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The technique of stamping is a real discovery formodern women of fashion. With his appearance, the need to apply to the services of a master for applying a beautiful drawing on his nails disappeared. Now it became possible to change the image on the nails daily. How to learn an amazing way, is described in the article.

Unknown word "stamping"

What is stamping is a matter of concern to everyonewatching the girl who first heard this word. The word Stamp in English means "stamp." That is, the technique involves transferring the imprint of the drawing to the nails. It is easy to master the technique alone, although it is quite possible to offer this kind of manicure design in the salons.

For the success of any undertaking, as is known,you need to develop a skill. No exception, and such a method as stamping for nails. The testimonies indicate that it is possible to master the technique in a week.

Performing drawings using a special setsimple tools and colors. Stunning images, as if created by a fine brush in the artist's hard hand, now every girl can afford. Thanks to this technique, it became possible to create interesting drawings on nails without leaving home.

Advantages of stamping

What is stamping for nails in the first place? This is a technique that involves accurate and accurate drawing on the nail images from small parts.

Bonus for those who bought the set and engaged instamping, is the ability to decorate postcards, phones, earrings, pendants, watches and other items. If desired, you can even decorate the refrigerator or furniture.

stamping for nails reviews

In any case, the question: "What is stamping for nails?" The photos respond more clearly than any words. And these images look bright and beautiful, are a clear indication that the labels on the nails can now be completely forgotten. And everything necessary for the procedure is now sold in every self-respecting cosmetic store.

The undoubted advantage of stamping issaving on manicure in the cabin, as well as more rational use of their own free time. Although this is more true of those girls who have already mastered the technique of drawing drawings.

What is a set for stamping

What is stamping in manicure and what devices are needed to implement it, it becomes clear when buying a set. Included are the following items:

  1. A metal disc is a plate with cut outon her drawings. One such product can have 7 or more engravings. There are a lot of disks on sale, so it's easy to find something on your own.
  2. A stamp that looks like a seal. Its purpose is to move the image from the disk to the nail.
  3. Scrapper - equipped with a convenient handle plastic scraper, which removes excess paint. This tool has no sharp parts, notches.
  4. Paints designed specifically forwork. They are poured into the same bottles as nail polishes, but have a more dense consistency. These funds do not spread, so that the drawings are clear.

what is stamping

How to use the stamping kit correctly

Next, it tells how to do stamping for the nails step by step. With the photos given in the article, mastering the technique is easier and more understandable. Procedure for creating a manicure:

  1. Remove the cuticle and give the nails a shape.
  2. Apply the background, and then the background color.
  3. If the disc is new, then you need to remove the film from it, determine the engraving and cover it with paint.
  4. Gently and lightly move the scrapers to remove excess lacquer from the disc.
  5. Confidently press the stamp on the image.
  6. Transfer the pattern to the surface of the nail.
  7. Cover with a fixer.
  8. After use, clean tools with solvent.

Buying a set and a machine for stamping

All items for this technique of drawing drawings are sold separately. Therefore, it is best to purchase a scraper and a stamp, and then separately buy discs with the right images and colors to them.

Use the tools from the kit simply andconvenient, but if desired, the task is facilitated even more. Now, stamping can be performed not only by hands, but by purchasing a special machine for it. Discs coated with paint are inserted into the device. On the opposite side there is a hole in which to insert the area of ​​the finger with the nail. The picture is printed immediately after pressing the button.

what is stamping for nails

If you plan to purchase a similar machine,then it is not necessary to study in detail what nail stamping is, and also to develop skills. Make a manicure becomes possible very quickly and at any time without fear for quality. Just do not forget that in any case, you need to stock up the base coat and a transparent fixer.

Preparing for the procedure

To make the pictures bright, you need to use small secrets:

  1. Wash hands in warm water, pat dry with a napkin or wipe well with a towel. They should not be wet, as this interferes with the work. You can not smear them with cream before the procedure.
  2. The surface of the nail should be degreased with acetone. Otherwise, the picture is not printed completely.
  3. Choose nail design, guided by styleimage and color of clothing, as well as determine the angle of placement of the picture. It needs to be done in advance, because in the process of working, the paint dries quickly, leaving no time for thinking over the nuances of design.
  4. Apply the base coat and wait for it to dry, otherwise it will wrinkle and shift when applying the stamp.

As a basic coating varnishes with pearl or glitter are not suitable. The pictures on them are not bright enough, and the contrast stitches.

what is stamping for nails photo

If the thumb is first moved aside the skin cushion, framing the nail, then a large area for the drawing is released. At the same time, under the influence of the stamp, the cuticle is also slightly displaced.

Applying an image

It should be remembered that the ideal image is a consequence of the refined skill, and not only very good tools. Therefore, the stages of performing stamping should be brought to automaticity:

  1. On the chosen stencil it is necessary to put a varnish. On the disk it dries out in just a few seconds, but on the nails it takes longer, so you need to work quickly.
  2. Excess paint should be removed immediately from thesurface stencil movement scrapers. To do it strongly, as it is necessary to remove superfluous, and at the same time softly, so that the paint remains in the notches. It is best to keep the scraper tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.
  3. Press the stamp against the plate, rolling it over the surface of the disc. Correct pressure appears with experience. But do not forget that you need to do everything quickly, because the paint on the plate dries in seconds.
  4. Press the stamp with the preparedimage and from one edge to the other roll it over the surface. Although the picture dries quickly, you still need to be careful not to smear it.

What is stamping? The sequence of correct actions. Paint on the picture must be applied quickly and confidently throughout the entire length of the stencil. If you slightly drop on the edge of the image in order to distribute it with a scraper, the notches are filled unevenly, the material dries early.

If the nails have a varnish, which is already time to wash off,then this is the best testing ground in order to start studying nail stamping. The testimonies testify that it takes a long time to assimilate the technique and it's quite possible to even get some of your small secrets soon enough.

If the drawing does not work

If the drawing is not completely displayed, then this isspeaks about drying of a varnish or a fat surface of a nail. When the image does not look perfect, it is better to erase it and start again. Because the ideality and clarity of the lines is the principle of such a technique as stamping for nails. The technique of application must be worked out.

If you can not transfer the drawing, becausethe paint dries too quickly, you need to rub it with acetone before applying the varnish to the disc. In the notches small drops are retained, due to which the lacquer hardens longer. Every time you start another finger, you have to wipe the instruments with a solvent.

what is stamping in manicure

When working, remember that the sharpness of the lines- an integral condition of such a procedure as stamping for nails. The reviews also confirm that it is very important to purchase a quality kit. With him it is much easier to master the technique of performing stamping.

End of procedure

As can be seen, it is quite easy to userecommendations, master them and by analogy begin to perform stamping for nails step by step. After completion of the procedure, you must clean the stamp and disc from the varnish. And with a scraper instantly and without waiting for hardening, remove the paint with a paper towel.

The image should be fixed with a clear varnish. It must be applied with a single brush and without pressing the nail with a brush. The problem is to spread the drop across the surface with an easy motion.

What is stamping for nails?

Cleanse the skin after stamping is better cottona stick dipped in a solvent. In addition, you can use an adhesive tape, to the sticky side of which are glued all the small pieces of lacquer, cleaning the skin. The working part of the stamp is treated in the same way.

Tips for the success of the event, according to the girls

If necessary, the scraper can be replaced with a plastic card. Some girls use lacquers instead of paints, which are dense and bright. You can experiment with acrylic paints.

Some masters recommend usingfixer immediately after the base, and create a drawing from above. In this case, the image is brighter and more contrast. Of course, the downside of the technique is that the pattern at the end of the nail is quickly erased. But the rest of the picture is preserved and looks bright, which implies the technique of "stamping" for nails.

Reviews are direct evidence thatIf the plate with the notches is heavily filled with a dried varnish and wiping does not help, you do not need to clean it with sharp objects. In this case, it is very likely to damage the image. It is recommended to place the disc for a few minutes in a nail polish remover.

If the room is hot, the air conditioner, fan or just open the window, then the lacquer on the disc freezes even faster. Therefore, any draft in the room should be excluded.

Should I do stamping on gel-lacquer?

Doing stamping on shellac is very convenient, becauseThat it is possible not to care of a covering of a fingernail, and to put a print at once. If the drawing quickly bothers, then it is not difficult to change it even though daily.

To apply the image to gel-lacquer, there are 2 ways, consisting in changing the order of actions:

  1. Cover with a fixer layer of shellac, then make a drawing.
  2. Apply a stamp, and then finish.

The undoubted merit of stamping on gel-lacquer -this is the possibility of frequent change of pictures. You can erase stamps without any regrets, because the main lacquer remains. Time to decorate the nails takes a little, which is very convenient.

When doing this manicure, you just need to adhere to a few simple rules:

  1. Gel-varnish for applying images should not be used, as it is not imprinted.
  2. Wash existing or failed prints with liquid without acetone.
  3. Before applying the pattern from shellac, remove the sticky layer.

stamping for the nails step by step

It can be concluded that there are indeed manygirls are interested in such a new method as stamping for nails. What it is? A technique that allows you to create irreproachable images with your own hands and without significant effort. It is necessary to spend time for several trainings - and this skill becomes an indispensable assistant in creating nails with unique patterns.

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