State of Decay: how to stay in the game?

In recent years, movies, TV shows, books andeven computer games swept the real zombie fever. Everyone began to create works about the living dead, about the zombie apocalypse and groups of survivors who are fighting with crowds of zombies for their lives. It would seem that the theme should have lost its relevance, but everything is quite different, at least in the gaming industry.

state of decay

State of Decay is a game that once againproved that the zombie apocalypse has not bothered anyone yet. Here you will have to become one of the survivors in the open world, populated by living dead. The game does not represent a shooter, rather, a survival simulator, because you have to build shelters, cooperate with other participants, find those who are in trouble, to increase the strength of the group and, accordingly, the chances of survival. However, many users ask the same question about the State of Decay: how to be saved in this game? Let's talk about this in this article.

Problems with saving

If we talk about the State of Decay, "How to be saved?"is one of the most popular questions on gaming forums.Many gamers are indignant about why they fail to record progress Someone blames this pirate version, somebody has problems with the game cache.Naturally, in special cases it can be cause, but in fact everything is much simpler.The fact is that you do not have the ability to manually make saves in the State of Decay.How to persist in this case? This will be discussed further.

System of conservation in the State of Decay

state of decay

It is not known what the developers thought whencreated this project and implemented a specific system of conservation in it. Perhaps they wanted to bring the events on the screen closer to reality, but they did not succeed very well. The system of saves irritates most players of the State of Decay. How to stay in this survayval? You can not do this manually, but the game automatically records what is happening at certain moments. It does not create backup copies, that is, you just move on the history, and if in ten minutes you decide that you did something wrong - threw the wrong item from the inventory or went the wrong way, you can only return to the last automatic saving , which already does not help you. Because of this, in the State of Decay, the passage becomes much more complicated, not entirely justified. You can put up with it or take action.

Using third-party software

state of decay game

It's time for change.If you are not comfortable with how the State of Decay game keeps your progress, you can take it in your hands. To do this, you need to download special software that will automatically create backup copies for you. Perfectly suitable program DropMe, which you can easily configure yourself. You will need to specify the saves file that lies in the game folder, a separate folder in which the backups will be placed, and the frequency of the scan. If you set the frequency to 60 seconds, then every two minutes the program will check if the save file has changed, and if this happens, copy this version to a separate folder so that you have all your progress history at hand.

Use of the modification

Naturally, gamers did not sit around and do notlooked at the problem from the side. Quite quickly, a modification was created for the game, which allows you to save yourself. The use of mod is very simple: you only need to know two keys and the folder where it writes the files. When you press the F5 button, you will save the progress in a specific place, and when you press F9 - load the save. In the second case, you have to select the folder in which the mod recorded your progress, there to pick up the file that interests you, and load the game from a specific moment.

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State of Decay: how to stay in the game State of Decay: how to stay in the game State of Decay: how to stay in the game State of Decay: how to stay in the game State of Decay: how to stay in the game