Solovki - how to get?

Roman Zhdanov
Roman Zhdanov
December 13, 2012
Solovki - how to get?

The Solovetsky Monastery is located on the islands of the same name, located in the White Sea. Information about how to get to Solovki is very small. In general, the best time to visit Solovki is the spring-summer period, since the nature of Karelia at this time is more good-natured towards people, and it is easier to get there. In winter, the island can only be reached by plane from Arkhangelsk. An airplane is an expensive pleasure, let's say right away.

In spring and summer, you can use the services of sea transport (from Arkhangelsk or from Kem). Both cities can be easily reached by train. White nights reign in Karelia in the summertime, so even at night you can explore the surroundings and sights. But let's be honest to the end - Arkhangelsk and Kem are not resort cities and there’s basically nothing to see there.

The port of Arkhangelsk is located in the city, so there is no problem. But there is no port in Kemi, it is located 7-12 kilometers from the city in the village of Rabocheostrovsk.You can get there by bus from Kemi, or use the services of local taxi drivers (prices are very reasonable, and bargaining is appropriate).

It remains to deal with part of the route Rabocheostrovsk - Solovki. How to get to the island? Once a day there goes the ship TX Vasily Kosyakov (capacity about 170 people). On the same day, the ship returns. The journey takes about 2.5 hours. Tickets are purchased at the hotel building, located directly in the port of Rabocheostrovsk.

There is a cafe in Rabochekhoostrovsk, if you’re lucky, you can try local oatmeal or pancakes, if you’re less lucky, you’ll get sandwiches, so as not to risk some food, it’s advisable to take with you.

In addition to the ship TX Vasily Kosyakov there are other ships and boats, but you should not count on them especially. They have their own schedule, you can get acquainted with it on the pier.

Upon arrival on the island there you can rent a transport. Bikes, scooters and cars (UAZ) are always at guests' disposal. The island is small (about 20x30 km), most of it is impassable, therefore it is easier to do without transport. Your transport to the island is very expensive.

Shuttle buses and monastery buses ply the island. The island has a mobile connection - megaphone and MTS. Part of the island is a reserve - do not get there.

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