Shrimp: calorie and other features

Decapod crayfish, which we eat, in particular, their fleshy part (“tails”) are the magnificent inhabitants of the underwater world - shrimps. Their calorie content in almost any form is about 90 kcal, and in normal, raw cheese - 73 (all per 100 grams), which is a very low figure compared with most other types of everyday food. Let us then, in this case, understand what they are.calorie prawns

What is this animal?

The habitat of shrimp is all seas. They are found, of course, in fresh waters, but most are still in saline. They may sometimes look completely different, but they have common signs. In particular, the length of an adult individual rarely exceeds 30 centimeters, but it is never less than two. The largest among all species are tiger and royal. Their shrimps are supplied from such countries as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, as well as from Latin America, Estonia, Greenland, Canada, Denmark, Lithuania and Norway.Although, as mentioned earlier, shrimp live in all seas, with the exception, perhaps, very cold.

King prawns: calorie content, composition, beneficial properties
king prawns calorie

These seafood contain a huge amount of essential trace elements for the human body, minerals and vitamins. Foods that can be consumed without fear of your body are shrimps: their caloric value per 100 grams is extremely small, regardless of the type of each particular shrimp. They include the following nutrients: iodine (mental abilities, thyroid function), potassium (cardiovascular system), calcium (muscle system and bones, kidneys, immunity), sodium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium, fluorine , manganese, molybdenum. From vitamins: A, C, PP, K, D, E, B1, B9, B2, as well as retinol and B-carotene. However, there is one negative feature - a fairly high level of cholesterol, therefore, it is not worth taking too much interest in this product. Despite this, shrimp do more good than harm, allowing the human body to develop normally, correctly. By consuming them, you can prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases, allergies and colds.They improve the condition of nails, hair and teeth, and are ideal for food for obese people.

A little more about the shrimp: calorie and taste

boiled shrimp caloriesIt is absolutely necessary to notice that boiled shrimps, whose caloric content is not at all great, especially the royal ones, are special delicacies for humans. Do not miss the opportunity to try them in any case. In addition, the content of fats, which, by the way, are good for the heart and blood vessels, is extremely low in all types of this product - from 7 to a maximum of 9%, so you shouldn’t be afraid that it can be replenished. In addition, shrimps (calorie average - 83 kcal) are extremely suitable in taste for potatoes, avocados, tomatoes, carrots, turmeric, onions, rice, garlic and even honey. With them you can even cook pilaf, in the fried form, they will also be very interesting. So forget the myth about the calorie content of shrimp and eat this amazing sea food with pleasure and appetite, but do not abuse it: you need to know the measure always.

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