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If you see a playful kitten with an original wavy fur coat in front of you, it is quite possible that before you is German Rex. Sly look and unusual appearance are perfectly combined in this animal with a docile nature and restlessness. What looks like this gorgeous short-haired cat and what are the features of the breed?German Rex

How did they come about

German Rex is a natural breed. This adds to her special charms. It is believed that the ancestor of curly cats is a cat Munch. He lived in the Schneider family of East Prussia. This amazing "smile of nature" was the result of crossing two fairly well-known breeds. Munch Munk was a Russian blue cat. But over the father, experts argue today. Some attribute the “authorship” to the Persian, others to the Angora cat.But this is probably not so important. The main thing is that the result of their "love" was a wonderful curly kitten.

Over the 14 years of his active life, Munch managed to produce a large offspring. Curly kittens from him were born with enviable regularity. Unusual kids gladly took the family. Some of them moved. So the breed has spread throughout the country.

In 1951, a curly kitten was found in a hospital park by a doctor named Carper. It is possible that the baby was a granddaughter or great-granddaughter of the very Munch. But it's not that. It was Dr. Karper who came up with the idea to conduct a study and find out what caused the appearance of curls on the fur of a foundling. As a result of research it turned out that the case is in an unusual gene mutation.

Today, the Prussian Rex breed is recognized by the overwhelming majority of felinological organizations. Only CFA considers these cats a type of Cornish Rex.

rex cat

Appearance description

First of all, it should be said that Rex refers to short-haired cats. Individuals have a rather average size. The weight of males can reach 5 kg, in females this indicator rarely exceeds 3-3.5 kg.

What does German Rex look like? The breed description is characterized by certain standards:

  • The body is average, with well-developed muscles. The rib cage is rather round and wide. Because of this, the torso of an animal looks more like a rectangle with rounded corners.
  • The head is rounded with strongly developed cheekbones.
  • The eyes are often bright and clean, widely set. Color in tone wool.
  • The ears are rather large, but not too mobile. Spread wide, erect, covered with wool only on the outside.
  • Nose of normal length, slightly flattened at the base.
  • The Rexa's mustache curls a little, but not as much as the Devonian.
  • Paws are slender, not too long, rounded. The hind limbs are often slightly longer than the front.
  • Tail of medium length or slightly shorter. At the base, usually slightly wider, and towards the end it tapers slightly.
  • The main difference of the German Rex, of course, is the fur: short, very soft and silky, slightly curly, similar to plush fabric.

shorthair cats


There are absolutely no canons in this question. Rex cat is anything: white, red, spotted, beige, striped, gray-blue, smoky, and so on. Different varieties of tortoise color are very common.

The panel of judges at various events focuses only on the fact that the color of the coat corresponds well with the color of the eyes. And, of course, the number of curls is just as important. If there are not many of them, you will not win at the exhibition.


If you buy a kitten not for the exhibition, but for the soul, it will be difficult to find the breed better than the German Rex. The character of this animal is simply fabulous. This is an amazing mixture of prim aristocrat, intellectual and reckless prankster.

Herman Rex can be fun when playing with him, but at other times he remains calm and even a bit lazy. Without indignation, he takes the attention of even very young children, allowing them to play with their tails for a long time.

Quite often, Prussian Rex begins to imitate its owner. Trying to be even more like him, adopts his behavior and manners. Representatives of the breed are able to truly wait for the return of the owner at the door of the room. These are very intelligent animals. They are easy to learn the rules of everyday life, do not confuse the sofa with a scratching post and always use the tray.

Herman Rex are very sociable. You do not have long to persuade your pet to play. By the way, he treats toys very carefully.Can hide them in a safe place and never breaks.

Prussian Rex very "talkative." They are always ready to purr to cheer you up.Prussian River

Terms of care and maintenance

German Rex is completely undemanding in care. Cats do not like to be dirty and constantly look after themselves.

From the owner is required to periodically help them comb out a plush coat. You also need to clean the ears and shear claws.

Prussian Rex has one peculiarity. Wool of this animal does not have undercoat. On the one hand, it is a virtue. If the owner suffers from allergies, the cat will not give him trouble. But on the other hand, the lack of undercoat can be considered as a disadvantage. Because of this, the animal may freeze in the cold season. So you have to monitor the temperature in the room and ensure that the pet has enough fats in the diet.

With the last point, however, you need to be careful and not to overdo it. The fact is that German Rex are prone to obesity. So beware!


Since the German Rex is a naturally obtained breed, it has a rather strong immunity.Animals do not have hereditary diseases. Genetics is excellent.

Nevertheless, Rex can also get sick. Most of all they are characterized by obesity and colds, arising from improper care. Other cat troubles are also possible.

German Rex breed description

Cost of

The likely cost of such a purebred kitten is very diverse. Planck starts from 6-7 thousand rubles. The upper limit is often 35-40 thousand. It all depends on where exactly the baby was acquired, what sex it is, if it has a pedigree and how “born it” is. And, of course, an important role is played by the class of the animal.

The lowest and, accordingly, cheap kittens are pet-class. These kids do not have a gorgeous pedigree and do not participate in exhibitions. They are purchased “for the soul” in order to simply love and care. Accordingly, their price is the lowest.

The average breed class includes animals whose parameters are as close as possible to the standards of the breed. They have a pedigree and can take part in cat shows. The cost of such a kitten depends on where you purchased it, and rarely exceeds 10-12 thousand rubles.

Kittens of the show class are considered the most expensive. They are descendants of elite parents with many awards and regalia. The pedigree of such babies cannot be in doubt and is recognized by all felinological clubs. The purpose of acquiring such animals is often breeding and participating in various exhibitions.

German Rex Harater


It's hard enough to meet a negative review about these wonderful animals. They have an active position in life, are sweet, playful and good-natured. They will never be capricious and naughty.

In dedication to the owners of this lovely creature, there is practically no equal. German Rex is one of the best companions for children. He will not scratch and show displeasure. On the contrary, with pleasure will play with everyone who only wants.

Herman Rex is unpretentious in the care and has excellent health by nature. The life of this "curly" - at least 15 years. So he will be your faithful companion for many years.

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