Simple and tasty! How to cook Lviv cheese cake

Lviv cheese cake is a dish, without whichIt is impossible to imagine at least one café or a confectionery in Lviv. This meal will appeal to many sweethearts and lovers of diversity. This option can be prepared as a replacement for the classic, all-known cheese cake. Someone may think that this dish is a real curio, but you should not confuse the Lviv cheese list with it. It will perfectly suit for dessert or breakfast, for snack and snack!

Lviv cheese listLviv cheese list. Recipe

For its preparation we will need:

  • cottage cheese - 500 g (better fat);
  • eggs of chicken - 4 pcs .;
  • sugar - one glass;
  • butter - 150 g;
  • lemon peel - one sachet;
  • semolina - one tablespoon;
  • raisins - 50 g;
  • sour cream - two tablespoons;
  • cocoa powder - two tablespoons.

Take the cottage cheese and chop it. You can use a meat grinder or a food processor for this. Cottage cheese should be dry, otherwise the Lviv cheese cake will not turn out to be airy. If you bought a damp product, then leave it to drain and dry, hung in gauze. When the cottage cheese is ready, whisk the yolks along with the sugar until smooth and completely dissolving the latter. You can also use powdered sugar. To the yolks now add oil, raisins, lemon zest and semolina and mix everything with a spoon or fork. Then add cottage cheese and mix with a mixer at a low speed or simply a whisk. Next, beat the mixer with whites until light and fluffy foam forms. Put them in the previously prepared mass and gently mix. The form in which you are going to bake Lviv cheese cake, grease it abundantly with butter or use parchment for baking, on which the curd mass is spread.Lviv recipeEverything is sent to the previously heated up to 180degrees oven for one hour, sometimes enough and 30-40 minutes. And in the meantime, while the cheese creamer is baked, you can prepare the glaze. Melt a tablespoon of butter and sugar (enough a third of the glass). Do this on low heat, stirring constantly. Add sour cream and cocoa powder (make sure that there are no lumps in it). Stir everything thoroughly until the glaze is boiling. When the cheese cake is ready, remove it from the oven and put it to cool. When the baking is cooled and hardens a little, it will be possible to get it from the mold and pour it over with hot glaze.

Leave the dish in the refrigerator for the whole night, next morning you can cut it into pieces. All the curd cakes are full of cottage cheese ready! Bon Appetit!

Curd cheese curdsIt is best to combine syrniki with hot coffee ortea, and also with a cup of hot cocoa. Be sure that the dish does not deteriorate after even a few days, so you can bake in large form, it was enough for a long time. Add candied fruit to candied dough or even just pieces of fresh fruit, such as bananas and oranges, you vary the syrniki and make them even tastier and more interesting. Another glaze can be used whipped egg yolk, then the dish will resemble a little Easter.

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Simple and tasty How to cook Lviv cheese cake Simple and tasty How to cook Lviv cheese cake Simple and tasty How to cook Lviv cheese cake Simple and tasty How to cook Lviv cheese cake Simple and tasty How to cook Lviv cheese cake Simple and tasty How to cook Lviv cheese cake