Sociophobes are people who are afraid of publicly panic. Fears and phobias

A truly happy person can be considered that,who does not have the desire to prove something to others. This phenomenon, like social phobia, forces the individual to excel in seeking the rationale for his behavior, constantly doubting himself, analyzing and evaluating. This is one of the serious obstacles on the way to happiness and harmony with oneself and the world.

What is social phobia?

As the scientists who study the problem note,social phobia is the most common psychological disorder that occurs in humans. Anxiety against the backdrop of social action is most evident among residents of developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Sociopathy is a condition characterized by the following symptoms:

  • physical;
  • emotional;
  • behavioral;
  • cognitive.

sociophobia is

Symptoms of social phobia

Physical symptoms manifest as a rapidheart beat, nausea, fatigue, severe pain in the head or stomach, tension, increased sweating. The person becomes pale, his pupils dilate, there is a shiver.

Emotional symptoms are internally expressedfeeling that something bad is bound to happen. A person is constantly tense, practically can not concentrate. He has anxiety, irritability. Sociophobe sees bad dreams and is often confronted with a sense of deja vu.

Behavioral symptoms are based on experience thatwas obtained in a situation that had previously caused an alarm. They are manifested as increased fatigue, severe resentment and the need to frequent the toilet room.

The cognitive symptom is a sense of danger that can lead to death. Consultation of a doctor in the presence of these fears is mandatory.

How to distinguish between social phobia and normal anxiety?

It should be noted that anxiety,which occurs only periodically, is a normal reaction of a person to stress and helps to overcome them. With social phobia, anxiety arises not in the ordinary sense of it. A person feels such experiences, as if he was in an inevitable, uncontrollable situation.

Thus, social phobes are people who sensefear, which is amplified and periodically repeated before situations of social significance. This mental disorder is accompanied by dislike, hidden hatred of situations that require him to appear and communicate in society. This state can not be explained logically, and often it is not understood by man himself.

People with social phobia are afraid of all sorts ofthe types of activities that are associated with the appearance in society, and try in every possible way to avoid them. Anxiety in such individuals is aimed at the future and when an imminent threat approaches, it is expressed in the form of increased caution.

These people consider themselves to be tabooactions that, in their opinion, will make you feel anxious or embarrassed in public. Scientists note that social phobia is not only a fear of being in society, but also a fear of actions that can be assessed from the outside. How do people see social phobia? This is a common phenomenon they associate with constant conviction, criticism, observation and evaluation.

the doctor's consultation

Objects of fear of sociophobes

Psychologists distinguish the following main objects of fear in people suffering from social phobia:

  • public performance;
  • interview during job search;
  • answers at a school lesson or in front of an audience in a university;
  • negotiations with new business partners;
  • conversations with people who enjoy authority;
  • communication with strangers and visits to unfamiliar people;
  • any actions in public places;
  • purchases in large supermarkets;
  • The situation in which a person will be given general attention.

When do I need a mental test?

People who have a normal psychologicalthe state, basically stay in a good mood and positively look at the surrounding world. They never sit in one place and certainly do not worry about their possible failures. Such individuals are active in all spheres of life. However, sometimes difficult situations arise that force them to engage in unusual activities for them. It is noteworthy that negativism can be caused not only by negative factors, but also by positive ones.

mental test

Problems with the psychological state are oftencause a variety of disorders, including low self-esteem and phobias, which result in neuroses and psychoses. A test for a mental state should be done for those who are experiencing increased irritability or are periodically depressed. Tests for verification are developed by specialists. They consist of questions, answers to which allow a preliminary assessment of a person's health.

Types of phobias

Phobia is called a strong obsessive fear ofanything. Objects of heightened phobia can be various subjects, actions and situations. This condition brings discomfort to the life of the person and greatly complicates it. The person at the same time knows that there is no need to be afraid, but nothing can be done about his phobia.

In most cases people suffer from fearsemotional. They experience imaginary situations, as if they are taking place in real life. The social phobes themselves do not deny this. Experts classify all such fears as follows:

  • social phobia;
  • agoraphobia;
  • isolated phobia.

Types of phobias

Social phobia has nothing to do withshyness, as it may seem at first glance. Such fear is directed to actions in a public place. Agoraphobia is the fear of a large crowd of people and open space. The object of isolated fear is a specific object or phenomenon. We listed the main types of phobias, one way or another related to being in society. Next, let's talk about how to deal with this pathology.

The test for determining the degree of social phobia

Today, at the relevant thematicinformation resources, you can find a lot of tests for determining unreasonable fears. So, the test, as far as you are a social phobic, offers to pass the researcher Michael Leibovitz. A small survey reveals the degree of manifestation of fears in a person's life.

The testing author suggests responding toquestions that determine the presence of anxiety in a particular situation and the desire of the individual to avoid it. Having counted the scored points, everyone will be able to find out their result.

Who are sociopaths?

Some people think that the sociopath and social -these are the opposite terms, but this is not quite so. A sociopath is a person suffering from a behavioral disorder that manifests itself in ignoring the rights of other people and in refusing to behave in accordance with accepted norms in society.

Such personalities are recognized by the following qualities:

  • lack of conscience, sympathy;
  • unwillingness and inability to control their emotions;
  • cruelty;
  • violence;
  • non-recognition of his guilt.

At work and in schoolquite simply. They are very irresponsible towards other people. In their character, impulsiveness and recklessness prevail. With such personalities it is almost impossible to agree and especially not to expect from them a responsible attitude to any cause.

In this case, sociopaths are distinguished by high intelligence. However, over the years, they use the accumulated knowledge and experience to use other people for their own purposes. They are cunning and prudent. Also, such people are very fond of themselves. They will never miss the opportunity to ask for praise and do not tolerate criticism of their own. The need for thrills sociopathy draws in dangerous situations. Thanks to them, he satisfies his indefatigable desire to rule.

test how you are sociopathic

The causes and symptoms of social phobia

To learn how to get rid of socialanxiety, you need to understand the root of the problem. Perhaps you noticed that already in childhood children are very different from each other. So, some - adapt to almost any conditions. They are open and come into contact with everyone. While others in any new setting feel insecure. They cuddle up to their parents and react negatively if adults try to talk to them.

  • In some cases, the reason for social phobia is shyness, which man is endowed with by nature. The disorder occurs in a complex period of a person's life - during puberty.
  • The development of mental disability can be facilitated by a specific one-time situation, which caused a strong stress in a person: a car accident, a terrorist act, natural disasters.
  • Also often the cause of social phobia iswrong attitude towards the children of parents. Adults, not thinking about the consequences, in a negative manner compare the child, which in the future leads to low self-esteem.
  • The fear of society can be caused by prolonged stress. Typically, emotional stress in adults is associated with problems in the family or with work.

people sociophobes

Why and how to treat social phobia?

Despite such a disappointing assessmentmental disorder, scientists came to the conclusion that it is still possible to get rid of this phobia. Let's figure out how to stop being a sociopath? And we begin with the root causes, we will trace the path of development of this violation. So...

Sociophobes are children who are not supported byparents. They are afraid to attend classes and answer to their classmates. Further such person can not act at seminars, and visiting of exams turns for it in the present torture. At work, the situation is aggravated. Special difficulties sociophobic experiences at meetings and during communication with management. A person does not participate in public life at all. Over time, the nervous system is depleted, which leads to a variety of diseases. This state makes a person's life impossible, so you need to get rid of it. How?

Methods of treatment

At the first symptoms of the disease, a doctor's consultation is needed. In some cases, treatment may take a long time. There are several methods of treatment:

  • cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy;
  • trainings;
  • hypnosis;
  • medicinal preparations.

The most popular way is therapy. It allows the person to recognize the thoughts that cause anxiety, and also teaches how to deal with them. The number of classes is determined by the degree of phobia. Usually their number ranges from eight to sixteen. At the final stage, group therapy is provided.

sociopath and social phobia

Experts are convinced that people-sociophobes withSmall fears can cope with themselves, for example, when attending trainings. Also in this can help thematic lectures, books and videos. Working on yourself will give a person the opportunity to restore faith in themselves without the intervention of psychologists.

During hypnosis, a purposefulimpact on the human psyche. It is carried out in verbal form. At the level of the subconscious of the person new beliefs are inspired, which relieve her of discomfort during social situations.

Treatment with medicines prescribes the use of the following drugs as prescribed by the doctor: antidepressants, partial receptor agonists, benzodiazepines.

The effectiveness of treatment for social phobia dependsfrom personality characteristics and the correctness of the chosen method of treatment. Getting rid of the disease, a person can become a full-fledged person and increase their self-esteem. Sociophobia is not a hopeless diagnosis. Everyone can get rid of fears and make his life more happy.

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Sociophobes are people who are afraid of publicly panic. Fears and phobias Sociophobes are people who are afraid of publicly panic. Fears and phobias Sociophobes are people who are afraid of publicly panic. Fears and phobias Sociophobes are people who are afraid of publicly panic. Fears and phobias Sociophobes are people who are afraid of publicly panic. Fears and phobias Sociophobes are people who are afraid of publicly panic. Fears and phobias