"Solkoderm": reviews, instructions for use and effect

Due to the fact that in the modern world medicine is constantly evolving, today there are produced quite a lot of medicines for various diseases, including to combat acne, warts and other unpleasant phenomena. But before you buy this or that remedy, you need to get recommendations from a qualified specialist.

Today, to combat warts is recommended to use a drug such as "Solkoderm". Next, we look at the cost, use and reviews of this tool. It will also discuss some of the features of this drug, contraindications and possible side effects.

"Solkoderm": packaging, composition and form

solkoderm reviewsIs it really possible to use the medicine "Solkoderm" at the appearance of warts? Reviews show that the positive effect of applying this tool is well noticeable.The drug is available in the form of a colorless solution and is intended for outdoor use. The main active components of the drug are the following acids: lactic, acetic and nitric.

An additional active substance is copper trihydrate. Also in its composition of the drug contains distilled water. Wart medication is available in the form of a solution in glass ampoules. The package is equipped with a convenient plastic applicator and a glass capillary, which is wrapped in paper.

"Solkoderm": therapeutic effect

Many people are interested to know everything about the preparation "Solkoderm": instructions, price, reviews. This remedy is intended for the treatment of benign skin lesions. Due to the complex influence of the components, "Solikoderm" allows to achieve the mummification of the modified tissue.

The effect of the drug is expressed in changing the color of the affected skin. It takes on a gray or yellow tint. Devitalized tissue becomes dehydrated after applying such a remedy. As mummified, the layer dies off and becomes brownish in color.After that, the cells in this area of ​​the skin gradually exfoliate.

Efficacy in the treatment of papillomas

What else can be used medicine "Solkoderm"? Instructions for use and reviews suggest that this tool allows you to quickly get rid of tumors of various types. It can be warts, papillomas, and condylomas. In this case, complications such as the appearance of scar tissue or the development of infection are quite rare.

Solcoderm: Pharmacokinetics

solkoderm instruction reviewsHow quickly does Solcoderm affect the affected skin? Instructions and feedback from experts suggest that the use of such a tool does not show any absorption of the active ingredient through the skin. It should also be noted that because of the minimal amount of therapeutic dosage, the drug does not affect the human body. In some cases, side effects may occur, such as burning or irritation on the surface of the treated skin.

"Solkoderm": indications for use

Very often, doctors prescribe the drug "Solkoderm" from papillomas. Reviews, price and many other indicators make this tool the best option in the treatment of skin tumors of a benign nature."Solkoderm" can be used in the treatment of plantar warts, genital warts, It is also used in non-cellular nevus, the benignity of which was confirmed by laboratory tests. Before using the drug should consult with experts. Before starting treatment with a similar drug, it is imperative to conduct laboratory studies of the neoplasm to determine its nature.

"Solkoderm": contraindications

solkoderm instruction price reviewsAre there any conditions in which it is not recommended to use the drug "Solkoderm"? Reviews say about such contraindications of this drug, as a tendency to the appearance of scars. Also banned are malignant neoplasms on the skin, prone to metastasis. It should also be noted that "Solkoderm" can not be used to combat keloid scars and freckles.

How to use the drug?

Are there any recommendations for the use of the drug "Solkoderm"? Instructions for use, price and reviews will be given below. The drug is intended for external use.The procedure for applying such funds to the skin is carried out only by physicians.

The area of ​​the affected area before treatment means further disinfected with ethyl alcohol or ether. "Solkoderm" is applied directly to the affected skin, previously disinfected. For this purpose, you can use a special plastic applicator that is present in the package.

solkoderm instruction manual reviewsTo apply the tool on small areas of skin, you can use the sharp end of the device. It is much more convenient. The blunt edge is suitable for treating large areas of skin.

Also for the application of such funds, you can use a special glass capillary. It is sold with the drug. With the help of this device it is possible to treat even complex lesions of the skin, the area of ​​which reaches 2-3 cm.2.

To fill a glass capillary with the preparation, it is necessary to immerse it in the medicinal solution for some time. In the process of applying a need to observe some caution. Do not use large amounts of the drug.This can cause damage to the deeper layers of the skin. This means that you need to apply as much medicine as you can absorb the affected tissue.

"Solkoderm": application method

Now let's talk about the features of the application of the drug "Solkoderm". Reviews suggest that the drug should be used to treat only the affected areas. After that, the solution is carefully smeared on the surface of the tumor and wait for the compound to be completely absorbed. Then within 3-5 minutes you need to observe the changes occurring in the treated area. If the procedure was performed correctly and in accordance with the instructions for use, then skin discoloration should occur soon.

solkoderm instruction manual price reviewsWhen treating keratinized warts, before using the drug, you must first remove the top layer of dead tissue. This will allow the compound to be absorbed faster. Affected areas, the area of ​​which is more than 10 mm, can be treated only if the upper layer of the skin is modified. In the case of multiple foci, the treatment process is carried out in several stages.The interval between courses is approximately 4 weeks.

During treatment, no more than 2-3 lesions should be treated at a time, the total area of ​​which does not exceed 2-3 cm.2. To accelerate the fixation and mummification of the modified tissues subjected to treatment, it is recommended to treat the affected area with a 70% alcohol solution.

A scab formed as a result of therapy with the use of such a drug should not be removed by scraping. It is also not recommended to use various mechanical means for this purpose. He must fall away on his own. Otherwise, the tissue healing process may be disrupted. As a result, scars can form on the skin.

"Solkoderm": side effects

papilloma solcoderm reviews PriceWhat complications can occur when using the drug "Solkoderm"? Reviews of patients speak about short-term burning in the treated area of ​​the skin. It is also possible the occurrence of local reactions, such as slight pigmentation, erythema or manifestation of a white ischemic ring on healthy skin. Scar tissue may form on the damaged area.

"Solkoderm": recommendations

The main source by which you can judge the effectiveness of the drug "Solkoderm" - reviews. Plantar warts can be easily eliminated in a short time. After biopsy samples have been taken from the affected skin area, it is necessary to wait approximately 10 days. Then you can proceed directly to the treatment.

If the drug accidentally gets on a healthy area of ​​skin, it must be removed immediately using a cotton swab and plain water. When the patient has painful sensations at the time of applying the drug, the procedure should be immediately interrupted.

Consumer reviews about the drug

What will help to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the drug "Solkoderm"? Reviews Condylomas, papillomas, warts and other skin lesions can be successfully removed with this drug.

What do the patients themselves say about this tool? Judging by the reviews, with the help of this drug, many are trying to get rid of unpleasant neoplasms on the skin. Many manage to achieve a positive effect.

solcoderm plantar warts reviewsBut there are also such patients that the Solcoderm solution did not help.According to doctors and physicians, the effectiveness of the drug depends mainly on the correctness of its use, as well as the type of disease.

Doctors say that such a tool should be used only under the supervision of a specialist, and only after the exact reason for the appearance of a benign neoplasm has been determined.

Doctors recommend treatment in conjunction with complex therapy. The price of the drug today is about 560-580 rubles.

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