Split system installation - features, installation, layout, types and reviews

Modern office, perhaps, is quite difficult to imagine without air conditioning. Yes, and private consumers are increasingly installing split systems in their homes and apartments. If you also decided to follow their example, then you can probably do the installation process yourself. However, first you need to familiarize yourself with the technology and some principles of installation, this will be discussed below.

Installation Features

split system installation

Before you begin installation of a split system, you should be familiar with some of the nuances of such work. By purchasing the appropriate equipment, you will spend a lot, so you should be interested in the question of how to save in the process of operating the system. For example, if thermal contact is maintained between the hot and cold zones, this will contribute to an increase in energy consumption, because the compressor will need to drive heat inside the system, as well as pump the refrigerant.

Garbage and dust inside are not allowed.The vacuum pump is a high-tech device. If there gets a crumb of metal, then it will bring the equipment down. Installation of a split system must be accompanied by ensuring complete tightness. Even if the smallest gaps remain, low-boiling liquids will be ready to evaporate.

The outdoor unit is located below the internal. This will facilitate the work of the compressor, because the thermosiphon effect will work. It is explained by the fact that the heated liquid will rush upward. If you do not take into account this requirement, the compressor will overcome physical forces, and the electricity consumption will again increase. Disassembly-installation of a split system can be done independently. But for this, the outdoor unit must be located in a convenient place. In addition, it should be in the shade. If it is subjected to additional heating, the costs will again fall on the shoulders of the owner.

Installation of the drainage tube is also accompanied by the observance of certain rules. She should not have a bend to the top. If the position of this node is similar to U, then it will cause an infection source, because condensate will be a place for the emergence and development of fungus and microbes, which have spores in the air.

Types and mounting options

split system installation Price

Installation of a split system in Azov and other cities can be done. Prices for such works are presented below. But if you plan to do them yourself, then you should know that air conditioners are performed with separate units, one of them will be external, while the other - internal. The latter is an evaporator, but the first is a condenser compressor. These names are conditional, because modern models can cool and heat the room. In the latter case, the refrigerant is condensed inside the unit in the apartment, and evaporates outside. Therefore, allocate indoor and outdoor unit.

Considering expensive models, you should pay attention to the fact that there is a possibility of connecting several internal units to one outdoor unit. Each of them can work separately for heating and cooling. Such a system at high prices at the time of purchase in operation will be more economical, because the heat exchange between the rooms does not interfere, but helps the air conditioner.

Reviews about when to start installation. Opinions home craftsmen about the features of preparation for work

installation of air conditioners split systems

According to the house masters, the installation of a split system is better to coincide with the repair.This is due to the fact that the installation of such equipment is a rather serious task. In order to conduct an electrician, will have to walk on many walls. If they already have a lining, then in advance it is necessary to lay the cost of a new finish.

When home craftsmen are asked about what kind of training needs to be done before installing a split system, they answer that in the first stage you need to take care of the availability of appropriate tools. Using handy devices is not only not always convenient, but also unsafe, because with such an outcome the air conditioner can break down in a week.

For installation, you should prepare:

  • perforator;
  • steel detector;
  • pipe cutter;
  • set for flaring tubes;
  • scraping;
  • hand pump;
  • Vacuum pump;
  • phase indicator;
  • pressure gauge.

Consumers emphasize that a set of bits should be attached to the punch. You will have to make holes in the main wall. Their diameter should be 100 mm. Home masters claim that you will also need a valve detector. If the wall is concrete, then you can get into the bars, so you have to look for a new hole.

Cutting tubes for a coolant is not worth a hacksaw. For this, consumers are advised to purchase or borrow a pipe cutter. If you do not follow this rule, then copper chips will remain in the lumen, it will quickly bring the compressor down.

Flaring the tube with improvised means is also not worth it. To do this, prepare a special set. Otherwise, you will never be able to achieve tightness. A good kit includes a pipe cutter and a scraper. To check the tightness of the system is better to use a bicycle pump. But for the evacuation suitable pump of the same name.

Schemes and types of installation

cost of installation split system

Installation of air conditioners / split systems is usually carried out according to standard schemes that are suitable for apartments, offices and residential premises. Preliminary placement of blocks and calculation of installation are carried out after departure of the expert. However, with self-installation, you can choose a scheme at your discretion. The first of these involves the installation of the indoor unit on a wall perpendicular to the window. But in the lower part of the latter the corresponding block is installed outside.

The second scheme provides for the location of the external unit on the left side of the window, if you look at it from the outside. The indoor unit remains in the same place.Such a multi-split system installation is suitable for first and second floors. The distance between the windows should be sufficient for the location of the outdoor unit. Otherwise, it will need to be positioned, as in the first scheme.

If the window has an opening sash on the balcony, the block can be positioned on the left of the latter. Air conditioning from the inside remains in its place. After that, you can do the installation of glass and glazed balcony. But if the glazing is already available, the installation work may be complicated.

The external unit in the presence of a balcony can be located on its side. This is true if the width of the surface allows the connection of the freon line. The door in the place of installation of the outdoor unit should open if the balcony is glazed. Such a scheme is possible if the balcony parapet is made of capital materials, among them:

  • concrete;
  • brick;
  • foam block.

The surface outside should be smooth and clean.

Installation instructions for outdoor unit

dismantling split system installation

You can install the split system yourself. Installation must be carried out according to a specific algorithm. Work should begin with the installation of the outdoor unit.You can use homemade brackets for this. It is important to make sure that the structure will be protected from the direct rays of the sun during a hot time. In this case, installation and maintenance will not cause difficulties.

To install the brackets, the glazing (if available) will have to be removed for a while. The root parts of the brackets cut into the frame frame. If they are bent down, then it will be possible to do without braces, you will not have to touch the balcony paneling.

Installing the indoor unit

do-it-yourself split-system installation

Installation of the system in the apartment is carried out in the following order. First you need to determine the location of the structure. Next, wiring is laid, a hole is punched in the wall for laying communications. Installation of a split system with their own hands, instructions for the implementation of which is presented in the article, you can be carried out.

Method of work

installation of multi split systems

At the next stage, the technology provides for the preparation and laying of the pipeline. The blocks must be interconnected. The system should be checked for leaks. Its vacuum, fill, and then connect the power supply.Split system must be tested. Interconnect harness is isolated. The hole in the main wall is sealed.

For reference

If you do not feel the strength to do the installation yourself, you can use the services of professionals. If you want to save, you can buy air conditioning in the company that deals with the installation. Quite often, these companies offer a discount on installation work.

Cost of work

The cost of installing a split system will cost 4000 rubles. If you purchase an air conditioner with a capacity of up to 3.5 kW. When the power rises to 7 kW, the cost rises to 4,500 rubles. Install a split system of 7 kW in power and above, you can for 8000 rubles. The price of the installation of a split system usually includes the installation of external and internal blocks, the connection of structures between themselves, as well as the connection of control. By paying the cost mentioned above, you will also get a punch through one of the holes in the concrete or brick.

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