Soviet aircraft of the Second World War

Military aircraft of the USSR always, especially during andafter the Second World War, were famous for their technical potential. Our pilots, flying on domestic airplanes, caused considerable damage to the fascist enemy in air battles.

The first Soviet military aircraft

Among the first interesting models can be identifiedW-2. The first tests of this flying boat began in 1929. Of course, this aircraft was not a fighter or bomber in the full sense of the word, but the practical benefit from it was great, because during the war it was used to transport wounded fighters and contact with partisan detachments.

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The MBR-2 was developed in 1931. Mass deliveries of the aircraft to the army began in 1934. What technical aspects did he have? These Soviet aircraft had a capacity of 450 horsepower, the maximum speed of the flight was 215 km / h. The average range was 960 km. The maximum distance that the MBR-2 was subjected to is 5100 km. It was used mainly in the fleets (the Pacific, Baltic, Amur flotilla). Mass arms of units in the fleets began in 1937. The planes, which were based on the Baltic Front, during the Second World War carried out about 700 sorties to German airfields that were in the occupied territory. The bombings were mostly carried out at night, their main feature was surprise, so the Germans could not oppose anything.

Soviet Union aircraft of World War II

Soviet fighters in the 1940s

Before the war, the Red Army had no equipmentquality fighters. The main reasons for this historian are the Soviet leadership's lack of understanding of the threat of a defensive war and massive repression of the late 1930s. The first Soviet aircraft (fighters), which could really fight against German cars, appeared in the beginning of 1940. The People's Commissariat of Defense approved the order for the production of three models at once: MiG-3, LaGG-3, Yak-1. The new Soviet Union aircraft of the Second World War (in particular, the MiG-3) had excellent technical characteristics, but were not very convenient in piloting. The development and launch of mass production of these flying devices of the new generation passed exactly at the time when they were most needed by the Armed Forces - just before the beginning of Hitler's aggression on the USSR. The maximum height that the MiG-3 was able to reach is 12 km. It was fast enough in the rise, because the plane took off for 5,3 kilometers in 5,3 minutes. The average optimal speed in flight was about 620 km.

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Soviet aircraft (bombers) and their role in the victory over fascism

To effectively fight the enemy, it was necessaryto establish interaction between aviation and the ground army. Probably, among the Soviet bombers, which brought the most damage to the army of the Wehrmacht, it is worth highlighting the Su-4 and the Yak-2. Let's talk separately about each of them.

So, the Su-4 was equipped with two large-caliberpoulets, which made it effective in air battles. The maximum range of aircraft of this class is 1000 kilometers, and the average speed during the flight reached 486 kilometers, which enabled the pilot to maneuver, saving the aircraft from enemy attacks if necessary.

Aircraft of the USSR of the second world series "Yakov" toooccupied a significant place in the list of bombers that the army used. Yak-2 became one of the first two-engine military aircraft. The power of each of the engines was 750 hp. The range of flight of an airplane with two motors was certainly much larger than single-engine analogs (1,300 km). Soviet aircraft World War II model range Yak had excellent rates of speed, as well as the time set of certain heights. Equipped with two machine guns, one of which was stationary, was on the nose of the fuselage. The second machine gun had to ensure the safety of the aircraft from the sides and from behind, so he was at the disposal of the second navigator.

USSR Aircraft of the Second World

Soviet pilots and aircraft of the Second World War

All the successes of Soviet aviation in the air fieldsThe battles with the fascists were provided not only with good results of engineering solutions, but also with the high professionalism of our pilots. As you know, the number of Heroes of the USSR - pilots is not less than the tankmen or infantrymen. Some Asses received this title three times (for example, Ivan Kozhedub).

It is worth paying tribute to the test pilots. Military aircraft of the USSR before they entered the armament of the army, have always been tested at landfills. It was the testers, risking their own lives, checked the reliability of the newly created equipment.

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