Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo

Magnificent artistry, a unique voice,amazingly beautiful and rich. All this has the "opera queen Tamara", as Svetoslav Belza once called her. The life of this woman is saturated and saturated with music, she has achieved great success not only in creativity. Her personal life for many years was filled with happiness.

Muslim Magomayev and Tamara Sinyavskaya


Sinyavskaya Tamara - Russian opera singer, who has the voice of mezzo-soprano, was born in 1943, on July 6.

Tamara Ilinichna sang from the very childhood,arranged "ceremonial concerts". I went into the large foyer of a house with high ceilings and stairs in marble and began to sing. Tamara sang until someone came out to find out who is singing at the entrance. And the girl wandered from house to house on her street, until her parents gave her to the House of Pioneers, to the ensemble of song and dance of Vladimir Sergeevich Loktev.

In ten years Tamara was transferred to the choir. There she was engaged 8 years. Loktev's musical and stage school was the best at that time, his children's collective was invited even to government concerts.Tamara Tamara

Tamara the Inspirer

The future opera star has learned to feel the scene,not to be afraid of spectators. With the ensemble Tamara Sinyavskaya, whose biography in music was just beginning, she made her first trip abroad, to Czechoslovakia.

Sinyavskaya loved the songs from the films, withshe taught them with pleasure and sang. With the appearance on the opera scene of Argentine Lolita Torres, the future Russian diva realized that it is important not only to sing on stage, but also play a corresponding role. After taking a lot from her inspirer, Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna was not lazy and spent hours practicing in front of a mirror.

Student Time

They say that dreams come true, but the dreamSinyavskaya become a dramatic actress was not fulfilled to the full. Vladimir Sergeevich advised her to enter the school at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. There her teachers became Markova, and then Pomerantseva.

The dramatic actress Tamara did not, but to passacting school she had. She sang in the choir at the Maly Theater. And in the play The Living Corpse sang even in a gypsy choir. Being a student of the school, Sinyavskaya Tamara soloed in "Alexander Nevsky" and in the production "Moscow".sinyavska tamara is ilinichna

Olga Pomerantseva, a teacher of Tamara Sinyavskaya considered her an industrious student and a bright singer with a great future.

At the final examinations in 1964 she was givenfive with a plus. At that time, it was a big exception. Then at the exam she was advised to go to the Bolshoi Theater audition. Tamara listened to this advice.

The Bolshoi Theatre

Vocal data and artistry produced on masters,sitting in the waiting committee, a huge impression. And there were great connoisseurs of musical art: Christmas, Pokrovsky, Vishnevskaya, Arkhipova.

And here in 20 years without conservatory educationSinyavskaya is admitted to a group of interns. A year later, she became a soloist of the Bolshoi's main troupe. Almost 40 years of her creative life was associated with this theater.

The first role of "Pazh" in the opera "Rigoletto" by Verdishowed that Tamara is suitable to play a travesty. But one day, when most of the troupe went on tour to Milan, she had to perform the part of Olga in the decree "Eugene Onegin". Her debut was great. Lemeshev himself said that for his 70 years he finally met a real Olga, whom he imagined himself. In the play, the great singer played the part of Lensky.Tamara Sinyavskaya biography

From the very first speeches of Tamara Sinyavskaya inThe Bolshoi Theater realized that there was a real diamond on the opera scene. But the success at such a young age did not turn the singer's head. Performing contralto and mezzo, she dreamed of a party of high mezzo. And she persistently went to the dream, expanding the voice range, and with it the creative repertoire. Since the beginning of the musical career on the account of Sinyavskaya already there were several dozen parties. And these were far from simple performances.

Competitions and achievements

Since 1968 Sinyavskaya Tamara has been taking part in theInternational competitions. The first contest brought her a gold medal, it was held in Sofia. The following year, at the competition in Belgium, where Soviet artists first took part, the artist receives not only a gold medal, but also a Grand Prix and a prize for the best performance of romances.

In the USSR, the opera diva receives the first prize of the nameTchaikovsky. It was a year after the Belgian competition. Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna was the youngest of the laureates of the highest awards. The Tchaikovsky Prize coincided with the final examinations at GITIS. In 1973, Sinyavskaya is training in Milan, in La Scala.

Tamara Sinyavskaya (photo, see. below) is not only a great opera singer, but also an excellent actress. She remembers all the roles she played. Sinyavskaya enlivened them, could hoot and laugh. Her last performance at the Bolshoi Theater was the performance "The Tsar's Bride" in honor of the century of Maria Maksakova. Since 2005, the singer is in charge of the vocal department of GITIS.

Family life

But not only the operatic career was starry in Sinyavskaya. In her personal life she also fell star party.

With their husband, People's Artist Magomayev theymet in Azerbaijan in 1972. There was a presentation of Russian art, where Sinyavskaya Tamara was a guest. She really did not want to go on this trip. But fate has its own plans. She fell in love with the city, the philharmonic society and a young man.

Muslim Magomayev and Tamara Sinyavskaya metIn the Baku Philharmonic thanks to their common friend - Robert Rozhdestvensky. Since then they have not parted. Married in 1974, despite the fact that before she met Muslim Sinyavskaya was already married and in a relationship with her husband everything seemed to be smooth. But "love accidentally comes on ...".

Many women furtively shed tears, and sighed when they learned that the star couple was married. On the concert stage and in marriage, they were together for 35 years. These years have flown by like one day.Tamara Sinyavskaya photo

Death is always unexpected, and the death of a loved oneman is doubly unexpected. Muslim Magomayev passed away in 2008. Tamara Ilinichna still can not reconcile with the death of her husband. Listening to his songs, he is not ashamed of tears. In the life of the "opera queen Tamara" there was one love, and for another place was not.

In 2013, Sinyavkaya celebrated her 70th birthday. Let's hope that this great opera diva will continue to please us with its creativity for a long time.

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Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo Sinyavskaya Tamara Ilinichna: biography, photo