Spray "Spregal": reviews, description, instruction

"Spregal" is an effective antidrubspray, which doctors often recommend to their patients. Like any drug, it has its positive and negative sides. In some cases, its use is possible only under the supervision of a medical professional, and in some is contraindicated in principle. About the spray from scabies "Spregal", about the feedback from patients and doctors will be discussed in this article.

Little about the problem

There is an erroneous opinion that scabies appears only in those people who do not follow personal hygiene. Unfortunately, such a problem can overtake absolutely any person, regardless of his age, gender or race.

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This disease even has such a variety as "clean scabies." It is caused by a microscopic parasite, called the scabby mite. Since scabies is a contagious disease, when it appears in one of the family members, it is likely that all household members will become infected.

That is why, if the doctor has diagnosed "scab", you will have to take appropriate measures to all those who have been in contact with the patient.

And what to do?

On the modern pharmaceutical market there is a fairly large variety of drugs for the treatment of scabies from both domestic manufacturers and foreign firms. Before you run to the pharmacy and buy the very first product that the pharmacist advises, you should consult with your doctor and learn the features of the use of one or another means. After all, each of them has side effects and contraindications.

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Choosing a drug

Some patients trust more import manufacturers, and now just for such people a company from France offers an effective spray for the treatment of scabies mites. Reviews of "Spregal" confirm the high effectiveness of this drug in the treatment of young children, and in the treatment of adult patients.

Omega Farm is a French company that produces this tool. Reviews of "Spregal" confirm that it is the imported production of this drug led them to choose it.And in the opinion of the majority of those who were cured, they did not regret their decision, although Spregal does not belong to cheap drugs.

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How does it work?

The French manufacturer has developed a unique composition that has a “Spregal” spray (reviews confirm this in most cases) in such a way that the active substance very quickly penetrates into scabies and equally effectively destroys both the parasite females and the eggs they have laid.

In addition, "Spregal" negatively affects only the scabies mite and its eggs, but it does not have a toxic effect on the human body. This moment often deserves positive feedback, as the drug can be treated even very young children.

 spray from scabies spregal reviews

What is inside?

What makes this drug so effective in combating parasites?

The composition of the drug includes only two active ingredients. These are piperonyl butoxide and esdepalletrin at a concentration of 5.305% and 0.663%, respectively.

Piperonyl butoxide blocks the parasite enzymes that it uses for protection, and esdepalletrin has a neurotoxic effect on the scabies mite (affects its nervous system).As additional substances, the manufacturer uses diethylene glycol, ethyl alcohol and macroglycerides.

Reviews about the treatment "Spregal" claim that the drug does not cause any discomfort during its use. All substances are removed from the body within 48 hours after application to the skin.

Dosage Forms and Storage Conditions

This tool can be purchased in the form of an aerosol, which contains 160 ml of medication. The cost will depend on the region and the pricing policy of the pharmacy chain, but on average, the drug will cost 800-850 rubles to the consumer. Of course, the tool can not be called a budget, but reviews of the use of "Spregal" prove that it is worth the money spent. To purchase a spray, a doctor's prescription is not required.

The shelf life of "Spregal" is 2 years from the date of issue. Store the tool is recommended at room temperature, in a place where sun rays do not fall and, of course, do not have access to children.

Although cases of poisoning by means of clinical practice and not fixed, it is still necessary to remember that in its composition is a neurotoxic poison, and abide by the safety rules.You also can not spray the spray near an open flame, because the tool in the container is under pressure. Storage near the heating devices is also not recommended, piercing and any damage to even an empty can from under the medication is prohibited.

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When can and when not?

Instructions for use and reviews of "Spregal" claim that the tool is equally effective in treating any type of scabies (nodular, Norwegian, typical, etc.), as well as in the treatment of demodicosis. The drug can be used even in children under 1 year old, which is very important if we recall that the remedy is nevertheless an expensive one. Thus, one can of medicine is enough to handle 3 family members. Reviews of "Spregal" unanimously attribute this moment to the positive aspects of the drug.

But there are cases when the use of the drug is contraindicated:

  • When a patient has a history of a disease such as bronchial asthma.
  • With intolerance at least one of the components of the drug.
  • With bronchitis, which is accompanied by bronchial obstruction.
  • During breastfeeding.

In the case of pathologies of the respiratory system, the danger to the patient is not the drug itself, but its form of release.Alternatively, a gauze and a piece of cotton can be wetted with the agent and thus the skin treated.

Regarding the use of Spregal (and instructions, and reviews confirm this) in women in the situation, the decision on the advisability of prescribing the drug is made by the attending physician. Only a specialist can adequately assess and compare the benefits of the use of the drug and the risk to the unborn child.

If a woman breastfeeds a child and wants to use this remedy for treatment, then at the time of use of the drug she needs to feed the baby with the mixture. Once the active substances are removed from the body, breastfeeding can be resumed.

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Side Effects and Features

In most cases, the tool does not cause undesirable reactions of the body and is rather well tolerated by patients. Nevertheless, such manifestations as slight burning and slight itching, which soon pass away, are possible. If these sensations do not disappear, rinse the medicine with warm water and take an antihistamine (better than the 2nd generation) to eliminate the symptoms of allergies.

We can not allow the tool fell on the mucous membranes and eyes. If this does happen, it is necessary to immediately rinse the eyes with water and consult a doctor. It is necessary to carry out treatment of patients in the room where there is access to fresh air.

Processing process

In order for the drug to bring the desired result, you must clearly follow the instructions for use, which is attached to each spray with "Spregal".

Even in the case of infection with a scabies mite of a family member, the treatment must be carried out with everyone who lives with him in the same room. The peculiarity of this parasite is that it is transmitted in a household way: when using only bedding, towels, etc. So that you can keep only positive feedback about Spregal, you should not save and treat yourself individually. Experts advise that treatment be carried out simultaneously to all family members in order to prevent re-infection.

Before starting treatment, the instruction recommends taking a warm shower to slightly expand the pores of the skin, this will facilitate the penetration of the drug into the epidermis more easily.To make sure that the tool really worked, you can make photos of scabby moves. If a few days after the treatment new moves appeared, it means that it was not possible to destroy all the parasites and it will be necessary to repeat the procedure. Itching, which is the main symptom of scabies, can be observed for another 8-10 days, but will not be so intense.

It is necessary to carry out the treatment with "Spregal" in the evening, since it is at night that the female scabies mite is most active. It is necessary to spray means evenly on all body from distance not less than 20 centimeters. It is important that the medicine covers the skin as much as possible, including folds, armpits, and the space between the toes and hands. To prevent the medicine from accidentally getting on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth, it is better to cover them with a napkin or a piece of cotton fabric. For more effective treatment, you need not to spray the medicine yourself, but on each other. Thus, it is possible to eliminate the omission of skin areas and, accordingly, re-infection by the parasite.

"Spregal" should be on the body for 12 hours, after which it should be washed off, taking a warm shower with soap.Some patients in their responses note that a slight itch persists even up to a month after treatment, but doctors say that this is quite possible. This is called postscabial lymphoplasia.

Some difficulties arise in the case of the need to use tools for the smallest. In order for the drug to be on the skin for 12 hours, you need to use a diaper.

"Spregal" from demodicosis

Patient testimonials characterize this drug as an effective tool in the fight against diseases such as facial demodicosis. This problem is caused by the Demodex mite, which, in principle, is located on the body of each person. But with a decrease in the body's defenses, the tick population increases and they affect the face and even the eyelids. "Spregal" with demodicosis of the face reviews deserved quite good, as it allows in a short time to cure this disease.

The peculiarity of the use of the drug for demodicosis is that the affected areas on the face can not be treated by spraying. In this case, it is only possible to apply the product with a cotton swab dipped in a liquid.

Positive comments

Among the large number of reviews of "Spregal" (from demodekoz including) you can find different opinions. However, it is worth noting that most of them speak about the high effectiveness of the remedy. Patients say that it took only one treatment to forget about the unpleasant disease. They note the ease of use and the fact that one bottle of the drug is enough for all family members.

True, there are also those who claim that they had to re-process and only then completely managed to destroy the parasite. Although this point can be attributed to the fact that during the procedure were missing parts of the skin where the tick was located. Many mummies also appreciated this drug, as far from any remedy can be used for children, and Spregal is safe for newborn babies.

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Who is against?

To be objective, you need to submit a different point of view about this drug. There are negative reviews about Spregal. He never cured scabies, and he even managed a considerable amount of money - such an opinion is expressed by those whom the drug did not help.Doctors comment on this result as non-compliance with the rules and instructions for use. It is possible that the treatment procedure was not carried out to all family members, and perhaps it was poorly disinfected apartment and things, respectively, the surviving parasites again infected the person.

In any case, the choice of funds remains only for the patient and his doctor.

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