Speech for March 8. Congratulations on March 8: poetry, prose

International Women's Day is a holiday, belovedthe whole beautiful half of humanity. Gifts, attention, pleasant words are the main attributes in this spring celebration. Men carefully prepare for the 8th of March. They think what to give and what to say, that this day will be remembered by the beloved and dear ladies. And the women themselves congratulate each other on March 8, saying pleasant words to their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends, colleagues, teachers and just acquaintances.

We prepare a speech on March 8: tips and general characteristics

What holiday does it take without congratulations, the pronunciation of solemn words? Speech on March 8 is one of the main components of the women's day. It is pronounced both in the family circle and at work.

What to say to the sweet women on this holiday insurrounded by household? First of all, it should be noted that March 8 is not the only day when the female half of society should receive attention signs, compliments and gifts. What lovely ladies deserve their homage always. It's worth saying how beautiful they are and how they decorate our universe. How beautiful they are not only externally, but also the soul, and actions. And wish them to remain as kind, beautiful and in the course of time become only better.

Official congratulations on March 8 in the circlecolleagues, of course, is different. As a rule, the content and tone of the solemn speech depend both on the direction of the company and on the management itself. And also on the strength of the team. But nevertheless, there are common features of congratulation. This is the officiality, gratitude for the work and wishes for health, family well-being and success at work.

Congratulations on the Women's Day Colleagues

As already mentioned, the nature of wishes dependsof the number of staff. If it is small, then it is possible to prepare an individual speech for each employee on March 8, writing it on a personal card and signing by the whole team. However, if the company has a decent number of women, then they prepare congratulatory words of a general nature. You can print them in the printer and give it to the memory.

speech on March 8

Official congratulations on 8 Marchthe following text: "Dear colleague! The collective of our company congratulates you with the International Women's Day and wishes you prosperity, success and prosperity! "

Of course, colleagues and superiors congratulate in advance. After all, March 8 is not just a holiday, but also a day off!

Congratulations on women's day teachers and teachers

Students and students, but still most oftenschoolchildren also prepare in advance for this holiday. They buy flowers, cards, write congratulations on March 8 to teachers. For many, this holiday is a real event. The beautiful half receives so much attention, how many it is not typed and for all year. This is such a magical women's holiday.

Congratulations on March 8, teachers are trained asrule, by the whole class. Distributed responsibilities between students: someone draws up posters, someone buys gifts and flowers, someone prepares the performance and participates in it.Congratulations on March 8On this holiday, students pay special attention totheir classroom leaders. Congratulatory speech for them has, as a rule, the following content: "Dear IO! In honor of this wonderful spring holiday, let us congratulate you on International Women's Day and wish you all the best! Health, prosperity, success in everything! We also want to thank you for what you are doing for us. For the knowledge that you convey to us, for patience and your priceless work! "

Congratulations on a woman's day mom and other relatives

In advance noting the holiday in the circle of colleagues in the schooland so on, on March 8 we already pay attention to the people closest to us: mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and all other relatives. We already send SMS to them in the morning, using poems. Since March 8 congratulations written in prose. And if we are going to a festive table, then each one makes his speech as it is more convenient for him.

poems from 8 March congratulations

Children can write poetry to their beloved mothers. Here is an example of such a children's creativity that delighted one of the mothers named Rosa:

I want to write this verse about you,

Let not ripe, but still childish.

I want everyone to know about my mother,

Born on the Soviet land.

Her name was given to Rosa, the queen of flowers.

And not in vain! After all, my mother,

How the flower blooms again every year

And it becomes beautiful itself.

Better than my mother, of course not,

Only she, like an angel, holy!

He will help me, give me invaluable advice,

My mom is the only one!

Congratulations on a woman's day, soul mate

Of course, the closest are not onlyrelatives, but also friends. And still - the second half. Although if you are already married, now you are considered to be relatives. But nevertheless congratulating your beloved is in a special way. After all, surely she tried to make you happy on February 23rd? Therefore, you will work on a women's holiday.

What they want to receive and hear from their loved onesmen on this day of their companions? Everything is simple! No woman will refuse (if she does not have allergies) from a chic bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear (preferably large), ornaments, a gift card for the purchase of good cosmetics or a trip to SPA procedures.congratulations on March 8 in prose

But gifts are not the main thing, the main thing is attention. And also words. After all, women love with their ears. Compliments on this day - the best gift! It is not necessary to prepare a special speech on the 8th of March. You can just say compliments, words of gratitude on this day. This approach to this holiday will leave a pleasant impression on you in your memory.

Universal congratulations on March 8 in verse

In any holiday we are looking for wishes suchwords that would bring joy to others. This is both prose and poetry. Since March 8, congratulations can be universal. Such, which are suitable for all women. This is very convenient, if there is no time for each to select individual wishes and just want to send out a congratulation message in the mail, SMS or social network.official congratulations on March 8

For this, verses are excellent. Since March 8, congratulations on rhymes are especially festive and cheer up. For example:

Congratulations on March 8

And I wish from the heart

To be happy and beautiful,

Its luck to find.

Let the spring break into the heart

And chase sorrow-sadness.

Congratulations on the 8th of March!

Rejoice, do not despond!

Congratulations on March 8 in prose

Wishes do not need to be in verse. Prose, although less solemn looks, but still used often for congratulations on March 8. Her dignity is this. If rhymes need to be selected for the wishes in the form of poems, then not all words that I would like to say can be inserted beautifully into the text, and they have to be omitted, use other, less meaningful ones.congratulations on March 8 to teachers

Therefore, prose is often used by those whodoes not look at the form. For them, in the priority, the quality of the text is congratulations.

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Speech for March 8. Congratulations on March 8: poetry, prose Speech for March 8. Congratulations on March 8: poetry, prose Speech for March 8. Congratulations on March 8: poetry, prose Speech for March 8. Congratulations on March 8: poetry, prose Speech for March 8. Congratulations on March 8: poetry, prose