Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description

Many residents of the Moscow region and the whole countryDomodedovo region is associated only with the airport. But it is interesting not only this. Attractions in Domodedovo are much larger and they are much more interesting and informative.

Where is the district? What are its features?

Domodedovo is located in the south of the country. It is relatively young and was founded in 2005. The district includes 150 settlements with a population of more than 167 thousand people.

The area is well-developed infrastructure, the population is provided with jobs, medical institutions are working. Also, the main attractions of the region are formed.

The Cathedral of All Saints in the Russian Land

The first stone was laid during construction in1992. Then a temporary building was erected from the planks. In 1995, the main construction began. Funds for the temple were collected throughout the district. Entrepreneurs and ordinary people sacrificed feasible amounts. Thanks to them for 2 years was completed a large and difficult construction.

In 1997 the temple was consecrated in the spring. In autumn, he is given the status of a cathedral. In 2001, the two limits were finalized and illuminated. The temple is made of red brick. It has a library, a kitchen, rooms for the clergy, warehouses.

The temple houses the holy relics of the Blessed Matron,Prince Oleg Bryansky, the holy martyr Constantine of Bogorodsky. Here among the clergymen and parishioners there was a special respect and devotion to the icon of the New Martyrs of Domodedovo.

Sights of Domodedovo

At the church there is a Sunday school,charitable organization, a variety of creative activities for children are conducted. This cathedral is one of the most beautiful places among the sights of Domodedovo. When visiting him comes peace and tranquility to the soul.

Seraphim-Znamensky Monastery

This landmark Domodedovo (photo below) is located in with. Bityagovo. The monastery is located on the bank of the Rozhayka River. It is surrounded by a pine forest. In this area, Vyatichi burials were made.

The monastery was founded by Georgian princess Tamara -Tamar. He began his work in 1912. Mother Tamar lived a life full of difficulties and challenges. She devoted herself to Orthodoxy and monasticism. With the support of Princess Elizabeth, the Seraphim-Znamensky monastery was built.

In the center is built a small, but very beautifultemple. The roof is scaled, executed in the form of a tent. The fence consists of 33 fathoms. This is the age of Christ's life. Also on the territory there are 12 cells built in the form of small houses. Their number corresponds to the apostles.

sights Domodedovo pictures

In 1924 the monastery was closed and in itthe hospital is located. During this time of construction noticeably worn out and collapsed. Over the past few years, the hermitage began to reborn. 17 novices live in it. They care for the territory and for living creatures. To date, restored 11 houses. In the warm season on the territory of the monastery, classes are conducted on horses with sick children.

Obelisk of Glory

Almost every city in the country hasmonuments dedicated to the fallen soldiers in the Great Patriotic War. Domodedovo is famous for its Obelisk of Fame. It is located almost in the center of the city.

sights of the city of Domodedovo

There are celebrations in honor ofVictory Day and the beginning of the Second World War. Around the park is broken. Residents of the city like to walk here. Recently the monument was restored and took a new look.

Sianovo Quarries

This sight is located Domodedovonear the village of Syany. This deep cavity appeared as a result of human activity. It was designed to produce white stone, which was used to build the capital of Russia.

According to specialists, the depth of the deposit is 30 meters. The total length of the gates is about 30 km. At the moment the mines are closed and there is no mining of stone.

main sights Domodedovo

Now all drifts are numbered and receivedtitle. More often they were given by tourists visiting the landmark Domodedovo. Sometimes the names of the mines are very surprising to the visitors. For example, "Three pigs" or "Stop the first car".

In the "Christmas" drift pass oftenvarious concerts and performances. Also there is a grotto that has been consecrated. Here are installed icons and tourists put candles. The grotto "The Great Column" hosts youth parties and discos.

Artists paint here the walls of surreal paintings. A century and a half of the work on the development of minerals left a memory of this in the form of catacombs and tunnels.

City Park "Christmas trees"

The main places of interest in Domodedovothis area is for walking and entertainment. For all the years of existence of the district this park was reconstructed. According to the residents of the city, now the recreation area has the most optimal view and is equipped with everything necessary for family leisure.

sights Domodedovo

The city park is located along the Kashirskoye Highway,107. Here are laid alleys for walks in the shade of spreading trees. There is a neat and well-kept pond. Several modern playgrounds have been built on the territory.

There is a small contact zoo, wherevisitors can freely communicate with animals. On the territory of the park there are gazebos with barbecue equipment. There is an entertainment center for young visitors. Also there are various attractions for guests of all ages.

The park often hosts exhibitions and performances by artists. All kinds of show programs and theme nights are held during the holidays.

Museum of fairy tales

Ecological park "Space of children's dreams"is located in the microdistrict "Western". On the question of which Domodedovo attractions can be visited by the whole family, the answer is unambiguous - the Fairy Tale Museum.

In the park there are about 200 characters fromall favorite stories. They are made of special concrete. Painted them professional artists. Each figure is made in one copy, the other one is impossible to find anywhere else.

In the park you can visit:

  • Alley of crocodiles;
  • modern art-cafe;
  • Museum of Shoe and Architecture;
  • Carlson's house;
  • wish tree;
  • Scottish castle;
  • a hut on chicken legs;
  • a fabulous pond.

Here you can walk alone orbook an excursion. The minimum number is 5 people. There are several restaurants and cafes in the park. The complex "Khutorok" also works. Here you can rent a room in a mini-hotel and have a tasty meal at the restaurant. The park has a modern bath complex.

Historical and Art Museum

This institution is definitely worth a visit tolearn the history of the district. The museum belongs to the interesting and informative sights of the city of Domodedovo (photo is presented below). It belongs to the youngest establishments of such a plan in the Moscow region. It was opened in 1992.

The museum runs daily from 9.00 to 18.00. Closed on Monday and Tuesday. There are expositions of various subjects:

  • Archeology (household items and decorations of ancient tribes that lived on the territory of the district);
  • Soviet period (technology, household items, paraphernalia, art publications of the USSR period);
  • peasant life (an exhibition of ancient tools of labor, household items, decoration of houses);
  • The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. (military uniform, weapons, printed publications, telegrams from the front, interesting facts);
  • fauna of the forest of Domodedovo district (stuffed animals and figures that live in the region with registration in a natural environment of residence).

Periodically, temporary expositions of various subjects are exhibited in the museum. For example, a collection of the history of board games.

Also, new exhibits dedicated to the war of 1912 are actively gathering. Recently it was replenished with photos of heroes-partisans, who fought in the territory of Domodedovo district.

sights of the city of Domodedovo

Despite the fact that this area of ​​the Moscow regionquite young, there are numerous interesting and beautiful sights that are worth visiting the region's residents and tourists from other regions of the country.

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Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description Sightseeing in Domodedovo: photo and description