Smartphone Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM: features, description, reviews

Choosing a smartphone, buyers will certainly pay attention to the various technical characteristics of the gadget. One of the important factors in this is the operating system that is installed on the gadget and with which you have to constantly deal. The choice can fall on the Apple iPhone or Google Android, and in addition, on Microsoft Windows Phone. Most customers are confident that the main competitors are only the first two operating systems. The last one, Microsoft Windows Phone, they just don't take into account. And in vain. Windows Phone devices are a great combination of quality, which has a touch screen, durability of case materials, operating system functionality, and processor performance. That is why Nokia Lumia WP devices, which recently changed their name to Microsoft Lumia, deserve special attention from potential users.

The advantage of new models

After the WP operating system released its new version 8.1, Nokia’s phones have many advantages over Android smartphones belonging to the middle class.After all, WP 8.1 supports two SIM cards, backgrounds that are located on live tiles, a notification center, and other useful features. To an ordinary buyer, Windows-based smartphones seem much more familiar and friendlier. At the same time, users are pleased with the high working speed of models, multimedia, a wonderful implementation of the camera, as well as Nokia’s proprietary software with its music and offline navigation maps.

nokia lumia 630 dual sim specsPreviously, Windows Phone provided users with insufficient freedom. It was much less than, for example, in Google, which uses Android. The latter allows, by installing only one "Poncher", located in the company store of updates, to change literally everything. WP did not allow this to the user, so a fairly large update of WP 8 was perceived by customers with particular trepidation and interest. And for the first time this version appeared in the smartphone model Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM. This is an inexpensive model from the famous Finnish company. Price Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM is at the level of 7990 rubles for the version with one SIM-card, and 8490 rubles for the one in which the production of two SIM cards is provided.

This smartphone is interesting to many users. It is the first gadget with the version of the mobile OS Windows Phone 8.1, proposed by Microsoft. As a rule, such a serious transformation begins with high-end devices.However, this time for the new version of the platform, the budget and modest Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM was chosen. And this is quite understandable. If the new OS behaves well on a modest device, then on the flagship it will be just gorgeous.

Discover the world of Lumia

The Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM review convincingly proves that there are several things in this gadget that are not typical for Windows Phone. First of all, this is the support of two SIM-cards, mentioned above, and the touch screen keyboard. Quite good is the Nokia Dumia 630 Dual SIM equipment.

setting nokia lumia 630 dual sim

It does not provide for a USB cable and headset, but there is a removable panel. In the box in which the phone is located, you can find more instructions, battery and charging. Cover Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM in the configuration of the gadget is not provided.
And the main feature of this model is, of course, expected by many buyers of Windows Phone 8.1. Consider the characteristics of Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM in more detail.


Reviews of Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM confirm the fact that the manufacturer for this gadget has chosen a standard design, characteristic of the Lumia line. In addition, the body of this smartphone is a solid structure that can withstand even accidental falls from a height. In addition, a smartphoneNokia Lumia 630 Dual SIMhas a pleasant variety of colors that makes it stand out from the rest of the models. This is accomplished through a removable, easily replaceable back panel.

Matte case cover, the material of which is polycarbonate, the manufacturer has released in orange and black, yellow and green, as well as in white.

The enveloping form of the back panel reaches the edges of the front. The latter, completely black, is not protected by an oleophobic coating, and therefore fingerprints are clearly visible on it. Of course, this is not very convenient. However, it is worth remembering that the price of the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM allows you to carry the smartphone to the budget class.

smartphone nokia lumia 630 dual simOne of the positive aspects is the presence of a protective glass Gorilla Glass on the front of the gadget. This is a fairly durable material of the 3rd generation.

The only visible elements on the case are the microphone and speaker.
The case of the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM gadget has a slightly sloping side. This provides him with additional convenience in hand. Behind the case are the speaker and camera. On the right side there are buttons to turn the device on and off, as well as adjust its volume.At the top of the device, the manufacturer has placed a connector, the size of which is 3.5 millimeters. At the bottom of the panel there is a microUSB output.

instruction nokia lumia 630 dual sim

Under the hood you can find a syllable for two different SIM-cards or microSD, which is capable of supporting cards up to 128 GB. They become available only after the battery is removed from the gadget.

The front panel of the device was divided between a large display, three touch buttons, a slot for the speaker, as well as a miniature output of the built-in microphone. I am glad the owners of gadgets of this model and their excellent ergonomics. It allows you to make comfortable long-term and continuous work with the tube. The user's hand can effortlessly reach out to any touch or hardware button.

Externally, this model from the company “Nokia” is very similar to other smartphones that are part of the same line. According to the owners of these gadgets, the devices have a good build quality. First of all, this is reflected in the tight fit of the materials. At the same time, thanks to the special shape of the lid, the case of the devices is almost monolithic.And this is despite the fact that the problems with budget smartphones relate to the build quality. But from the users of this model, no negative feedback on this account is received. Of course, it’s hard to break away from its budgetary characteristics of the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM, but they are all compensated by the excellent quality of production.

Among the serious shortcomings note the absence of a special button for shooting. It is a mandatory attribute of only expensive Lumia smartphones. In addition, in this model for the first time the user will not see the hardware buttons under the screen. They are replaced by virtual ones.


If we consider the characteristics of Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM, then among them it is worth noting the following: the gadget is equipped with a 4.5-inch display, the pixel density of which is 218 ppi. Such characteristics for a budget smartphone are quite good. Its screen remarkably keeps under the blinding rays of the sun. This is possible through the use of proprietary technology Clearblack, protects against glare.

smartphone for two sim cardsSome features of the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM are typical for this line. In particular, in the menu of the gadget there is an item that allows you to increase or decrease the color security, as well as to slightly correct the color temperature (if necessary).By the way, this function is framed very clearly. Due to this, color management is possible only when targeting several images appearing on the screen. This process is very pleasant. It is simple even for the most untrained users.

In connection with the budget version of the smartphone it does not have a light sensor. Setting the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM in brightness is made thanks to three preset modes - high, medium and low. The first of these is the most optimal during the daytime hours outside. Medium mode is recommended for indoor use, while low is used in the dark.

According to user reviews, the most pleasant impression is the quality of the display, expressed in its maximum viewing angles and responsiveness of the sensor. This compensates for slightly pale colors compared to the reference, the brightness of which is impossible due to the smaller sRGB space.


The studied instruction Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM does not carry any unexpected moments. And there are two reasons for this. First of all, the characteristics of the gadget specified in it fully correspond to its cost. The second reason is the lack of the need for powerful hardware to run Windows Phone.However, despite its modest parameters by today's standards, this smartphone for two SIM cards copes with the daily tasks assigned to it much better than some serious models with Android. And this is a great advantage of Windows Phone, which is noted by many users.


Smartphone Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM is the first state employee, which provides for the use of a 4-core processor. It is a Snapdragon 400 Qualcomm MSM8926, which is manufactured using the 28-nm process technology and is equipped with Cortex-A7 cores. This solution is very common for low-cost gadgets in the Android world.


Its in the smartphone Lumia 630 only 512 MB. Despite such a small amount, the interface of the gadget works smoothly. In addition, Temple Run 2 runs perfectly and it is possible to install about ten applications included in the device kit.

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM is characterized by slowness typical for state employees. This is how all existing applications open and close. The “patient” mode is also provided for when the camera is working. However, users, who were holding the most advanced Android smartphones in their hands, say that they had a feeling that this state employee performs operations faster.Inexpensive device in its rickety surpasses Android-dualsim in the same price category, equipped with the same 4.5-inch display. Of course, users have no complaints about the speed of the applications. Not only their camera pleases. Its launch is delayed by 4-5 seconds, which does not allow for a quick snapshot.


It is located in the back of the Lumia 630. Users are quite satisfied with its work. The speaker plays loud and gives a pleasant sound. The bell can be heard even on a busy street.


Some negative reviews about the smartphone Lumia 630 relate to the heating of its body, which is marked under load and when charging. Which manufacturer is provided in the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM battery? This is a battery with a capacity of 1830 mAh.

nokia lumia 630 dual sim price

According to the manufacturer, it is able to ensure the operability of the gadget for 16 hours when conducting calls or 648 hours while in standby mode. Judging by the user reviews, they are sure that the phone will be enough for a day of work. At the same time, 30% of the battery capacity is spent on 2-hour video viewing.

SIM card operation

What is attractive for users of Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM? As mentioned above, this is a smartphone for two SIM cards. At the same time, both of them are active. However, only one slot supports 3G.

In general, the system was very convenient. For those who want to work with the first SIM-card, you will need to open the application "Phone". It is assigned to the eponymous card. Here are your contacts and a list of calls.

On the quality of communication and its reception from the owners of smartphones no complaints arise. The model provides for the presence of one radio module, so that the presence of a second SIM card does not affect the operation time. However, the company was able to implement a unique scheme. It lies in the fact that the second SIM card is active even if there is a call to the main card. This was made possible through the use of technology X-divert.


With good lighting conditions, the smartphone allows you to get quite high-quality images that are suitable for sharing in social networks. Camera gadget Lumia 630 has a resolution of 5 megapixels. However, it is bad that she does not have a flash. Absent in the smartphone and stabilization.

As for the video, his smartphone records at a maximum resolution of 720 p. The results of the shooting, although not impressive, are quite good.
Sometimes the image is too dark. However, existing applications in the smartphone can correct the situation.With their help, you can manually adjust the exposure, white balance, aperture speed, etc.

case nokia lumia 630 dual simNokia is widely known for paying particular attention to photography in its gadgets. Confirmation of this - the presence of two applications for images. One of them is Nokia Camera. With it, you can add the above manual settings. The second application is Nokia Creative Studio. With it, the user can decorate the finished frames, while emphasizing the color chosen by him.

Application of new OS

There is no doubt that the development of Windows Phone 8.1 is the best product for Nokia mobile phones lately. In this model, users can work with folders and navigate to the notification panel. The presence of an assistant also pleases them. All this was a significant step, allowing users to continue to maintain loyalty to smartphones manufactured by Nokia, in which the operating system WP.

What innovations are present in this update? Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM has such important points:

- backlit screen;
- quick launch of the camera;
- Wi-Fi;
- quick access to all settings;
- Bluetooth.

And this is all besides the actual posts about the latest events in the gadget.Of course, each of the above functions, located in the notification panel, could have been sent before. However, this was done only at the request of the user in the form of "live" tiles that fall on the desktop. Here are just the search for the desired file in this motley chaos sometimes took considerable time. Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM provides an opportunity to see the necessary file in the area of ​​the screen, which is devoid of unnecessary colors. And it is much easier and more convenient.

Particularly relevant in this model is the presence of an item called "Camera". After all, as mentioned above, there is no separate key for launching this application.

WP 8 provides the user with the ability to modify an existing list of useful functions necessary for him. As a result, only those applications that interest the owner of the smartphone can be located in the notification menu.

Another advantage of the new OS is the presence of an assistant Cortana. It can be accessed by pressing and then holding down the search key on the front panel. This assistant perfectly understands Russian words. At the same time, he is able, even with varying success, to recognize human speech.The difference from Google in this case lies only in the fact that Cortana is still not able to politely remind the user when to leave the party so as not to be late for the last bus. However, those who develop Windows Phone are still ahead.

Another feature of the OS is the inability of the user to log into any of his accounts without setting the correct time and date. Without this, you can not even send photos to OnerDive. But in this case, developers can be forgiven. They still have quite a lot of work aimed at restoring order in the new smartphones. This also concerns the overly long settings menu, where literally several points hide the screen settings, as well as instructions for opening the player's equalizer, which contradict what the user is telling the logic.

But today, in a virtually bottomless amount of settings, the user is able to find support for Swype. He will need it for the keyboard. In addition, WP8 offers to use a data counter that can restrict mobile traffic and automatically connect to available Wi-Fi networks in the access area. Allows this OS to make and VPN-connection.The search time for necessary functions is significantly increased due to the lack of logic in the menu system. Users note that every time they have to doubt the availability of a particular application. More comfortable menus have later versions. In this regard, some owners of smartphones are installing on Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Windows 10.

Despite the fact that the considered gadget belongs to the budget category, it has the Drive + application installed, allowing the navigator to work.

According to user feedback, the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM has a huge number of pre-installed applications. Sometimes it becomes just amazing how they can fit in the memory of a smartphone, which is only 8 GB. The main number of developed applications belongs to Nokia. Among them are cartographic, as well as the projector Photobeamer, Nokia Mixradio, Ringtonemaker, Studio and others. There are in the model and familiar to the user application "Yandex", such as "Metro", "Trains", "Search". The gadget provides the ability to read and download books using the pre-installed service "liters".

WP8 allows the owner of the smartphone to use various useful applications, including Health and Fitness.It can be carried out accounting of calories consumed and spent, as well as track sports results.


Sometimes there is a need to restore the normal operation of the phone. It happens with the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM. The firmware in this case is the only option, and you can do it without contacting the private masters or the service center.

What to do in cases where the smartphone stopped responding to commands, does not turn on, periodically freezes, does not find the network, is not updated, etc.? For starters, you can simply try to reload it and reset it. In extreme cases, you will need to reflash it using the official Windows Device Recovery Tool utility. Firmware "Lumia 630", as a rule, does not cause much difficulty, even for not very experienced users.

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