Sperm donation. The sperm bank. How much does sperm donation cost?

Today we will tell you about what constitutes sperm donation. You will find out who can become a potential donor, what are the requirements and where the material is being surrendered.

sperm donation

general information

Despite the existing problems in familycouples, donation of sperm in our country is not as popular as abroad. However, the use of sex cells in the centers of in vitro fertilization has become a very familiar and effective practice.

Infertility, which is associated with the problems of developmentown hormones, is the most complex disease. In most cases, it is not possible to solve such a problem. That's why the donation of sperm will never lose its relevance.


To pass your material, the representatives of the stronger sex do not necessarily have to come to the capital of our Motherland: practically in every region of Russia there is a sperm bank.

There is an opinion that to obtain the necessarythe material for its further use by the center of in vitro fertilization is relatively easy, however, serious medical institutions that engage in this practice approach the issue of donation with special responsibility.

Sperm donation is more common than the donation of eggs, although in both cases of obtaining the material, there are medical requirements that are reasonable from a medical point of view.

Where should the seminal fluid be taken?

The sperm received from the donor is stored in a special bank. This is a kind of storage where the material is not only processed, but also frozen in liquid nitrogen.

sperm donation price

As a rule, sperm banks are organized atmedical institutions. Often married couples freeze seminal fluid for those cases if with artificial insemination the husband physically can not be present in the clinic. The delivery of material to a sperm bank is appropriate before certain medical procedures that can lead to male infertility (for example, before antitumor therapy, removal of testicles, etc.).

It should also be noted that the phrase "sperm bank" is used only in popular literature. As for departmental documents, the term "cryo-storage" is used there.

In which cases do they apply to the bank?

Frozen seminal fluid most oftenuse infertile couples, single women and those people who have serious hereditary diseases. By the way, according to the order of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, male sperm can be used for fertilization only after a six-month exposure in a sperm bank.

Who is a sperm donor?

A sperm donor is a person who providesIts seminal fluid to other persons for the treatment of infertility. Representatives of the stronger sex do not assume any parental obligations towards the future child.

Approval of the donor

At the point of delivery of sperm can come absolutely anya young man, but not everyone has a chance to become a donor. This is due to the fact that the material for its further use in the center of in vitro fertilization is taken only from those men who meet all the requirements of medical institutions. If all your data was collected on time, and the results of the tests were normal, then you may well be approved as a potential sperm donor.

Requirements for potential donors

Sperm donation, the price of which depends onthe chosen medical center in the Russian Federation anonymously. Only healthy men can receive their material, which are in good physical shape, with proven fertility, aged from 20 to 36 years.

A potential donor must submit for analysisa sample of his sperm. A suitable material is one in which 1 ml contains more than 80 million spermatozoa. In addition, their activity should be estimated at 70-80%.

By the way, before direct use the sperm is frozen. In this connection, the specialists check in advance whether the material will be able to withstand freezing and thawing.

how much does sperm donation cost

Requirements for donor sperm

Each sperm bank in Moscow and other cities of Russia presents special requirements to the received material:

  • the proportion of progressively mobile forms should be more than 60%;
  • the concentration of spermatozoa in 1 ml of material is more than 80 million;
  • the proportion of morphologically normal forms is not less than 60%;
  • the sperm volume should be more than 1 ml.

In addition, a significant role is played by cryotolerance, that is, the survival of spermatozoa after prolonged freezing and subsequent thawing.

Survey of potential donors

Any sperm bank in Moscow, as well as in other cities of our country, accepts the material only from approved donors who have undergone the necessary examination.

Thus, if you want to pass your sperm for its further use in the center of in vitro fertilization, then you need to do:

  • a blood test for STIs (this includes: ureaplasmosis, cytomegalovirus infection, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia), which is only valid for 6 months;
  • a blood test for hepatitis C and B, syphilis, as well as HIV infection.

In addition to blood tests, a studygenetics of a potential donor. This includes: the study of karyotype, that is, changes in sex chromosomes, as well as a test for cystic fibrosis. It should be noted that the genetic examination is a key point in deciding whether to approve a candidate. If a representative of a stronger sex shows a tendency to certain genetic deviations, he will be refused.

sperm bank in Moscow

To some extent, sperm donation (pricewill be presented below) is distributed around the world. However, such a procedure provides for a full survey of a potential candidate. And this concerns not only his physical data, but also psychological features. So, some medical institutions include a conversation with a psychologist in the mandatory testing program. The task of the specialist is to find out how much the representative of the stronger sex understands the essence of what is happening. The potential donor also explains how and for what future his genetic material will be used. After the conversation, the man is obliged to bring to the clinic certificates that he was never registered with the narcological dispensary and was not treated by a psychiatrist.

It should also be noted that any bank of the donorsperm must require the potential candidate for the results of his spermogram. Using this method of investigation, the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the seminal fluid are determined with high accuracy.

Technologies of conservation

Absolutely all men who decided to become donors, are interested in where to pass tests of sperm. Typically, the study of such materials involved in conventional clinical laboratories at medical centers.

donor sperm bank

After the candidate has been approved, and hisseminal fluid is taken, the material is frozen. However, before that, glycerin (about 10% of the total volume) is added to the sperm. This component acts as a cryoprotector.

The material with glycerin is placed in a special container for freezing, which resembles a tube, a straw or a packet.

Sperm delivery to low temperatures takes place in2 stages. First, the cooling is slow. To do this, the seminal fluid is placed in a temperature-controlled refrigerator, which should reach -35 ...- 70aboutC. In the second stage, rapid cooling is achieved by immersing the tube in a vessel with liquid nitrogen.

Features of frozen sperm

Frozen seminal fluid can retaintheir fertilizing properties for many years. To use the material, the container is removed from liquid nitrogen, placed in a container with warm water and waiting for complete thawing.

After the sperm takes normaltemperature, a cryoprotectant is removed from it. To do this, multiple reprecipitation of semen on a centrifuge is used, replacing the material with a nutrient medium.

Sperm bank registration procedure

sperm delivery point

How much does sperm donation cost? This question is of interest to very many representatives of the stronger sex who have decided to surrender their seminal fluid to the appropriate center. It should be noted that the payment for donor services is carried out in several stages.

First, a potential candidate must pass throughall necessary medical tests and tests. If their results satisfy reproductive scientists, the man signs a small number of relevant documents that regulate the duties and rights of both parties. Only after receiving the contract, the donor is allowed to directly surrender the semen.

How much does sperm donation cost?

In our country for the first delivery of seminal fluidon average they pay about 500 rubles. The relatively low cost of the material is due primarily to the fact that the sperm obtained for six months are quarantined. If the seed fluid for one reason or another does not stand the test of time, the decision on donation changes. If the outcome is successful, the man receives another 1,000 rubles.

So what kind of income can you get from putting yourmaterial in the sperm bank? With the help of simple calculations it is easy to calculate that one portion of seminal fluid for the center of IVF costs about 1500 rubles. Depending on how often a man gives sperm, a month he can earn up to 13-14 thousand.

Features of sperm delivery

Sperm donation (St. Petersburg, Leningrad region andMoscow) is a rather popular way of earning money. However, men who voluntarily donate their material to the IVF center need to carefully monitor their health, because donorship does not tolerate inattention to themselves. To ensure that the quality of the seminal fluid does not fall and remained at a high level, a representative of the stronger sex needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid drinking alcohol, not smoking and being selective towards their sexual partners. By the way, before giving the sperm directly, you should refrain from sexual intercourse for 3-4 days.

donation of sperm spb

Artificial insemination

After the donor of the sperm and the material itself undergoes a thorough examination and also passes all the necessary tests, the seminal fluid is used for its intended purpose.

After an appropriate consultation, the couple,which needs material, must fill out a contract confirming their consent. Further, doctors conduct a woman's examination, during which it is determined whether she has any abnormalities that would interfere with insemination. After that, the specialists observe the client's menstrual cycle, as a result of which the best time is determined for her to fertilize. Typically, for such a procedure, a catheter is used, through which the prepared sperm is introduced into the cervix. In some cases, a woman is given a special medicine to ensure ovulation.

Observation of fertility

Within 10 minutes after the seedthe fluid was injected into the cervix, the woman should remain without movement. At the same time, the partner is invited to be present alongside his companion. Typically, to determine the success of the procedure should take about 2 weeks. In most cases this time for both partners is associated with stress.

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