"Skoda Rumster": technical characteristics of the popular Czech minivan

What is a car like"Skoda Rumster"? The technical characteristics of this machine are quite interesting. Like the model itself. So it is necessary to tell in more details about this car, which first appeared to our eyes in 2003.

soda rumster specifications

The beginning of history

Before you talk directly about the car itself, "Skoda Rumster", the technical specifications of which will be presented below, it is worth a little talk about its history.

Well, for the first time this concept was presented to a widepublic in Frankfurt in 2003. And after another 29 months he went into mass production. Interestingly, the fact that the final, finished model had some significant differences from its prototype. This model raised the brand of the company "Skoda" to an entirely new level of assembly, design and quality.

By the way, the name. It turned out to be quite symbolic. PartroomTranslated as a "room", which embodies comfort and comfort. Aster, standing at the end, conveys a kind of light-hearted temperament of this machine. Here we can clearly see an analogy withroadster.

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Talking about the car "Skoda Rumster", the technical characteristics of which are quite impressive for such a car, one can not help noticing its design with particular attention.

A bright sporty appearance is emphasizedpanoramic roof glass and wide side windows providing excellent visibility. All this in combination with each other looks modern, harmonious and yet original. Indeed, Skoda has embarked on a new way of creating an exterior.

Even attention is attracted to the front lights, which look completely non-aggressive. They seem to give the appearance of elegance and sophistication. It turned out a very friendly, friendly "look."

The windshield of this machine is, in fact,continuation of the body. Due to this, the passenger gets the impression that he is not inside the car, but in an airplane. The rear part of the body was decided to perform in cubic form. Another design is interesting in that the rear and front parts seem to be independent of each other. However, despite this feature, the car looks very harmonious. Designers managed to visually combine the two halves of the middle line, which seems to encircle this model along the lower edge of the glass, the edge of the doors, headlights, wings and radiator chrome grating.


What else can you tell about such a machine as"Skoda Rumster"? Technical characteristics is a very important point. The machine must be powerful, fast, comfortable, dynamic and safe. The latter is promoted by excellent optics, which the model of this concern can boast of. In addition to ordinary halogen headlights, the Roomster also has spotlights equipped with a halogen lamp and an optical system. The latter is used in xenon headlights. From the security point of view, this decision is excellent. And at a speed of 3 km / h, the headlights automatically turn in the direction of travel. Adaptive "fog lights" automatically turn on when making a turn and also turn in the desired direction. And after the driver completes the turn, they return to their original position.

soda rumster 1 6 specifications

Comfort inside

Despite the fact that the machine looks verydynamically and swiftly, this is a very comfortable model. The developers have set themselves the goal of making this car and embodied the "Skoda Rumster Scout" model conceived in the model. Its technical characteristics met all expectations. And separately pleased the salon. Inside you can see a clear division into the passenger section and the driver's. The front zone features a comfortable comfortable fit and an excellent level of comfort, combined with ergonomics. The range of the seat and the adjustment of the steering wheel (both in flight and in height) make it possible to take absolutely any position that the driver will find comfortable. Instruments on the panel are very convenient, which is also important. Moreover, they are distinguished by increased informativeness and conciseness. There is a double glove compartment, coasters, holders and a variety of capacities.

In the rear part of the landing is exactly what it should bebe for passengers. And the configuration of the seats can be changed as desired by the seated. There are plenty of places, both in the legs and above the head. In general, the salon turned out to be very practical, comfortable and multifunctional.

soda rumster scout technical characteristics


Finally, it is worth mentioning what"Skoda Rumster" technical specifications. Clearance is excellent - suitable for our Russian roads. Pendants are of high quality. And the engines are in a variety. Manufacturer Skoda offers potential buyers both diesel, and petrol variants. Power units have different power - starting from 64 liters. from. (1.2 NMR) and ending with an indicator demonstrating more than 100 liters. from.

By the way, potential buyers can choose and gearbox - either automatic or mechanical (both 5-speed).

What about the suspension? Their developers decided to borrow from Octavia (back) and Fabia (front). Qualitative, reliable - due to them a decent level of comfort is provided. At the same time, very active maneuvering is carried out, which is also very important.

sonda rumster specifications ground clearance


I would like to note a special attentiontechnical characteristics of Skoda Rumster 1.4. Take, let's say, a model that came out from 2006 to 2010. Skoda Roomster 1.4 TDI is a machine with an 80-horsepower engine running a 5-speed "mechanics". 5-door minivan, working on diesel fuel. It would seem, a weak motor ... But it is able to squeeze a speed of 160 km / h, and this is a good indicator for a minivan! Up to "hundred" it is dispersed for 14.7 seconds. Economical option, by the way, spends only 5 liters in a mixed mode for 100 km. And it costs about 350 000 rubles in good condition.

As for the car "Skoda Rumster 1.6 ", the technical characteristics of this model, too, should be noted separately. The version produced in 2010 has a 105-hp diesel 1.6-liter engine running a 5-speed manual transmission (there was a version with 7 automatic transmissions, but only there was a 1.2-liter TSI with the same number of "horses" ). 181 km / h - its maximum. The model is improved (in both technical and aesthetic terms), so it will cost about half a million in normal condition.

In general, this model is another proof that Skoda produces good and reliable cars that are becoming popular very quickly.

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