4. Salicylic masking pencil is often purchased by girls suffering from skin inflammations.

It can be concluded that the ladies found anothera wonderful destination for a pencil. Although the manufacturer, he was originally conceived as a means to combat herpes. In this case, the pencil fully justifies its value. It is noteworthy that many clients use it as a masking tool. Although the direct purpose is to combat herpes. About the color, many customers expressed negative, but note a fairly noticeable drying. The skin of the face becomes healthier, the pimples disappear. As a result, the mood rises.

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