"Spy". The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig

Comedy Paul Figa "Spy" - not the first, but one of thethe most successful parody of spy movies. The picture can boldly boast of many truly objective virtues, from an inexorable action, similar to choreography, to a brilliant actor's ensemble. In the movie "Spy" the actors of the first plan are all like one Hollywood star of the first magnitude. And they agreed to act in film not only due to the declared decent fees, they were attracted by the extraordinary script and the personality of the director. Paul FIG plays in this project in three roles: the director-director, scriptwriter and co-producer. By the number of attracted stars with work, Fig could argue perhaps that the movie "Spy Kids 3" (actors: Sylvester Stallone, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas Danny Trejo, Alan Cumming, etc.).spy actors

A daring challenge to society

Paul Figus is known as one of the few creatorsthe film industry, which allows women to shine in comedies. The presenter rejects all sorts of political aspects, confrontations of systems and governments, terrorist organizations - all of this he uses as a minor entourage in the project "Spy." Actors and roles in the film are matched each other flawlessly, and despite the fact that the handsome beauties Jason Statem and Jude Law are on the poster, they played colorful, but secondary characters. In the foreground, the author's favorite, Melissa McCarthy, is a film actress whose texture is the least consistent with the generally accepted image of a spy. Perhaps a comedy, given this fact, it was worth calling the "Spy", and not "Spy". Actors involved in the work on the project, stressed that the director Paul Figue once again threw a daring challenge to the society, which treats full women as invisible. At the same time, the director skillfully ridiculed the canons of spy films, in which the alpha males are in the foreground. spy actors and roles


The comedy "Spy", actors and roles of whichbe sure to remember the viewer, has a fascinating plot. The narrative begins with the fact that super-agent-handsome Bradley Fine (Jude Law) during the mission destroys the main villain and sort of dies himself, and the coveted suitcase with a nuclear charge is in the hands of the daughter of the defeated enemy Raina Boyanova (Rose Byrne). Another agent Rick Ford (Jason State) is unable to cope with the task because of the unstable emotional state. Then used to be unnoticed CIA employee Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) gets a chance to become a real combat agent and complete a failed mission. This is a brief synopsis of the movie "Spy". Actors-performers of the roles of the central characters noted the positive atmosphere that reigned on the site during the filming process. Fortunately, the whole ensemble of the film had an enviable self-irony and sufficient self-esteem.spy movie actors

Actor's ensemble paintings

The main character of the film Susan Cooper embodied onscreen is one of the most sought-after comedic actresses of Hollywood Melissa McCarthy. It has recently been considered the key to the success of any film in which it plays. The actress is not afraid to act either with the perfect Sandra Bullock, or with Bill Murray. McCarthy realizes that for the ladies who watch this or that film with her participation, the problems of her characters will be closer and more understandable than those that excite the exemplary divas of the Grease factory with the appearance and texture of the Barbie doll. The actors of the movie "Spy" were fascinated by her positive, professionalism and goodwill. The entire film crew was pining from the way McCarthy in the image of Susan Cooper dealt with the most perfect Bond (character Lowe) and the hero Jason Stewem. The latter, by the way, demonstrated a genius comic talent.children of spies 3 actors

Stars of the stage and cinema

In addition to the listed stars in the cinema are presentRose Byrne as an antagonist, Ellison Jenny as the head of the CIA and Miranda Hart, periodically competing with Cooper in the ability to get into ridiculous situations. Also an interesting hero was played by rapper 50 Cent in the comedy "Spy". The actors of the Grez factory were shocked by the appearance in the frame of our Verka Serduchka, performing the unsinkable Dancing Lasha Tumbai. Many domestic film critics saw in the appearance of Andrei Danilko a hidden author's hint that a proven way for a man to survive in show business is to pretend to be a woman.

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Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig Spy. The actors of the new comedy by Paul Fig