Steroids for muscle growth and growth hormones

In the 1960s, thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger and other athletes, the world learned what bodybuilding is. Repeated holder of the title "Mr. Olympia"steroids for muscle growthfamous in the cinema, created a whole cult of the body. Iron Arnie embodied in reality images of heroes of ancient Greek myths, epics and legends. Since then, steroids for muscle growth have gained popularity, since without them it is impossible to achieve such proportions.

Principle of work of anabolic

Modern steroids per mass are divided into two types. Some of them are produced in the form of tablets and are intended for oral administration, while the other part is injected. Both these types accelerate the synthesis of protein, reduce the effect of cortisol, accelerate metabolic reactions, allow more efficient burning of fat, and also reduce the recovery time of the body after training. Steroids for a set of muscle mass can increase body weight by five kilograms or more in less than a month, which in natural conditions can not be done.

Common drugs

drugs for muscle growthThe most popular steroids for muscle growth onthe world market - these are oral medications, such as "Dianabol". Despite the presence of many critical reviews about it, it remains one of the most effective in increasing body weight. True, its main drawback is the rapid rollback of the results. Such drugs for muscle growth as "Turinabol" and "Testosterone Etanth" are often used in single courses. The first steroid is used orally, despite this, it is safe enough for the liver and kidneys. True, such steroids for muscle growth like "Turinabol" suppress the production of their own testosterone. Courses of "Testosterone ethanate" last from 11 to 13 weeks. Along with these drugs should also use "Tamoxifen" after the last injection of steroids to cleanse the body.

Hormones of growth

In addition to steroids that exert a directinfluence on the sex hormones of man, there are also such drugs as "Jintropin" and "Ansamon." These peculiar steroids for muscle growth cause regeneration of muscle cells, which are not reproduced in the home. In other words, if conventional drugs increase muscle tissue, then growth hormones create new muscle fibers. Growth hormones also allow fat to be burned during the recruitment of muscle mass, which is unattainable without their use. The cost of such drugs is quite high. For one course the athlete will have to pay from 70,000 rubles. To minuses of hormones it is possible to carry influence on shchitovidku which can entail a diabetes. Therefore, the course should include injections of insulin. He, in turn, at the wrong dosages can entail hyperglycemic coma.steroids by weight


On the side effects of anabolics written a lot,even too much, we advise you to use steroids if you took this responsibility, only under the guidance of a professional trainer and under the supervision of a competent physician in matters of sports medicine. Despite the fact that part of the side effects of drugs are reversible, if they are misused and overused, there is a chance of a change in the hormonal background and even death.

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Steroids for muscle growth and growth hormones Steroids for muscle growth and growth hormones Steroids for muscle growth and growth hormones Steroids for muscle growth and growth hormones Steroids for muscle growth and growth hormones