Spray "Alerana" - reviews, rules of use, results

A series of domestic cosmetics calledALERANA ("Alerana") from Vertex, which appeared on the Russian market in 2004, was developed by specialists for problematic, weakened hair, susceptible to loss. It includes sprays, shampoos, balsam-rinses and other products. Their main group includes sprays, balms-sprays and a special vitamin-mineral complex, while the rest in hair care under this scheme play the role of auxiliary ones. In addition, "Alerana" offers a stimulant for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Sprays for external use from ALERANA -relatively new in the lineup, but already well-proven means. The active substance in them is minoxidil (it is also "regeyn" and "rougaine"). This vasodilator and hypotensive drug, as was accidentally established during its approbation, promotes hair regrowth. This is supposedly due to the influx of blood to the scalp and, as a consequence, to improve the nutrition of the hair follicles. This property minoxidil and determined its use in sprays ALERANA: the content in them of this substance can be 2% or 5%.

Sprays for external use from AleranaApply to the problem areas of the scalp twice a day, starting from the middle of the affected area. Spraying is carried out with the help of a dispenser: for seven of its clicks on the scalp, exactly 1 ml of the drug falls. Spray "Alerana" (reviews say about the good effect of its use) after application should remain on the skin: it is not necessary to wash it off. This tool is used for mild to moderate hair loss. If its use does not allow achieving a noticeable effect, or the process of hair restoration and regrowth is too slow, it makes sense to try the 5% Alaran spray. Reviews say that it acts much more efficiently, and the desired result can be achieved in a shorter period.

These means for hair rationing can not beapply for any damage to the skin of the scalp, with its dermatoses. They should not be used by children and adolescents, pregnant and lactating women. With caution apply sprays and in old age. It should be borne in mind that people of any age and sex may experience an allergic reaction to the spray "Aleran": the reviews mention the possibility of such cases. This is due to the individual sensitivity of the organism to the active substance of the sprays, minoxidil, or to their other components. In addition, judging by the reviews, some women and men had no apparent effect of using these drugs at all. Nevertheless, their effectiveness is quite high: according to official data, hair loss completely stops in almost 90% of cases.

The composition of the series also includes a balm-spray"Alerana", which allows to strengthen hair and prevent their further loss - it contains, in particular, nettle extract and provitamin B5 - D-panthenol. The effectiveness of this tool is confirmed by clinical studies: in their course it was found that after only two weeks after the beginning of the regular use of the spray hair loss was slowed down by half. In the case of diffuse alopecia (baldness) in women, the use of the "Aleran Balm Spray" remedy (reviews confirm this fact) allowed to completely stop the hair loss process in a month and a half. As for the inherited age-related alopecia in men (the male and female sprays of "Aleran" are distinguished), thanks to the use of this remedy, this process was not only suspended, but also restored to hair growth. To do this, those who participated in the study needed to apply the spray daily for six months - a positive effect in this case was observed in 75% of the subjects.

And spray, and balm-spray "Alerana" (reviewsconfirm this opinion) give a faster and more pronounced effect while using additional funds of this line - shampoos, tonics, hair masks. To use cosmetics "Aleran" it is desirable twice a year, for three months in a row (standard course) - otherwise hair loss can begin again. It should also be understood that in many cases, hair loss signals health problems. Therefore, the treatment should begin with a visit to the trichologist: it will not only help to establish its cause, but will also recommend the most effective medical and caring facilities.

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Spray Alerana - reviews, rules of use, results Spray Alerana - reviews, rules of use, results Spray Alerana - reviews, rules of use, results Spray Alerana - reviews, rules of use, results Spray Alerana - reviews, rules of use, results