Smartphone Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM: an overview b specifications

Not so long ago, Nokia's phones were the most popular. They were distinguished by high build quality, innovative technologies and other interesting developments. Special attention of buyers was awarded the Nokia Dual Sim smartphone. He went on sale in 2014. The external design of the gadget is fully consistent with modern requirements. However, the hardware "stuffing" is not particularly highlighted characteristics. The focus of the developers made on the resolution of the front camera. This parameter became the "highlight" of this unit.

Consumer demand after the start of sales grew at a breakneck pace. What is so liked the device buyer? What unique parameters will it surprise domestic users?nokia lumia 730 dual sim


Given that this model according to the specifications and cost refers to the middle segment, many owners have comments on a set of components.It is hard to believe that the gadget at the price of approximately 13,000 rubles, except for the charger and the battery, has nothing else. The only interesting element of the configuration is an additional removable panel. For example, the Nokia 730 Lumia Dual Sim Orange comes with a basic orange back cover and a dark matte, removable one. If necessary, the user himself chooses what he likes more.

But back to the configuration. Unfortunately, the developers for some reason did not foresee the presence of a USB cable. According to many owners, this is unacceptable for medium category gadgets. Naturally, there is no memory card or cover in the kit. If the need arises users will have to buy all the accessories separately. Of course, this is an additional cost that can be safely attributed to the shortcomings.

With a complete set of the manufacturer just lost, however, attempts were made to rehabilitate. Wireless chargers have appeared on the market. Their body is made in the same colors as the phone. To pick up the necessary variant of problems will not make. The device is multifunctional. It is not only used for the main purpose (recharging the battery),but it can also notify the owners about the missed calls and the "dead" lumia 730 dual sim green


Exterior design model Lumia 730 can not be called trivial. The use of new and fresh solutions helped the manufacturer quickly unleash the gadget. The back panel has streamlined side faces. They practically reach the screen, framing it with an original frame. If, for example, in the black version it is not so brightly striking, then in other colors it becomes an accent. Below is added a photo of the model Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim Green. On it you can see how advantageous the green frame emphasizes the boundaries of the screen, focusing on it.

What can I say about the case? If we consider its dimensions, then it is a typical representative of the middle class. Its thickness is 8.7 mm, which deserves praise. The height is neither big nor small - 134.7 mm, width - 68.5 mm. These dimensions do not create discomfort when using. The back panel can have two types of coverage - matte and glossy. The lineup includes the classic (black and white) and youth (green and orange) options. The former are ideal for respectable people, the latter, most often, are acquired by adolescents.

On the front panel, all elements are arranged in a standard pattern.The speaker, front camera, sensors are displayed at the top, and at the bottom are the touch keys for controlling the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim. Glass (Corning Gorilla Glass), protecting the screen, the manufacturer used a rounded shape. It does not appear anywhere, which pleases a large number of buyers. However, you need to be careful, this moment can be attributed to the disadvantages, because if you put the phone on the table or another smooth surface with the screen down, it will slide strongly.

At the top of the rear panel, the user will see the camera lens and a small flash window. In the middle there is an engraving of the company name. And at the bottom of the right side of the output speaker output holes.

The lock / power button and volume control are on the usual place - on the right side. The micro-USB port is located in the center of the bottom, the headset jack is on the lumia 730 dual sim phone


Estimate the performance of the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim can be on the characteristics of the processor. In this model, the developers have installed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. It is characterized by high performance due to the four cores Cortex-A7. To assess the performance of buyers, it is important to know the clock frequency.In this model, it is 1.2 GHz. For the quality of the graphics processor is responsible GPU Adreno 305. The image displayed on the screen, clear, high quality.

Many users pay attention to the fact that the gadget copes with all its tasks perfectly. These results are provided with 1 GB of RAM. What is unique is that software freezes and crashes are almost never encountered in all Lumia models. And this is a significant advantage, which distinguishes smartphones on the background of gadgets of other brands.

The storage of the built-in memory is quite voluminous. Its potential is limited to 8 GB. According to the owners, this is enough for downloading not only music, video and pictures, but also modern applications. If the user doesn’t seem enough, then the opportunity to use the removable storage resource is provided. The device supports memory cards up to 128 GB. Thanks to them, the smartphone will open all the possibilities without exception to the 730 lumia dual sim orange

Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim: display specifications

Love for smartphones in most cases caused by the big screen. In the model Lumia 730, its diagonal is 4.7 inches. The display resolution is quite high - 1280 × 780 px.The image quality is excellent, there is no grain or noise. The pixel density per inch is 316 ppi. Thanks to this “squares” can not be considered with the naked eye.

In order that the device perfectly behaved in the bright sun, the ClearBlack technology was used. Its essence lies in the application of the polarization layer, which significantly improves the image quality and eliminates the formation of glare.smartphone nokia 730 lumia dual sim


The Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim has a lot of advantages, but the most important thing is the front camera. It is equipped with a 5 megapixel matrix. Two years ago there were no analogues on sale. The basis used wide-angle lens, there is an autofocus. If you use the camera in good light, the photos are excellent. But in the dark the quality is a little lame.

It’s not worth talking about the main camera for a long time, as the developers paid almost no attention to it. Resolution - only 6.7 MP. Provided video recording function.

operating system

On the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim, like the rest of the smartphones of the Finnish manufacturer, a proprietary operating system is installed - Windows Phone. Initially the eighth version was used. After the release of the update, users got a chance to enjoy the features of Windows Phone 8.1.

This “OS” is distinguished by stable operation, rare freezes and crashes. There are problems, but very rarely. Currently, the owners of the gadget can officially update the firmware to the 10th version. Warranty service of the device while remains in lumia 730 dual sim specs


Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim is equipped with a medium-sized battery by today's standards. Its capacity is 2220 mAh. The owners claim that with active use of the smartphone, the battery will last about a day. If you reduce the load by half, then put the device on recharging will have no earlier than two days.

The manufacturer indicated in the instructions the official indicators characterizing the operation of the battery.

  • Standby time - about one month.
  • Continuous conversation - 22 hours
  • Listening to music through the headset - 60 hours.
  • Video playback at maximum brightness level - 9 lumia 730 dual sim glass


Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim is a model that is one of the latest developments of the Finnish company. Currently, the company has passed into the possession of another corporation. However, this in no way affected the quality of the gadget. The manufacturer has developed an excellent device that copes not only with the main tasks, but also opens up a great potential of possibilities.All connoisseurs of Windows can enjoy a high-quality device, but fans of other operating systems are advised to weigh the pros and cons before buying.

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