Stone aventurine: color, variety, magical properties, who is suitable

Since ancient times, people relied onprotective and strengthening functions of a variety of subjects, called amulets, amulets, talismans. Often using in this role, colored, noble stones, the emergence of which is imbued with legends of different peoples.

Gemstone stones were widely used as amulets, because of their rarity they became precious. In addition to amulets, they are often used in various jewelry. One of them is aventurine.

Aventurine gemstone

Aventurine is one of the varieties of quartz withtiny scattered inclusions of mica and other minerals, with a flickering glint. Depending on the place of formation, each gem has its own color, depending on the natural components and environment of education.

aventurine color

For different peoples the gem had its own names,caused by appearance, use and attached to magical properties. In Russia it was called the goldsmith, in other localities it was a golden stone, a spark, and in China it was called a love stone and an imperial one, an imperial seal was made of it, before it they bowed.

Aventurinom he began to be called in Italy, which in translation means "a fun adventure, adventure."

Properties of stone

This opaque mineral, brilliant as ifglass, with white impregnations perfectly polished. On the scale of Mohs hardness, in which the diamond occupies the absolute 10th position, aventurine varies from 6 to 7, to the consideration - steel, depending on the alloy, varies from 5.5 to 7.5 on this scale. Being quite solid, it is at the same time fragile.

aventurine stone properties

Gem in its structure is refractory and badit dissolves in acid, in addition to mica, it sometimes contains iron minerals. In nature, the varieties of aventurine differ in color, depending on the incoming constituents and the place of prey, which affects the magical qualities.

Color and magical properties

The gamut of colors of aventurine is quite diverse. They are found in the nature of the following colors and shades: white, pink, orange, red with white, cherry, green, blue, yellow, black. Each of them is exceptional in its constituent substances, which exert a peculiar influence on the owner, depending on the shade. Therefore, everyone needs to find a stone of their own color, initially knowing which flowers are aventurine.

White.It looks not quite white, but rather with randomly scattered strips of golden color on a white background.

Pink.Due to the amount of iron in the stone in sufficient color for color, it turns pink. Symbolizing love, bestows upon it to create a solid family and meet the sweetheart (s).

Orange.Helps in business and trading operations, in everything connected with money.

Red and white.Unique coloring mineral, reminiscent of marblebecause of the mixed white and red spots, laid out in a beautiful and unique pattern. Prevents disease, helps in the discovery of the ability to create.

Brown (cherry color).In a significant amount for coloring, hematite givescolor with a red ebb that resembles a cherry. Its extraordinary shade and attractiveness distinguish it from all the colors of aventurine, what it is. The stone gives peace through faith in oneself and determination. Helps to see their creative potential talents and develop them. It favors the vision of its path and the destination associated with it, which allows it to follow it unhindered, through all the traps and alterations.

aventurine magical properties of stone

Green.Got the additional name of fuchsite, inthe honor of the famous mineralogist I.N. von Fuchs, a native of Germany, the stone is rich in chrome, so it is colored green. Spilled all over the area of ​​a piece of mica gives him a beautiful green sparkling twinkle. He attracts financial resources, giving success in this area of ​​activity: the discovery of sources of income, winnings, growth in service, professional progress.

 aventurine green stone

Blue.Bottomless blue gem color with whiteSparks scattered everywhere, gives him extraordinary beauty and greatness. Helps build relationships with the outside world, build relationships, develop sociability. Useful for daily activities related to oratory and mass communication.

Yellow (honey).Honey yellowness is obtained from potassium mica inlarge number. In appearance, the polished surface is really like honey. Provides physical and moral support in the experience of difficult situations and circumstances, restores vivacity after hard work. Cleansing the mind of every negative, calms it.

aventurine blue stone

Features of black gem

A special stone is black,It is distinguished by the coloring from the whole gamut of aventurine colors, and properties, and influenced by the owner. The gem of black color is the most solid, strong and massive. It differs from stones of another color in that it should be worn with great care to all the signs of the zodiac. Its radiated power negatively affects the psychological state, causing mental disorders.

what colors is aventurine

Then the question arises:who are suitable for the properties of the stone aventurine of black color and who can use its power without fear of becoming insane? Only very strong-willed people who own the emitted gem force, which can not be influenced by it. The stone looks like stars scattered in the night sky.

Healing properties

Healers, engaged in stone therapy,evidence of the presence of medicinal properties of aventurine, its favorable effect on the nervous system, except for the black aventurine, the color of which can excite the psyche of a person, leading to mental distress. The stone of other shades stabilizes the emotional background, normalizing the dream.

Mineral has a beneficial effect on the skin, eliminatingfrom pathologies with constant wearing and applying to affected areas. Its healing qualities extend to the circulatory and digestive systems, respiratory organs, relieve thyroid problems, for which it is desirable to wear it in the form of beads or pendants.

 varieties of aventurine

The stone aventurine green eliminatesa headache and develops memory, yellow color - promotes the excretion of stones, favorably affecting in urolithiasis. When worn in the form of a ring, it removes excess fluid from the body and relieves excess weight.

This mineral is not for permanent wearing, aftertherapeutic effect is removed. Wearing for more than a month can lead to an imbalance of internal energies, since not all body systems need excessive activity and rapid processes. Instead of good, it can be harmful. The best time to wear is a waning moon. The peak radiation of medicinal properties in the year falls on September.

Magical properties

The healing properties of the stone are closely related tomagical properties of aventurine, endowing its owner with success, activity in life, strength, protecting from negative influence from the outside and disasters. A brilliant, reflecting surface of the processed mineral drives away all negative messages from the outside, returning them back to the senders.

Not all fit this gem, sometouching it can bring failure and harm. The impact on personality depends on the color of aventurine, each color has its own specific properties of character. There are certain common qualities belonging to all the colors of aventurine. The instability of character, down to levity, is due to the direct connection of the stone with the Moon, which affects all life on the Earth, depending on the phase.

The influence of celestial bodies is closely correlated with the datebirth, exactly up to an hour. Wearing and using a gem in the treatment is contraindicated to some signs of the zodiac, otherwise contact should be limited. The question of who suits the property of an aventurine stone is answered by astrology.

Aventurine in astrology

According to astrology, the magic properties of the stoneAventurine is beneficial for some signs of water and land. Just do not contact him constantly. Taurus is ideally suited for the blue aventurine stone, it will bring into their life solemnity with romance. Virgo will find in the gem sensuality and kindness.

Representatives of aerial signs it is betterto use only as a pendant, in cases of life, when his help will come in handy, in the accomplishments, accompanied by events happening for the first time. The first feeling, the kiss, the first step to anything. Opening a business, for example.

Born under the sign of the elements of fire to contactwith it you can not, otherwise you can destroy your whole life, you should not even try on it. Their egocentrism, activity and emotionality, intensified by the influence of the properties of aventurine, will develop into harshness and cockiness, flavored with hysteria. Inside resentment and disappointment.

Amulets and amulets

Of those possessing magical properties of stonesFrom time immemorial aventurine made various amulets and amulets. This is not surprising, having beauty and influence on a person, he inspires creativity. With reasonable use, according to the prescriptions, it brings success and fortune. Develops leadership qualities. Stones are worn in different jewelry and created amulets.

aventurine colors and properties

Aventurine is ideally suited boldly forward,in the unknown, admiring the constant changes, fully met with humility all the vicissitudes of fate. Too emotional and unable to control emotions is better to avoid, the force radiated by the stone will further aggravate excessive excitability, leading to fury and rabies.

Natural stones and fakes

Before purchase, it is necessary to take into accountimportant for wearing and treating the fact of the origin of the mineral. He appeared in nature or artificially grown, or even a fake of colored glass. Artificially it was learned to receive Venetian masters, although the lost method was known even before BC. e. in ancient Egypt.

aventurine color

When you understand something badly, it's easierall in place of the gem formed in nature, grown in artificially created conditions stone. In order not to become a victim of scammers, you should always remember what flowers are aventurine in nature and most often. For example, a stone of blue color is the least common, but it is forged more often than others.

How to distinguish a fake from a genuine mineral

Counterfeits are mostly unnaturally bright,Natural stones for all its sparkle give mattness. Shiny ones are made from molten glass, into which the micro-grinder is added evenly, constantly stirring, like cooked gruel porridge.

To the distinctive properties of a genuine stonerefers to its strength, when carrying on glass, a trace will remain on the glass, and if you try to scratch the stone with glass, nothing will come out. Carefully look at the shape of the inclusions and their distribution on the surface. In a mineral of natural origin, the inclusions are mostly of irregular shape and are arranged in a measured manner.

Clearly, it makes no sense to acquire a mineral of unnatural origin, it, lacking in strength and qualities, will become a simple glass.

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