Ski resort "Puzhalova Gora", Nizhny Novgorod: photos, reviews of rest

In Central Russia, one of the most famous and popular ski resorts is the resort “Puzhalova Gora”. This is recognized by both specialists, and professional athletes, and newcomers who only learn the basics.

Puzhalova mountain

Description of the complex

The popular resort in the center of the ancient Russian city of Gorokhovets is located on the border of the Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir regions. It covers an area of ​​twelve hectares. The ski resort “Puzhalova Gora” was created in 2005 on a mountain of the same name with a height of seventy meters. This is a very picturesque hill with steep slopes, densely covered with forest.

In these places, a wonderful climate is not very harsh and snowy winter, moderately hot summer. Magnificent landscape combined with comfortable weather conditions have the development of ski tourism.Within a few years after the opening, the resort became popular with local lovers. A little later, athletes from other regions learned about the complex.

Puzhalova mountain ski complex

In 2009, the International Congress of the Alpine Ski Industry awarded the title “The Best Complex of the Russian Federation for Family Recreation”. In the future, "Puzhalova Gora" won other awards and continued to develop steadily.

The infrastructure of the complex allows you to organize sports events of any format and level here, holidays for children and adults throughout the year. The ski season lasts from December to March.


The ski complex occupies the northern slope of the mountain. Snow cover remains there longer, which is maintained in excellent condition with the help of several snow cannons. Skiers can choose any of 16 trails. “Puzhalova Gora” is a ski complex offering its guests the following slopes:

  1. Sports - a slope that has three tracks: one black and two red. The length is 550 meters.
  2. The main one (with tourist routes): two of them are blue, and two are green. The length is 550 meters.
  3. Training - a slope that has three tracks: ski, children, for snowboarders.The length does not exceed 150 meters.
  4. For ski biathlon (500 m).
  5. Snowboard Park.
  6. The tracks "Virage", "Wave" and "Camel" (150 meters each).

In the evening and at night, all the tracks are lit, music plays on the slopes.

Puzhalova Mountain Resort

"Puzhalova Gora" (photo you can see in this article) has two drag tows. They serve the main slope with sports tracks, as well as a rope hoist on the tubing tracks and a belt conveyor.

"Puzhalova Gora" - ski resort (Nizhny Novgorod): infrastructure

Since 2005, the resort has changed significantly. Today it is a well-developed complex, which provides a comfortable rest. "Puzhalova Gora" invites guests to visit the playground, a mini-club, a skating rink, a school where experienced instructors work. For small skiers, special programs have been developed in the children's club "Country of Penguins".

ski resort Puzhalova mountain

The developed infrastructure of this Russian resort allows for a variety of activities. Here corporate programs have been working successfully for a long time. They assume an integrated approach, and also consider individual preferences of guests.

Additional services:

  • billiards;
  • sports equipment rental;
  • hotel;
  • parking;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • luggage storage.

Work lifts

As we have said, "Puzhalova mountain" has several modern lifts. On weekdays, they work from 12:00 to 22:00, on weekends from 9:00 to 23:00. On the main slope is held evening skiing. The lifts operate from 17:00 to 22:00 (on weekdays) and from 18:00 to 23:00 (on weekends and public holidays). The cost of lifting is 60 rubles. If you wish, you can purchase subscriptions for several lifts.

School and equipment rental

The resort “Puzhalova Gora” has a rental point for big and small guests. To take the ski equipment, you must submit any document proving your identity, no deposit is required.

If you have never stood on skis, do not despair: "Puzhalova Gora" can provide you with the services of an experienced instructor, helping to master this science for beginners and increasing the level of existing skills.

 puzhalova mountain reviews

Resort in the summer

“Puzhalova Gora” will make you experience unforgettable, vivid sensations on mountain attractions, which have no analogues in our country. But now in Gorokhovets mountains delight guests not only in winter, but also in summer. It offers guests - several attractions, which we describe below.


This is the so-called summer sled. They descend the monorail from the mountain. Sledge speed reaches 50 km / h. The track is one thousand meters long.

Wild Cheesecake

A fascinating ride from the mountain on large inflatable balloons. The speed of movement is 20 kilometers per hour. The track is 150 m long.

Puzhalova mountain photo


This is a board that looks like a skateboard and snowboard. It is designed to ride in the summer time over rough terrain.


Wonderful sports simulator, which is designed not only for acrobats, gymnasts, pilots. This is a great attraction, which is loved by both adults and children.


This building is in the style of "Russian fortress", equipped with a carousel and swings. He is very fond of the little guests of the resort.


Anyone who doesn’t have one day to rest can stay at the ski resort and stay at the Aquarius Hotel, which is located a hundred meters from the lowest station of the main lift. Guests are offered to stay in rooms of different categories:

  • Standard - double and single. Room rate - from 2800 rubles. (Hereinafter, the price is for one person.)
  • Apartments - four-seater (4500 rubles).
  • Comfort - double (3500 rubles). The hotel has 42 rooms.

On the territory of the hotel complex there is a restaurant serving dishes of Russian and European cuisine. In addition, there is a banquet hall and a bar. For guests arriving at the resort by private transport, free guarded parking is provided.

 rest puzhalova mountain

Services for children at the resort

"Puzhalova mountain" - a complex designed for family holidays. That is why there is a lot done for the little guests. Kids from three and a half to twelve years can visit the club "Country of the Penguins". Here, children will be able to learn skiing in nine classes.

There is a mini-club with experienced teachers at the resort. It can be visited by children from 2 to 12 years. For the smallest tourists there is a children's skating rink with skate rental.

Puzhalova mountain ski resort Nizhny Novgorod

Cafes and restaurants

On the territory of the resort there are several restaurants, cafes, where you will always be tastyly fed after active sports.

Panoramic cafe pleases tourists with inexpensive, but hearty and tasty dishes. But in addition, visitors like the original interior of this place with magnificent views from the windows.

A sports bar, without which many vacationers cannot imagine their existence: a variety of hockey, football, basketball, volleyball and other matches are broadcast here throughout the day. There is always fun, you can play table football.

Restaurant "Vertical" has a refined interior, guests are delighted with exquisite dishes prepared by an experienced chef, and excellent service.

Puzhalova mountain

Cafe "Flying Saucer" has an unusual interior, which is perfectly suited for a romantic dinner. Here is a map of the starry sky, subdued lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Children's cafe is a favorite place for little skiers. Here they will be offered tasty and healthy dishes, drinks, fruits.


Even fans of skiing after skiing on the slopes want to diversify their leisure time. At the resort "Puzhalova Gora" this question is thought out to the smallest detail. After training, you can go to the sauna with a pool, play sports poker, billiards, darts, visit the recreation room, a paintball shooting range, a tubing slope and roll off on large inflatable cushions.

In addition, the complex organizes excursions around the city of Gorokhovets, which is the same age as our capital. This ancient city of merchants is located on the bank of Klyazma. Here tourists will see seven stone chambers belonging to the pre-Peter the Great era, wooden old houses, functioning monasteries and temples that were built in the 17th century.

How to get there?

The town of Gorokhovets is located just 333 km from the capital, 80 km from Nizhny Novgorod, 150 km east of Vladimir. The city crosses the highway M-7.

From Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir to Gorokhovets can be reached by bus or train. From the capital - by bus to Gorokhovets or by train Moscow-Novgorod (Ilino station), then you need to hire a taxi or use the train, which takes you to the station "Gorokhovets".

From the main train station of Gorokhovets to the resort you will take a suburban bus. You should get off at the “Administration” stop, regular bus number 2 runs from the bus station in Gorokhovets. In this case, you need to get off at the “Polyclinic” stop.

Puzhalova mountain ski complex

On your own car from Nizhny Novgorod or Vladimir you can get to the "Puzhalovaya mountain" along the Moscow highway. At the second traffic light, turn right. From the capital should go on the highway M-7.Gorokhovets is located on the border of the Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir regions. Then, drive to the first turn to the left, turn off and climb a low hill. Driving along the main road, you will pass the fire station. On a long climb, look left. You will be guided by a large hospital building. Next to them is a popular complex.

"Puzhalova mountain": reviews holidaymakers

The overwhelming majority of reviews that tourists leave are positive. Tourists like the organization of recreation in the complex, excellent service in a cozy hotel, varied food. Many kind words are addressed to the administration, instructors, educators for working with children. Some complaints about the cost of living and services.

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