Social technologies: definition, types, tools

What is social technology? The simplest answer: a set of techniques that allow you to influence a particular situation or the social system as a whole. If to speak it is expanded, the concept includes the whole structure of communicative methods which are used for management of a society or own environment. Social technologies make it possible to form the necessary reality, to manage others in their own interests. Studying their science, which is called "management consulting."

Depending on the scope in which these technologies are applied, they differ in:

  • Actually social. Such technologies developed historically. The easiest way to explain them is through proverbs. "Without difficulty, you can not catch a fish from the pond." "Who does not work shall not eat". These social technologies involve caring for unprotected strata, the formation of social justice.
  • Economic. They mean the correct distribution of labor based on an assessment of the abilities and capabilities of each employee, the distribution of managerial responsibilities for intellectual optimization of labor.
  • Managerial. This includes methods for creating a strategy for managers, increasing collective responsibility, developing effective management systems.
  • Political. It is on them that guarantees the correctness and optimality of political decisions affecting the life of society.
  • Social technologies of the spiritual sphere. They determine the prerequisites for solving social problems, take into account trends that affect cultural life.

To date, our state is developingtechnologies of social work related to the improvement of family life, unprotected layers (pensioners, disabled people, children). Technologies of foreseeing social development, adaptation, social, medical, pedagogical and other are being developed and introduced.

Especially important are all representatives of the scientific communityconsider the technology of social work with the family, because it is in this cell of society that people spend most of their lives. And it is the family that primarily shapes the personality, needs, behavior and aspiration of the person.

Such technologies are developed specifically for different categories. In particular, social technologies are distinguished for working with the following families:

  • who are in a socially dangerous situation;
  • large families;
  • incomplete;
  • who have a disabled child, etc.

Particular attention is paid to the protection of children who are subjected to sexual, physical or moral violence.

If you try to classify the types of social technologies, you will have to select several criteria.

So, by degree of fame they are divided into classical (traditional) and innovative, i.e. developed with due regard for modern concepts and possibilities.

Technologies can cover a specific region orthe whole country, so they can be divided into global, aimed at solving common human problems, and regional, taking into account the characteristics of the region.

Some sociologists offer this classification of technologies:

  • associated with the legal support of the life of society;
  • determining administrative and imperious regulation;
  • Information Support;
  • related to spiritual and cultural development;
  • providing stable social functioning.

In addition to the above, the concept of "socialtechnology "can be considered as a direction of professional activity. In this case, it is expedient to single out a number of actions aimed at anticipating and eliminating negative social processes. These include certain methods of exposure:

  • administrative;
  • managerial;
  • economic;
  • pedagogical;
  • legal;
  • psychological.

These methods refer to the toolkit of social psychology. They help you achieve your goals.

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