It would be very surprising to hear fromhousewives, that she will object to the appearance on her modern and equipped with the latest technology kitchen dishwasher. The device is simply necessary for significant relief work. Elemental calculation of the amount of time, effort and nerves spent on daily washing up of dishes, not to mention the past major celebrations with a significant number of invited guests, speaks clearly in favor of the machine. Add here the effect of detergents on the skin of your hands, saving these same funds for quality washing and the costs of water itself. It is worth pondering, on what we all the same save. The decision will be unambiguous and quite obvious - with the machine for this procedure the costs will be much less! But the question arises - how to choose the dishwasher in the best way?

The main types of dishwasher systems are the problem of choice

To the main groups of dishwashersmachines of industrial and domestic use. In the groups of the machine, you can divide it into a standalone and embeddable type. The latter can have both an open and fully integrated control and monitoring panel. In order to answer the question of how to choose a dishwasher, first of all, you need to look around in your kitchen and clearly imagine the location of the future assistant in the already formed or future kitchen design. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the style of your kitchen furniture in order to successfully fit the dishwasher into the configuration of the kitchen set.

Standards for dishwashers are the mostpopular brands ARDO, ELECTROLUX, INDESIT, WHIRLPOOL, BOSCH, ARISTON, SMEG, DELFA, KAISER, ZANUSSI, LG, in general, coincide, although there are also models falling out of a common number of standard sizes. The most popular are the standard sizes of machines 60x60x85 cm, which hold 12-14 sets of dishes. Dimensions 45h60h85 cm is attributed to narrow machines with a capacity of up to 9 sets of dishes. In addition to stationary floor options, desktop machines are also used for a total of 4 sets of dishes.

How to choose a dishwasher among thisdiversity? First of all, determine for yourself whether you are satisfied with an ordinary household machine that has limited but sufficient functionality. Maybe it's worth taking a closer look at the professional option and purchasing a system with a significant margin of functionality, but with the same cost of water and energy.

Standard program set and operating principle

Even the most inexperienced housewife is easywill understand the principle of the dishwasher. The dishwasher is not that complicated and works on a simple algorithm. The equipment can be connected to the hot and cold water system. In the case of the cold water connection machine automatically heats it to a threshold set by about 45-50 ° C. Before starting put into special compartments detergent and which is used for rinsing. Separate there is a compartment for the regenerating salt.

For stacking dishes are used special pallets (baskets), but in no case do not pile dishes as horrible.

If your machine is equipped with a smart systemelectronics, then she will be able to select the desired mode using a set of programs, otherwise you will have to do this. Basically, the standard set of dishwasher programmer consists of 3-12 programs. To frequently used include:

  • The program for including additional washing in case of heavy contamination of dishes.
  • A program using a soaking regime with dried food leftovers.
  • A daily washing program using the standard washing mode at a temperature of 50 ° -60 ° C.
  • Program for quick washing of slightly soiled dishes.

A system equipped with a special pump startsSpraying of water with detergent through rotating sprayers. This technology allows you to effectively wash off any dirt and remove the remnants of fatty impurities. Then, according to the program, the rinsing mode is switched on with further drying.

The question remains open which model is more reliable,more economical, and how to choose a dishwasher? The advice can be given by a professional sales manager who is thoroughly versed in the types of machines, systems and electronic control panels with knowledge of all programs and leakage protection systems. It is necessary to know the characteristics of the dishwashers that attracted you to consume water and electricity. The decision is in any case granted to you.

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