Spray "Stopangin": reviews and comparison with analogues

Stopangin spray is often used in the treatment of diseases of the throat. Instructions for use and reviews of doctors call it an effective tool with an almost complete absence of side effects. What do the patients themselves think about this? Can I use the drug during pregnancy? Are there analogues that are cheaper? Let's figure it out.

When is the spray prescribed?

A sore throat can be a symptom of both normal hypothermia and a sign of a more serious health problem. As a rule, it accompanies acute respiratory infections and influenza. To relieve pain in pediatrics and adults often prescribed "Stopangin". Medical reviews indicate that the spray quickly and effectively reduces inflammation and facilitates the process of swallowing.

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The indications for spraying are:

  • viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of the throat;
  • candidiasis of the mucous membranes of the larynx, in other words, thrush;
  • Prevention during flu and ARVI.

In the postoperative period, the drug is used for antiseptic treatment of the throat and oral cavity, including after dental procedures.

In all these cases, Stopangin is not an independent drug for treatment, but is used only in the complex therapy of diseases.

stopangin spray reviews

Manufacturer, type of release and storage conditions

Spray "Stopangin" (reviews of those who used it for treatment, we consider below) is produced by the pharmaceutical company, which is located in the Czech Republic, "Ayveks Pharmaceuticals.

"Stopangin" for local use in the form of a spray is available in vials of 30 ml, which are in cardboard packaging. Complete with spray "Stopangin" (instructions and reviews confirm this) comes a special nozzle for spraying the drug. Doctors strongly recommend not to use it at the same time in people with different diseases and for prophylactic purposes in order to avoid infection.

The drug should be stored in a dark and dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees. It is also necessary to control that it was not available for children.It is possible to use the drug for no more than two years from the moment of release, but doctors advise not to use the printed vial for more than six months, as the loss of the medical properties of "Stopangin" is possible. Patient reviews confirm this completely.

The composition of the drug

"Stopangin" has a rich composition, which determines its high efficiency in the treatment of many diseases of the throat of various etiologies.

Hexethidine acts as the main active ingredient, it is 57.7 mg in the spray. But this is not the only substance that has a pronounced therapeutic effect. The composition also includes:

  • Peppermint. Its healing properties were known in ancient Greece and were described in the works of famous healers of the past: Avicenna, Hippocrates and Paracelsus. Mint has a pronounced antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Used in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and as a prophylactic during the period of acute respiratory infections. Compresses based on it are used to relieve fever with a cold.
  • Anise Essential Oil. It is quite a potent substance, therefore it is forbidden to use during pregnancy.Reviews of "Stopangine" indicate that doctors rarely prescribe a drug to women who are carrying a child. Useful properties of anise oil are softening, expectorant and antipyretic effects on the human body.
  • Sassafras oil. Used in the preparation as a local antiseptic.
  • Orange Tree Essential Oil. In addition to antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it has an effective effect on the human immune system. It is also an excellent antispasmodic and analgesic.
  • Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus is not for nothing that the aborigines called the tree of life. In the treatment of respiratory diseases, its properties are difficult to overestimate. Besides the fact that the oil of this tree has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, it facilitates breathing and the general condition of the patient. Zineol, which is included in its composition, has an antiviral effect. That is why eucalyptus oil can be found in many medicines that are prescribed for the treatment of influenza and ARVI.

Also as auxiliary components in the composition of the spray is sodium saccharinate monohydrate, methyl salicylate, ethanol and glycerol.

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Could there be negative consequences?

As a rule, side effects are a rare occurrence after using the drug Stopangin. Reviews and instructions for use describe the following manifestations:

  • Sometimes there is the occurrence of allergic reactions, this may be due to individual intolerance to any of the components of the drug. In this case, doctors recommend stopping the use of "Stopangina" and replace it with another tool with other components.
  • Perhaps a slight burning sensation and dryness of the mucous throat. As a rule, such sensations very soon pass and do not pose a threat to the health of patients.
  • If you accidentally swallow a small amount of medication, nausea and vomiting may occur, so you need to use the spray as carefully as possible.

stopangin instructions for use reviews

Is it always possible?

The drug "Stopangin" is not always prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the throat in the form of a spray. And in some cases, its use is in principle contraindicated.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, doctors never prescribe "Stopangin". For children (reviews of parents confirm this) at the age of 8, the use of the drug in the form of a solution is recommended. It is no less effective than spray.Using a cotton swab is applied to the affected mucous tonsils. But the solution can not be used in children up to 6 years. Also a contraindication to the use of the drug is atrophic pharyngitis.

Spray does not affect concentration, so it can be used while driving a vehicle. The only thing is, as there is ethyl alcohol in the composition, it is recommended to irrigate the mouth half an hour before the planned trip.

In clinical practice, cases of overdose with the drug "Stopangin" are not officially recorded.

How to use and how much?

In order to obtain the expected result from the use of any drug, you must strictly follow the rules that are described in the instructions for use. Reviews of "Stopangine" (analogs of the drug, we present below) are advised not to violate the multiplicity of use in order to avoid manifestations of side effects.

The drug is applied by spraying on each tonsil. This should be done after a meal and in the intervals between meals. If a specialist has not appointed another course of application, the procedure for treating the throat with a preparation is carried out no more than 3 times a day.Hold the breath during the injection.

It is necessary to avoid getting the medicine on the mucous membrane of the eye If it still happened, you should rinse your eyes with warm water and seek advice from your doctor.

 stopangin instructions for use reviews analogues

Issue price

The drug "Stopangin" can hardly be called a budget, and in many respects negative feedback is associated with an overestimated cost of the drug (according to the consumer). A bottle of funds will cost about 270 rubles and above (depending on the region and the pharmacy chain).

Not everyone can afford this spray, given that it is not prescribed as an independent medicine, but only in complex treatment of diseases. Therefore, many people have a very natural question: is it possible to find a less expensive means, but at the same time it is just as effective?

Will it be cheaper?

Of course, Stopangina (reviews confirm this information) has analogues that are cheaper. Not every one of them is as effective, but if necessary, they can be treated.

The very first medicine that patients and physicians advise to pay attention to is Hexoral. This is a complete synonym for Stopangina.It is produced by the American company Pfizer. Price "Geksoral" about 230 rubles. It can be used after 3 years in a child, as well as during pregnancy and lactation, but only after consulting a doctor. Consumers did not notice any special differences in the preparations, the only thing that "Hexoral" costs a bit cheaper.

“Maksikold Lor” is a medicine in the form of a spray, which in its composition has all the same active substance - hexethyde. It is produced in Russia and will cost the consumer about 150 rubles per bottle. Can be used from 3 years, as well as women in the position and lactating mothers. Many patients noted its effectiveness in treating sore throat. Some argue that the result after the application of "Maxicold" comes much faster than after the "Stopangin".

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What else can replace "Stopangin"? Reviews recommend to pay attention to the following medicines in the form of a spray:

  • "Hepilor" - about 160 rubles. per bottle in 20 ml.
  • "Angilex" - 150 rubles.
  • Givalex - 190-200 rubles.
  • "Influenza Lor" - about 140 rubles.

Some patients tried to use "Lugol" in the form of a spray for throat treatment, but were disappointed with the result.Although it is much cheaper, it is not as effective as Stopangin.

Consumer verdict

Many who left their feedback on the quality of the drug "Stopangin" and its analogues, argue that all the sprays based on hexatidine do a good job with their task. Sore throat goes away, inflammation is relieved, there are almost no side effects.

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Individual cases of negative opinions relate more to the price of the funds than to its quality. But here it should be noted that no one promised that a good medicine would cost a penny. So, ultimately, everyone decides for himself which drug to choose and how much money to pay for his health.

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